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  1. RPO Codes https://d354nuoz4t18d4.cloudfront.net/151587b49e7f6970ff59f6f339b177de/images/custom/rpoCodes.pdf
  2. I have unlimited WiFi in my ‘15. I use it on the way to remote sites where my cell was unable to get, and keep a reliable connection. (So it does reach places cell won’t, as another poster suggests.). If connectivity is critical, get the unlimited data. I was on way to a site and exceeded the limit. Lost connectivity and voice command. Plan would have automatically renewed in a few days, but the folks were pretty unforgiving about anything short of adding a few GB or purchasing the unlimited.
  3. Picked her up last March.... Seriously lovin this truck!
  4. sounds like you need to set up a dataplan and have it activated. MyLink has a basic data plan for about $15 / month. If memory serves that's about 3GB / Month allowance. Unlimited is ~$25.00/month.. But call for current pricing. If you use the WiFi service, I suggest the unlimited. I am on call every other week, and frequently in places where cell phone reception is inadequate to support using it as a hotspot. But I like the flexibility of tossing the laptop in the truck and going on with my life. Cellphone hot spot was a problem in remote sites. Once I hooked up the W
  5. I use TopCoat F11... takes about 2 hours after the initial (one-time) wash was done... and I do it every week... cuz I LOVE the truck's look when it's clean...
  6. after the 2" motofab leveling kit installed. (Note that the "before" pic is taken in my driveway, which has a slope from truck's front to back)
  7. I have a 2015 Silverado RCSB. After reading several posts in this and other forums, I've decided on the Motofab front 2" spacer and will have them installed shortly. Simply going for the level look. Might use it to haul on rare occasions (also have a 98 Extended cab Z71 for that). Almost never tow. So, next come the wheels and tires. Currently have OEM 18" X 9.5 and they look stock. Not great, but until I find one that is, they'll do. Many of the more visually appealing wheels seem to be more available in 20".. Which begs the question, for those of you with 2" Motofab Front
  8. Not to promote any particular company over another, but check out Carmax.com. They’ll list trucks in all their stores nationwide and transfer to your local Carmax. (Transfer fee varies, 0 - ???) I think you can also set up an alert to watch for trucks added to inventory. I used them to compare features and price when I bought my (used) ‘15. Interestingly, they had one in Melbourne, Fl that came from the town in live in in Va.
  9. Not to beat a dead horse, but here are the links I use for this info... VIN : https://chevroletforum.com/forum/vindecoder.php RPO Codes : https://d354nuoz4t18d4.cloudfront.net/151587b49e7f6970ff59f6f339b177de/images/custom/rpoCodes.pdf (although I LOVE the idea of a build sheet sent by GM! Thanks for that tip.. I'll be looking into it!)
  10. Can you provide details about the leather upgrade, please?
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