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  1. Thanks Crobinson! The bumper was wrapped first so I didn't get any pictures of it with the bumper still chrome and grille/headlights white. Nothing had to be removed/disassembled from the truck during install. The vinyl is holding up really well for the most part. The only issue I have had is near the front bowtie emblem. The vinyl is starting to separate/bubble from the chrome in the corners (see picture below). I have to get pretty close to even see it so it's not a big deal for me. If it starts to get worse, I will just remove the vinyl from that middle grille piece and put some fresh vinyl on.
  2. I had most of the chrome on my Summit White LTZ wrapped a couple years ago. Here are some photos: Front bumper, headlight covers, and grill Rear bumper Front bowtie Rear bowtie Mirrors I ordered a bunch of gloss white vinyl samples from MetroRestyling website. None of them were an exact color match but the Avery SW900 Supreme Wrapping Vinyl Film Gloss White was the closest. I ordered a 5ft x 12ft roll of it and ended up with a little left over. I also ordered a 1ft x 1ft piece of the white carbon fiber to wrap the chevy bowties.
  3. Thanks tahoe08! For the most part, install was pretty straight forward. The only tricky part was getting the running boards to line up perfectly straight, so that the gaps were the same in the front and the back. A little tweaking with the brackets and bolts did the trick. I would say they sit fairy tight to the rocker panels (between 1/4" to 1/2" gap). They can be adjusted to make the gap even tighter. Here is a close up picture: I purchased mine a few weeks ago from: http://www.autoanything.com/nerf-bars/go-rhino-rb10-running-boards They were listed at $495, but I had a 22% off coupon code that I received via email. Also, I went through Chase Bank's online shopping portal called "Shop Through Chase" to get an additional 4% cash back (chase rewards card is required). After all discounts, my final price ended up being $370.66 shipped to my door. They did get back ordered for a couple weeks so I had to wait longer than originally expected. Here is a 20% off coupon code if you decide to buy from them: BASIC150 (expires 8/21) I've only had them on for a couple days so far but I would definitely recommend them. My only complaint is with the "Go Rhino" logo that is riveted on the side of the right running board. The logo on my right running board is riveted upside down. I need to contact Go Rhino to see what they will do to make it right. Either money back or a replacement board would work for me. Here is a picture showing the upside down logo:
  4. Installed the Go Rhino RB10's last night!

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