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  1. Please post pics when done. What size tires are you going to run?
  2. Thanks! What about that tab at the top of the exhaust tip, is a u clip needed there? The diagram on GM parts doesn’t help much.
  3. I don’t have the original hardware unfortunately. The truck had different exhaust tips when I purchased it. I bought the factory tips and just got them back from powder coating today. I got everything disassembled, but I am not sure how the u clips go on. Do they go on the exhaust tip or did you clip them to the bumper?
  4. I’m debating between the Eibach setup or the OEM 2” kit. Do you have pictures? How are you liking it?
  5. Thanks, this is where I got the parts from on my earlier post, but it doesn’t show how many are need per exhaust tip or what they call a heat shield. For those who took off the tip, I was wondering how many bolts and U-clips were used. I looked at the first page and I think it is three bolts and one u clip, but not 100% sure
  6. Do you have pictures of the hardware that attached the exhaust tips to the bumper? It looks like three bolts and one u clip per tip. Any help is appreciated as I am trying to order these parts to install my tips back on.
  7. I’m looking at reinstalling the factory tips and found the following part numbers: 11519375 (fender bolt) and 11548298 (exhaust heat shield u nut). From the original post, I think I need 6 fender bolts and 3 U nuts. Any help is appreciated.
  8. Looks great! I would like this exact stance. Just debating on this kit or the Eibach pro truck kit. For your additional 1.5”, did you just use a spacer? Did you install the amp steps? I’m looking into getting those.
  9. Nice garage! Vehicles look great too! How do you like the cquartz leather? Also, what window visors are those? Any wind noise from them?
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