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  1. I have had 3 chevy trucks 1 being purchased brand new, none had that level of corrosion. first 2 I purchased had at least 90K miles on them at time of purchase. I live in Louisiana/Texas and have taken them to the beach multiple times within feet of the salt water and haven't had that kind of rust after
  2. So this thread is probably moot as I do not own my 2011 Silverado anymore but I feel I could give a little insight of the issues I had with my RCX 3.5" lift, I purchased the kit with the UCA for Christmas and did the install myself (very proficient with suspension installs as a DIY person). After the install I took the truck to 4WP to have an alignment where they told me that it would not be perfect as the angles were no where that they should be (meaning the TRE and LCA and BJ) the UCA BJ was at a decent angle (as it is supposed to be with the kit) and after the alignment they had it as good as they could get it (I have the paperwork somewhere I think). But I just want to enlighten some of you newer guys who want to put this kit or others like it on your truck to some issues I had. 4WP told me that the tallest leveling kit I should run "shall not be over 2.25" or it will begin to severely wear the suspension components", me being young I didn't care. I put approximately 30,000 miles on this kit before I had issues, some mild and a few times with hard offroading (2-4 times I cant remember). The ball joints popped out of the UCAs and the LCA BJ were shot, as well as the TRE. I ended up replacing the whole kit with the Procomp prorunner shocks that gave the 2" level and had zero issues (ride quality was shit for me as I had 33" mud graps on it and Chinese mud grips ) I've had friends go with this setup on 35" graps and have 0 issues, but those were street driven. I don't want to turn anyone away if they have heard better or feel it would be okay for their setup. I just want to enlighten my issues with RCX 3.5" lift w/ UCA. Installation has you drop the diff which is a plus and you have to cut the crossmember for the rear of the LCA bracket, but overall wasn't horrible. If you have question I can answer to best of my ability, my 2011 Silverado 1500 Z71 4x4 was running a procomp prorunner 2" shock level with 33" mud grapplers and had the wheel well liners ziptied back and I am pretty sure NORCAL mod done to fit them.
  3. Okay so entertain me if you could, I'd like to know what setup you have wheels/tires and any issues with rubbing or trimming. if you have some pictures that would be awesome, I can get the funds for the base kit with leaf springs, but would take some time to do the full coilover kit (which I would love to do for ride quality but I could maybe swap over at a later time maybe?) Im trying to be super thorough before I pull any plugs. I am looking at the base kit w/o coilovers and running 18x9 with 0 offset Fuel Assaults on some 35" nitto trail graps. just trying to see what everyone else has to say about it all. Thanks
  4. Got mine at beginning of this year from a dealer trying to clear out their inventory, total of 12,000$ in deals almost
  5. Yea it sure does look like we have twin trucks, mine is the LT2 Z71 (don’t remember full specs but pretty sure it’s 3.42s) and all the other gizmos which I’m betting is same across the board. Towing isn’t full time but on occasion I pull a boat and a trailer with small projects on it
  6. My intentions are just looks and mild off-roading for fishing, hunting, working at property. I didn’t know if it would have been worth the extra money but that cleared it up some, I know I can install myself, but if I can have the warranty from 4WP if something goes wrong at install. I am pretty sure they offer the larger factory style struts, i have to look again to be sure. I’ve been thinking about getting while still under warranty, just have to do some pricing on it, and check into if warranty will not be affected. Also gonna look at regearing for 35s
  7. Starting off I am sure there are threads that answer these questions but I had trouble finding answers, and it’s my first time lifting a truck so trying to be thorough. So I have my 2018 1500 Z71 CCSB that once my warranty runs out I plan to lift it, leaving stock till that day, I’ve been looking at BDS lifts and Zone, the 6” and 6.5” is the height I want to go with. Zone’s 6.5” kit from what I’ve learned is a maxed out 4.5” kit basically. BDS 6” has either the coil over package or the strut spacer package I believe, I have stamped steel control arms for UCA, LCA I can’t remember exactly and will check when I get home. My questions are based toward the BDS option as I do not want to use the zone unless I have to My questions are is it worth it to get the coil over system vs the kit without coil overs, because that’s almost 1700$ more? What kind of installation costs is it typically for a installation? Has anyone had issues since they installed their kit? if I go with the coil overs, should I do the base set of coilovers or the ones with DSC? Id like to have 4WP install the kit so I could have their warranty on the install along with the BDS lifetime warranty, but not sure if they would do the install (I haven’t called them to see about this yet) I’m going to use the custom offsets site to see what wheel/tire combos I can run but if y’all have pictures that would be awesome to see to get a ballpark
  8. Is this the 2.25” pro comp level?
  9. can you provide some info and pics on how the light bar on the grille guard was mounted? the space between uprights on mine is 37" and trying to find the biggest bar I can get without having a huge gap
  10. Is this the Stage 1 or 2? I'm thinking of a 4.5 and possibly putting 35x12.5xR20 toyo MT on the stock Chevy 20s. trying to find a quality kit that doesn't cost a fortune, I've been looking into zone but the track width is the issue that I am not too fond of
  11. I know its an old as hell post, but I was just curious about any suspension component issues you have had with the Bilstein 5100s, and if you have any side view pictures of how level the truck actually looks? I'm trying to steer away from spacer kits since my truck is so new, and as I don't mind the current ride with my ranchos, it is a bit of a bouncy ride at times. just wanting to make the truck look more level. Thanks
  12. There were no issues with the leveling kit and all the factory warranties? My 18 Silverado only has 4k miles and I'm looking into the best and safest leveling kit I can run (yes I know putting a level on a truck will cause premature wear) I just don't want a factory warranty to be voided.
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