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  1. Not the greatest pictures but I went ahead and did it...pewterliftedz is right tho, it will start chipping off soon lol...
  2. Eibach leveling kit

    I went ahead and spray painted my springs as well.
  3. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    I did a test fit in discount tire with the NITTOs 33/12.5 r18 and welp that didn’t work! 😩😩😩...when you turn the wheels you will hit UCA (before “full lock”)...I was desperate for tires and they only had 275/70 r18 nittos ridge grapplers. Messuring 33.1 by 10.98.... they look great from the side view but rear or front I’m not to satisfied but I can’t afford new wheels..😅
  4. Eibach leveling kit

    I just got mine installed Saturday.. didn’t change my uca’s but sure due look a bit wrong in that angle... Ill take one for the team and be the guinea pig on this one.....I don’t have much experience with owning trucks and how they feel but I guess I’m satisfied with it... I spent 565 for the kit (waited almost 3 months to receive them) 200 for install and 130 for alignment...kinda of a lot for just 2.5” but I’ve been working some good OT🙃
  5. Hey guys just got mine in. can I spray paint the springs, just with some rustoleum spraycan?
  6. Bilstein shocks thread

    Okay thnx.. I will be using stock rims I believe it’s a +24 offset and stock UCA...yeah just to be safe I guess 285/65 will do.
  7. Bilstein shocks thread

    Hello, early next week I should be receiving my eibach kit (2.5” with the springs) for my Silverado 2016. do you guys think I can fit 33x12.5 r18 nitros ridge grapplers or just stay at the 285/65 ?
  8. Way Out of topic question What’s your “c-dub” name come from?
  9. Hello everyone new here....thank you for all the information and experience y’all provided in other threads out here... i own a 2016 crew cab 4x4 5.3 and its time for new tires. I don’t do much hauling and off-roading but when it comes to using it would be great if I had a good setup. Doing some tire shopping/research after finally deciding on the tires I want I came to realize that the nitto ridge grappler 305/60r18 doesn’t have a “LT” rating and has a 116 load index while almost all others have lt and a 120+ ratings... I really wanted these tires since these seem to be the biggest I can go and hopefully no rubbing but I’m back to being undecided because of this. if anyone could give me some advice from their opinion/experience with tires and ratings on what I should do would be truelly appreciated!
  10. Hello, What you end up doing on you tire setup?...I want to go with the 33 12.5. R18
  11. Oh nice! You have some kind of rubbing?
  12. Looks good!....are those the 265/65 or 285/65
  13. Got a side picture?...thnx for the info, might due the same then....really wanted that extra 1/2 inch or so from the eibach over the bilstein
  14. Ohman... I called yesterday the 23rd they told me mid May, seems you and I order about the same date problem is they’re telling you mid June ...hmmmmmmm😔....it was weird the guy told me “you can still cancel if you want”....🤨

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