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  1. Did flowmaster 40 on my truck and was PISSED! It was barely noticeable. I covered the mesh screen with some aluminum tape. Made all the difference in the world. Get rid of them!!!!
  2. You can get a 2" level for $50. Easy install and then you can fit your 33's. That's about the same as a TB really. (I know there are other differences, talking looks primarily)
  3. I bought the rst z71. Love the looks of the trail boss and wasn't against getting one. But the rst I got had all of the options I wanted and they offered a better deal on it over the trail boss. I already purchased a 2" lift and I'm looking for wheels/ tire package now to give me the aggressive look like the trail boss. I honestly prefer the body matched bumper over the all black, but that's just personal preference. Buy what you can get the best deal on. The rest can be added.
  4. Supercharger?

    My thoughts exactly. Seems like a much simpler solution to this small inconvenience.
  5. Supercharger?

    So.. Why not get your LTZ/ high country in the 6.2 and have your truck painted the Red Hot Red?
  6. I'd do the ready lift, and if you're concerned about the diff, order some spacers for it. Literally just 4 pieces of plastic spacers and longer bolts. Ordered some for my 16 when I did a 3" lift and worked great!
  7. This is what I'm talking about! Love it!!! Any issues with it that you've noticed?
  8. This was caused by a cleaner that developed a film over time. Nothing to do with the actual soft plastic material the cleaner was used on. I'm talking about actual scratches into the plastic caused by very minor bumps and scrapes. My 16 got some over time as well, but they were earned. Dragging tool boxes across the door panel, etc. The 19 is simply closing a door against a bag, or getting out of the vehicle and having a bag bump the door panel. These should never show signs of wear, I've even got a spot where I had some bacon in a plastic shopping bag fall off the seat and hit the door panel and scratch it. This is the softest plastic I've ever seen in a vehicle, by far.
  9. When working on the line for GM, I know when we got a scratch on a plastic piece, we took a butane torch to it. Sounds crazy, I know. But I watched it and did it several dozen times, and was always amazed at how it came out. You just do it for a second or two and then rub it with your finger. 9 times out of 10, the scratch wasn't visible any more. This worked great on light scratches. The deeper the scratch, the more noticeable it was. Even after doing it to so many vehicles, I'm still scared to do it on my own. Didn't mind at all when it wasn't mine and I had plenty of replacement parts to pop in if it turned out bad. Maybe I'll give it a try this weekend and post some results.
  10. I saw one of these on a Ford Raptor the other day and had to stop and check it out. This thing is aggressive like no other! I was highly debating on getting one on my new truck, but the price is steep to say the least. Anyone have any experience with them? Worth the price? 1600 lb weight capacity on the lid is pretty nice. $2k price tag... not so much.
  11. I did the same exact thing on my 16. I actually like the look of the wood on the RST so I decided to stick with it. Plus my interior is grey and brown leather, so the black carbon fiber would look pretty bad. Great looking on the all black though. Nice job!
  12. I haven't noticed this myself. I went from a 16 to a 19, both z71. I do recall the 16 snapping right back, but haven't noticed anything about my 19. If anything it feels much smoother, but I've never had to assist it getting back to straight. I've only had it 3 weeks now, so I'm still getting used to it also. I'll pay attention this evening and see if it's like that on mine also.
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Looks like we've been triggered... Time to find a safe space!
  14. Hit a curb at around 15 mph...

    As long as the tire is holding air and doesn't start to bulge, you'll probably be fine. If you start to get a slow leak, you may have a cracked rim. If the side wall starts to bulge, Time for a new tire. Id saw at worst, you might need an alignment, or tire balance. But as long as you're driving straight and no vibration, I'd say your good.

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