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  1. FYI - In 2018 the only way a 1500 with the 5.3 engine could have 11,000 pounds tow capacity is if it has the 'Max Trailering' package. My 2018 LT Z71, crew cab, 4X4 has a towing capacity of 9100 pounds. But the Payload capacity is what normally limits me when towing my < 7500 camper.
  2. I live outside of Denver, around 5400 feet above sea level. I also tow up to 9200 ft. I can tell you that you will notice a loss of power but not enough to sell your truck. Of course with a turbo or supercharger you will not notice it as much. Check out the TFL (The Fast Lane Truck guys) on YouTube, they do the majority of their truck testing at a mile high. It will give you a better perspective on driving at a higher altitude.
  3. I have Truck Gear by LINE-X Stealth Hard Folding Tonneau Cover. It has a lifetime warranty, although I have only owned it for a year and it has had zero issues so far.
  4. I went this direction with @pgamboa last year and it was totally worth it! I also had him send me his harness and the factory switch. It put my mind at ease knowing that I was getting everything I needed, the first time. I had no worries of buying non-compatible parts and needing to ship anything back. It was also nice knowing that he is still around and willing to answer all questions and walk anyone through the install process, even though all the information to do this upgrade is in this thread. BTW, I love my tow mirrors and they are a total game changer pulling my 31' camper!
  5. I also live in Colorado, and of course, my windshield is cracked. I would love to have a stronger glass so I will be paying attention to this. I disagree with the improper install comment as a major cause for cracked windows in Colorado is due to the sand/salt that they drop on the roads in the winter. The front of my truck is full of rock chips in the paint.
  6. I removed my transmission thermostat and plugged it . All I had to buy was a small plug. I followed a YouTube video and it was fairly easy.
  7. I am no expert but those temps are 'normal' for these transmissions. This is why many of us do the transmission thermostat delete mod. After I did this, my temps never get that hot anymore. I don't have any ideas on your shifting issues. All I'd suggest is to do a full transmission fluid change. Good luck!
  8. Let me know if you have any questions. FYI - Pic 5 shows about an ounce of oil after only 522 mile since my last oil change.
  9. Thanks for posting these pics! Now we need someone with 100,000 miles with a catch can to post some pics.
  10. I believe it has better heat handling capabilities. I also believe Chevy switched to 0W20 just get better fuel economy. There is a thread here somewhere discussing oil rating.
  11. After reading your post, I realized that I did leave out a few mods to help while towing. I followed some of the suggestions in this thread: I installed a 194 degree thermostat, tuned the fans to come on earlier, bypassed the transmission thermostat, added an aux transmission filter and switched to 5w-30 oil. In having my current truck and camper set up, I haven’t gone up I-70 yet. I’m pretty sure I will get that opportunity this summer. Here are a few towing stories: One of my favorite camping spots is in a National Forest at 9200 feet above sea level. The last part of the trip to get there is 3 miles uphill on a state highway with a speed limit of 45 mph, then up a steep dirt road another 3 miles. The dirt road is rough, so I usually just creep along in 4 low range. The first time I made this trip with my stock my trans temp got up over 220 degrees. After these mods it stays around 190 degrees. My second favorite spot is in Wyoming and I do have to go over a mountain pass. It is a 2-lane state highway that is long and steep. The truck does go slow up the steepest part, just under the 45 mph speed limit. The temps do stay in check. My favorite fishing spot is also in Wyoming, northwest of Laramie. Towing across I-80 is sometimes a handful depending on how hard the wing is blowing. Going east out of Laramie is a long uphill pull with a speed limit of 65 mph. I go up that hill at full throttle and my speed stays around 60 mph. I hope this gives you some perspective. I am still loving my Imagine! I do see the quality in the Grand Design brand.
  12. I have a 2018 Silverado, 5.3, 6 speed, 3.42 rear end. I tow a 2019 Grand Design 2800bh that weighs 7920 lbs fully loaded. The camper is 28 feet long plus a 3 foot tongue. The loaded tongue weight is between 850 and 950 pounds. When looking at the scale tickets, I am just below all of the weight ratings of the truck except for one. On this trip, I was over the rear axle rating by 270 lbs. I corrected this by adjusting the weight distributing hitch. Unfortunately, I don't have the updated weights yet. I have added LT tires, rear airbags and factory tow mirrors. My truck now pulls my camper much better than it did before the above mods. Side winds still move the trailer but not as bad, I no longer get white knuckles. I still can feel when getting passed buy larger vehicles, but again, not as bad as it was stock. The truck pulls my camper just fine the way I drive it, slow and steady. I stay below 65 mph at all times. Of course my stopping distance has increased, but I have never felt that they were inadequate. The factory tow mirrors have been a terrific upgrade! The mirrors were installed after this picture. Let me know if you have any specific questions about my setup.
  13. Do you see a brake controller? It is the top most thing on the dash on left of the steering wheel.
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