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  1. I'm in the same situation, I added airbags too. I also added LT tires which helps reduce sway when being passed buy large vehicles.
  2. I have the Trifecta Elite tune on my 2018. I installed it at 1,000 miles and have had zero issues. The good thing with their Elite tune is that Trifecta will make changes to the tune if I ask, which I have. That way if/when I install any performance parts, they will make a change to my tune to take full advantage of the new parts. They used to claim that if you remove the tune, GM would not be able to detect that you had a tune installed. Not sure if this is true but I have not had any problems at the dealership.
  3. Hello Charles, I installed air bags on my 2018 1500. The main reason I did it was for a more stable towing experience. With my bags, the minimum is 5 psi so the majority of the time they are set to 5 psi. They are minimally noticeable at this pressure. I do think they would take away from articulation if you take your truck off-road.
  4. I have had my Trifecta Elite tune on my 2018 1500 with the 5.3, 6 speed for the last 20,000 + miles and have no complaints. I have had them alter my tune a couple of times to have the tune match my upgrades. They have always been fast and courteous when I reach out to them.
  5. I was told to stick with your original tuner as a second tuning devise could overwrite your current tune.
  6. Sounds like I have the same Viair set up but I too have not installed it on my truck yet. I'm running into the same issues as you. I'm hoping someone can shed some light on the best locations for this set up!
  7. I have the same truck with 22000 miles but I do have a tune from Trifecta and a GM Performance cold air intake. I do have a catch can & clean side separator. I have done the transmission thermostat delete and added an auxiliary aft filter. I also switched to 5w30 Mobil 1 oil. My mileage sucks too! My average is lower due to me towing my 7500 pound camper. I am pretty sure my mileage went down last year when I installed my LT 275/65R18 load range E tires. I do run 91 octane fuel to maximize the tune. I have tracked my mileage with Fuelly since day one.
  8. Kelley Blue Book says the Private Party Range for this truck is: $22629 - $25016. These numbers do not take into account the extended warranty or the truck topper which could be valued over $2000. If you like the truck, I'd buy it. Seems like a fair deal.
  9. FYI - In 2018 the only way a 1500 with the 5.3 engine could have 11,000 pounds tow capacity is if it has the 'Max Trailering' package. My 2018 LT Z71, crew cab, 4X4 has a towing capacity of 9100 pounds. But the Payload capacity is what normally limits me when towing my < 7500 camper.
  10. I live outside of Denver, around 5400 feet above sea level. I also tow up to 9200 ft. I can tell you that you will notice a loss of power but not enough to sell your truck. Of course with a turbo or supercharger you will not notice it as much. Check out the TFL (The Fast Lane Truck guys) on YouTube, they do the majority of their truck testing at a mile high. It will give you a better perspective on driving at a higher altitude.
  11. I have Truck Gear by LINE-X Stealth Hard Folding Tonneau Cover. It has a lifetime warranty, although I have only owned it for a year and it has had zero issues so far.
  12. I went this direction with @pgamboa last year and it was totally worth it! I also had him send me his harness and the factory switch. It put my mind at ease knowing that I was getting everything I needed, the first time. I had no worries of buying non-compatible parts and needing to ship anything back. It was also nice knowing that he is still around and willing to answer all questions and walk anyone through the install process, even though all the information to do this upgrade is in this thread. BTW, I love my tow mirrors and they are a total game changer pulling my 31' camper!
  13. I also live in Colorado, and of course, my windshield is cracked. I would love to have a stronger glass so I will be paying attention to this. I disagree with the improper install comment as a major cause for cracked windows in Colorado is due to the sand/salt that they drop on the roads in the winter. The front of my truck is full of rock chips in the paint.
  14. I removed my transmission thermostat and plugged it . All I had to buy was a small plug. I followed a YouTube video and it was fairly easy.
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