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  1. It is easy to tap into the power at the 7 pin trailer connector at the rear bumper. I used the that power for my led bed lights. The only issue with this power source that it is constant on.
  2. I have had zero issue with my Trifecta tune. With the Elite tune, they will make changes at your request and so far I have had them change my speedometer to compensate for my larger tires and had them turn on my radiator fans sooner (for towing). The turn around is like 1 - 2 days (if I remember correctly). I also had the Trifecta Elite tune on my 2015 Canyon for the entire 3 years of ownership, no issues then either. The Trifecta website used to mention what they do to make their tune 'undetectable' (once removed) by not updating some counter or something. So in the first year of ownership of my Silverado, if/when I needed to take the truck to the dealership, I would simply reinstall the factory tune. Then once back home, I'd reinstall the Trifecta tune. The install process takes 15 - 20 minutes. When I first installed the tune, I would carry my laptop under the rear seat incase the truck died so I could remove the tune before the truck gets towed to the dealership. Thank goodness, I never had any issues.
  3. I have the Trifecta Elite tune, I installed it when my truck only had 1,100 miles on it. I have had no issues and with the Elite tune and they will customize it at your request when you add parts. The thing I like the most about Trifecta is that you can change the tune on the fly from Sport to Economy by the cruise control button. https://www.trifectaperformance.com/store/product/2202-2014-2018-chevrolet-silverado-2019-silverado-ld-53l-elite/
  4. This is good news! I can't wait to hear how this new thermostat works for folks here.
  5. I installed Michelin Defenders LT tires as well as Firestone Air Bags on my 1500 to help when pulling my 7500 pound camper. The LT tires really helped end the side to side sway and the air bags helped stop the rear end bounce.
  6. My set up is a 28' camper (hitch to bumper is 32')but my camper weighs 7500 pounds when loaded. Don't worry, it is not as bad as some say. Yes, the 28' box behind you will act as a wind sail. Yes, a bigger truck would be better. If you take it slow and steady, you will be fine. Just pay close attention to your trailer and be ready to resolve any excess away immediately. As a side note, I always boondock so I travel with full tanks and my trailer handles a lot better with the extra weight down low. Feel free to pm me if you'd like any other info.
  7. I just did my front and rear differentials last week. It took just under 5 quarts between the front and rear diffs. I used the Amsoil 75w-90 product everyone recommends in this thread.
  8. This is a funny concept to me as I have not washed my truck in at least a year. Lol
  9. Just am fyi - when I'm on a camping trip and have extra air in my airbags, I rarely deflate them when running around. I wait until I get home to deflate them. I also add extra air to my load range 'E' tires before the trip and lower after the trip. Aside from a much stiffer ride, there are no downsides.
  10. I have a 2018 Silverado, crew cab, short box, 4x4 with the 5.3. Here are my numbers from the last time I weighed it: Front axle - 3480, Rear axle - 3040 = 6520. I had a full tank of fuel and an additional 165 pounds of camping gear in the bed. I tow a camper that weighs 7920 fully loaded, and I use the same hitch as you. I disagree that air bags are a band aid, as I do use them. I set up my weight distributing hitch with 5 psi in the bags to get the front axle weight close to the unloaded weight, I then add 15 psi to the bags. I do not lift the rear of the truck with the air bags, I just supplement the rear leaf springs to help the truck not bunce as much as it did without the air bags when towing.
  11. Nice set up! What is the length and weight of your camper? Also what mpg do you get while towing? P.S. I forgot to mention in my original post that I also changed to the 174 degree thermostat.
  12. Hey Matt is that a 2600RB ? Looks like my set-up. They are very similar but mine is the 2800bh. The Grand Design website says the 2800 is 2 feet longer than the 2600. I would have gotten the 2600 but we always have others camping with us. What kind of mpg do you get while towing?
  13. Not sure what a dual bar setup is, but mine has a square bar on each side of the hitch. Along with the weight distributing, they also help reduce the sway.
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