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  1. AIRAID 200-911 (6.2)

    PM Sent
  2. Sweet thanks for the response! Can’t wait to see how it turns out! Yeah these companies charge so much for “chrome deletes” I rather try it myself too. Good luck with it👍
  3. Are you vinyl wrapping the chrome bumper? If so, what color are you wrapping it in and how much vinyl did you buy?
  4. NFAB bumper install

    Hey which NFAB bumper is this? Im on Nfabs website and im not seeing any bumpers that fit the GMC models. Do the chevy silverados and GMC sierras have the same bumper fitment?
  5. Hey there, I am wondering if anyone recommends any offroad shops near Southern California, around Los Angeles preferably. I know there are a ton of options, but was looking if anyone on this forum has used someone they recommended or doesn't recommend at all. I have a 2018 Sierra 1500 6.2L 4WD, and I'm putting on the Fabtech 4" suspension lift w/Dirtlogic coil overs, so I wanted to see if there are any high-quality shops out here. I've done research outside of the forum for a good shop and I have some ideas on who I'll go with, but wanted to get your guys's take! Thanks guys, also I am new to this forum so I think I posted this in the right area, but i'm not sure.

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