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  1. Do you have any concerns with running your ProCharger in such cold weather? I had one on my 2015 Canyon and ProCharger had a warning in the install instructions to not use the procharger in temperatures below freezing. From what I learned, ProCharger had experienced failures in extreme cold, apparently the different metals (aluminum housing and steel impeller) expand and contract at different rates in the cold. The warning may have just been a way for ProCharger to avoid paying out warranty claims for folks in the north that beat too hard on them in the cold. I ended up removing my ProCharger and selling my Canyon. But after watching your videos, I am tempted to install it on my 2018 Silverado.
  2. Mileage dropped off suddenly

    I know where I'm at, they change the gasoline you purchase to the 'winter blend' that adversely affects your milage.
  3. What Weight Do You Tow?

    Thanks for your input. I did edit my post to include that I use a wdh.
  4. Long story short, I'm replacing my 5200 pound (fully loaded) travel trailer with a new, larger camper. But I'm having a hard time convincing myself that my truck can handle (comfortably) a 6200 pound (dry) camper. Forgot to add: I currently use, and will continue to use, a weight distribution hitch. My truck: 2018 1500 CrewCab short box, 4x4, 5.3 with 6 speed, tow package (not max tow). 9100 pound tow capacity. I have the Chevrolet Performance Air Cleaner and the Trifecta Elite tune. I live outside Denver and tow my camper approximately twice a month in the mountains or Wyoming, 8 months of the year. It would be helpful to me if you could post up the specs of your truck, the weight of what you tow, how often you tow and what part of the Country you live in. Also, before anyone suggests it, I realize and 2500 would be a better towing truck, but it is not in the cards for me right now. Thanks in advance!
  5. Airaid Modular Intake Tube

    The Airbox mod is simply enlarging the hole in the side of the airbox where it goes into the inner fender. The fender has a large hole stamped out of it, the stock air box for the 5.3 has a small hole. I believe the stock airbox for the 6.2 has a larger intake hole to match the fender opening. I know the GM Performance air intake utilizes the entire opening in the fender.
  6. Differences between tuners

    I have the Trifecta Elite tune for my 2018 and I love it. You buy the tune from them and download it onto your laptop, and they send you a obd-II cable. Once you have the cable, you can load the tune from you laptop. You can also go back to stock as the loader saves a copy of your factory tune. I currently have the tune loaded that disables the AFM when it's in Sport mode. My favorite feature of the Trifecta tune is that it has 2 different modes that you can change on the fly, Eco and Sport. I drive 95% in Eco mode and only use Sport mode when I want to break the tires loose. https://www.trifectaperformance.com/forums/store/product/2202-2014-2018-chevrolet-silverado-53l-elite/
  7. Volant Cold Air Intake

    I just installed the GM Performance Cold Air kit and it is louder. It seems that my noise is coming from the front passenger fender area, it sounds like more air moving through it. I am a little surprised as it is louder than I expected.
  8. Lost MPG after tuning

    I'm curious to see if this happens to me also. I just installed my tune from Trifecta on my 2018 with the 5.3. I have gotten 18.6 mpg for the first 1100 miles with no tune. I will report back what the next 1000 miles does. One nice thing about the Trifecta tune is the ability to change the tune on the fly via the cruise control button. With the cc on the tune is in Eco mode which still has the factory AFM active but when i turn off the cc, it switchs to the Sport tune that shuts off the factory AFM. I plan to do 98% of my driving in the Eco mode as it is still a good improvement over stock. This is what I did in my 2015 Canyon that had the Trifecta tune also.
  9. I have used Trifecta on my Canyon and I loved it. I just got my tune for my 2018 Silverado but I haven't installed it yet. If it is anything like the tune on my Canyon, I will be extremely happy!
  10. Trifecta Performance reviews

    Rich, I'm in the same boat as you, I traded my 2015 Canyon for my 2018 Silverado. I couldn't be happier on the swap. I did have the Trifecta Elite on my Canyon and I loved it! I have ordered the Elite for this truck too, I cannot wait to get it installed. Since my truck is currently 100% stock, I opted for the Elite again so I can get the tune modified each time I do an upgrade.
  11. Foglights On With High Beams

    In case anyone is wondering, the fog light/high beams and cargo light/reverse mods both work on a 2018 1500. I did mine today. The suggestion to cut the tips of the diode was invaluable!
  12. Exhaust Adaptive Valve

    I just realized mine has a nice rattle to it when idling. Has it been figured out what the best thing to do with these is? Remove, modify or leave alone?
  13. Deciding between intakes

    Did you change you mind in installing this on your truck?

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