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  1. So, dealer said nothing is wrong with it. I guess I'm just crazy. Told me the same thing about maybe I'm hearing the oil pump. It's under warranty so I'm not really gonna stress it I guess.
  2. My 2017 is making a squeaking noise somewhere in the belt system. Going to dealer today. Will advise of what they say when I get it back. The noise on mine sounds like its coming from the A/C compressor clutch. Does squeaks constant when the A/C is off. When I turn on the A/C it becomes intermittent.
  3. Welcome. Nice to see other people from Houston on here!!
  4. I believe there is constant power to the cigarette lighter which does not turn on/off via the key.
  5. Right on!!! I back the blue as well. My brother from another mother is a police officer! 100% Respect to any and all.
  6. Removed those ugly mud flap things from the front of the rear wheels and gave her a bath. Been raining here constantly for days at a time with no break. I'm over it.
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