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  1. Nitto Ridge Grappler 295/55r20 on America Racing AR933 20x9 +18.
  2. Finally after months of looking....new wheels and tires.
  3. Did you need to use spacers for the wheels? Looks great.
  4. I have a 2019 SLT crew 4wd with the gm 2 inch lift. Same here. Don’t want to mess up the ride. Keep ya posted.
  5. Very nice. Thanks. I think that would be perfect for me with some 33x11.50x20 ridge grapplers.
  6. Any chance you could take a down the side shot to see how far they stick outside fender? Much appreciated.
  7. Very nice. I’m looking at that exact wheel but don’t know if I should go +1 or +20. Can you take down the side shots to see how far outside fender? Thanks.
  8. Nice. Any lift or level? Any trimming?
  9. Good lookin truck. Really like the blitz wheels. Are they the +1 or +20 offset? What tires are you running and size? Any rubbing or trimming? I’m close to getting my truck tires/wheels changed.
  10. How close is the inner wall of tire to upper control arm? No trimming at all? Looks fantastic. Can’t believe it fits. Thanks.
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