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  1. Just am fyi - when I'm on a camping trip and have extra air in my airbags, I rarely deflate them when running around. I wait until I get home to deflate them. I also add extra air to my load range 'E' tires before the trip and lower after the trip. Aside from a much stiffer ride, there are no downsides.
  2. I have a 2018 Silverado, crew cab, short box, 4x4 with the 5.3. Here are my numbers from the last time I weighed it: Front axle - 3480, Rear axle - 3040 = 6520. I had a full tank of fuel and an additional 165 pounds of camping gear in the bed. I tow a camper that weighs 7920 fully loaded, and I use the same hitch as you. I disagree that air bags are a band aid, as I do use them. I set up my weight distributing hitch with 5 psi in the bags to get the front axle weight close to the unloaded weight, I then add 15 psi to the bags. I do not lift the rear of the truck with the air bags, I just supplement the rear leaf springs to help the truck not bunce as much as it did without the air bags when towing.
  3. Nice set up! What is the length and weight of your camper? Also what mpg do you get while towing? P.S. I forgot to mention in my original post that I also changed to the 174 degree thermostat.
  4. Hey Matt is that a 2600RB ? Looks like my set-up. They are very similar but mine is the 2800bh. The Grand Design website says the 2800 is 2 feet longer than the 2600. I would have gotten the 2600 but we always have others camping with us. What kind of mpg do you get while towing?
  5. Not sure what a dual bar setup is, but mine has a square bar on each side of the hitch. Along with the weight distributing, they also help reduce the sway.
  6. I am using an Equalizer Hitch, it is a weight distributing hitch as well as sway control. I think it does a great job. My Silverado is only a 5.3 with the 6 speed. While towing uphill on a long, slow dirt road at 9200 feet above sea level, I saw transmission temps around 220 degrees before I deleted the transmission thermostat.
  7. Like everyone else said, it would be easier/better/safer with a bigger truck. That being said, I tow my 32', 7900 pound (fully loaded) camper with my 2018 Silverado (with the same set up as yours). The only limit I am close to when I tow is my trucks payload, which is 1662 pounds. I have made a few modifications to my truck to help it tow better: deleted transmission thermostat, reprogrammed my electric fans, LT tires, rear air bags and GM factory towing mirrors. I am always towing at high elevations and I never tow over 65 mph. My truck does fine although my towing mileage is low, 6-8 mpg on average.
  8. You will definitely need to adjust your tune to add fuel to keep your air/fuel ratio safe. Depending on your current tune, you may need to upgrade your fuel system. I say this as I had a supercharger on my GMC Canyon and needed to put on a smaller pulley as I live at a higher elevation. I was unable to get the factory fuel system to provide enough fuel with the smaller pulley so I ended up keeping the larger pulley. I did not want to have to start spending money on fuel system upgrades.
  9. I got the power folding tow mirrors. Pgamboa called them: GM PowerFold Tow Mirrors They were over $1000 for the set.
  10. I bought brand new factory mirrors, new switch and wiring harness from Phil Gamboa. The most expensive option but I wanted everything to work together with zero issues. @pgamboa http://harnessdr.com
  11. To avoid this from happening to me, I installed a timer to automatically shut my bed lights off after 10 minutes. My process was: Install 6ft of a led light strip to each side of my bed cover side rails. Tap the constant hot power wire on my 7 wire trailer plug and add a 5 amp fuse. Wire up the timer into a small project box with a power button and a master switch. Mount project box under the bed rail near the tailgate with double sided tape. Here is a pic of my set up in my last truck before I moved it to my Silverado.
  12. Can you share links to what bars you installed? Thanks!
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