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  1. So, dealer said nothing is wrong with it. I guess I'm just crazy. Told me the same thing about maybe I'm hearing the oil pump. It's under warranty so I'm not really gonna stress it I guess.
  2. My 2017 is making a squeaking noise somewhere in the belt system. Going to dealer today. Will advise of what they say when I get it back. The noise on mine sounds like its coming from the A/C compressor clutch. Does squeaks constant when the A/C is off. When I turn on the A/C it becomes intermittent.
  3. Newbie

    Welcome fellow Texan!
  4. SuperNewb from Houston

    Welcome. Nice to see other people from Houston on here!!
  5. Stickers! What do you have on your back or front Windows?

    We shall see sir!! Ha.
  6. Aftermarket installation

    I believe there is constant power to the cigarette lighter which does not turn on/off via the key.
  7. Newbie in TX

    Welcome fellow Texan!
  8. Thin blue line flag in courtroom

    Right on!!! I back the blue as well. My brother from another mother is a police officer! 100% Respect to any and all.
  9. Another Noob from the Mitten

    Welcome from Texas!
  10. New Member from Michigan

  11. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Removed those ugly mud flap things from the front of the rear wheels and gave her a bath. Been raining here constantly for days at a time with no break. I'm over it.
  12. New Guy from Hudson Valley NY

  13. New guy from central Wisconsin


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