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  1. My issue was an aftermarket wireless charger. Dont like the centet console built in charging pad so bought a mountable holder that plugs into cigarette lighter. If my phone is in the cradle drawing power, the truck will not start. Remove ohone from cradle starts right up. Just an electrical glitch in my case I guess.
  2. Thanks. Its a 2016 with 41k miles. I called GMC today and found out it actually is still under warranty - power train till 60k/5 yrs. So guess ill just take it in...
  3. So what is the actual fix? Got some snow yesterday, and have a long gravel drive. Used auto-4 and 4-high yesterday. Turn it back to 2wd before I shut it off (gave it 30 sec to ensure transfer was complete). Parked over night. Went out this morning, on clesr pavement rear locked up on several 90 degree turns making a hell of a noise. Just take turns faster?? Lol
  4. Can you guys offer any suggestions or tips before I go to stealership? '16 Sierra Denali, 40,100 miles. I bought it 3 weeks ago with 39,800. Randomly displays 'service theft deterrent system' and I cant start. Dash lights up etc, but cant start. Have had to use oem remote-start as a work-around, but that isnt working now either. The engine will start but as soon as i put the key in, turn to 'on', and put in gear, engine kills. Battery is original, but good. Reading 12.6v engine off, 14.1v running, and load test is good. It seems to happen more when stoping/starting over short periods, like starting 1st in morning fine, go to get gas, turn off 5 min, wont start. Get it startedz drive and stop at ATM. Turn it off 2 minz wont start. If it matters my Infotainment outside temp is never correct either - and i mean off by a lot. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks guys! PS - did new sierras come with 2 keys AND fobs? Dealer gave me 1 key and fob, and 2nd key by itself. Said GMC only gave 1 fob (and 2 keys) to new purchases.
  5. Hey all. Just bought a 2016 Sierra Deanli with 40k miles and having same issue. Cannot start the truck by using either key, so must use OEM remote start as work-around. Anyone actually solve this issue? Thanks.
  6. Hey all, Just picked up a 2016 Sierra 1500 Denali crew cab. It was a single owner woth 39,500 miles. Service records are all there and everything has been done according to schedule. Love the truck alot. But it randomly will shutter/vibrate when coming to a complete stop. It doesnt do it while stopping/slowing down, just at the very end of the stop when the truck stops moving. It sort of feels like drive line slop. Visual inspection shows nothing. Everything is super clean underneath and nothing is jumping out at me. Some jad suggested it might be the collission sensor seat vibrating that im feelong but it is definitely something mechanical underneath. Thanks for any suggestions.

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