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  1. Can you share links to what bars you installed? Thanks!
  2. I can't answer your question but wanted to share what I do when towing in similar situation. I always make sure I'm in 4x4 low range to take advantage of the lower gearing.
  3. I am using Trifecta's Elite tune and have had it installed since my 2018 only had 1000 miles on it. My truck has only been to the dealership twice for it's first 2 old changes, and nothing was said about my tune. It is only a 20 minute process to reinstall the factory tune. I thought Trifecta used to advertise that their tune was undetectable when you uninstall it, but I no longer see that on their website. I do recall seeing something about that when I installed my most current tune, during the install setup, but I don't remember for sure. I did have the Trifecta Elite tune on my 2015 Canyon and the dealership never said anything about it. They were more focused on my Catch Can saying that voids my warranty.
  4. Wait a minute, are you telling me my engine doesn't have large pie chart inside of it????
  5. I did ask them last week through their chat function on the website about covers for the 1500's. They said that they are working on them. We'll see how important us small truck owners are to Mr. Banks... I am one of those who pushes my 1500 to near it's limit. I like to make improvements, albeit small ones, to my 1500 to make it the best it can be. I started looking at covers with a drain plug to ease future fluid changes then started looking at how I can get a better functioning cover at the same time. @Black02Silverado - I currently do not have an Amsoil contact, can you tell me if there is an advantage to choosing a dealer online vs finding a local dealer? Feel free to get back to me in a pm if you'd rather. Thanks!
  6. I have been thinking of doing the same thing but I got sucked down a rabbit hole with my research. Did you see Gale Banks research on differential covers?
  7. I wish I had the same results when I switched to 5w-30. I still get oil in my catch can.
  8. I'm in the same situation, I added airbags too. I also added LT tires which helps reduce sway when being passed buy large vehicles.
  9. I have the Trifecta Elite tune on my 2018. I installed it at 1,000 miles and have had zero issues. The good thing with their Elite tune is that Trifecta will make changes to the tune if I ask, which I have. That way if/when I install any performance parts, they will make a change to my tune to take full advantage of the new parts. They used to claim that if you remove the tune, GM would not be able to detect that you had a tune installed. Not sure if this is true but I have not had any problems at the dealership.
  10. Hello Charles, I installed air bags on my 2018 1500. The main reason I did it was for a more stable towing experience. With my bags, the minimum is 5 psi so the majority of the time they are set to 5 psi. They are minimally noticeable at this pressure. I do think they would take away from articulation if you take your truck off-road.
  11. I have had my Trifecta Elite tune on my 2018 1500 with the 5.3, 6 speed for the last 20,000 + miles and have no complaints. I have had them alter my tune a couple of times to have the tune match my upgrades. They have always been fast and courteous when I reach out to them.
  12. I was told to stick with your original tuner as a second tuning devise could overwrite your current tune.
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