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  1. That's how I got my ZJ tires to fit with a minimal lift. My neighbor thought I was crazy one Sunday morning as I was hacking away. To the OP check in the K2 forum (2014-2018). https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/forum/169-2014-2018-silverado-sierra/
  2. Going to 265/70R18 is a 0.5" inch larger radius over 265/65R18 (my stock size). I also checked and 265/70R18 is actually 0.2" smaller radius than 275/60R20 (optional wheel/tire size). I would have to check at full lock to see what the clearance is for 265/65R18, but I suspect that there is more than a 0.5" of clearance available, and given that the 275/60R20 wheel/tire combo exists which is wider and taller, you should be good to go. When I get a chance I will measure at full lock.
  3. There is actually a USB CD player, that you just connect to your USB and can work with your system to easily add in a CD player with no real work needed for installation (unless you wanted to). Super easy, and could just use some double sided tape or velcro to just put in an easy spot. So there IS a CD player solution if you want to use it. Hey, I just watched a video from some car auto guys:
  4. I have a super short garage, it will barely (and I mean barely) fit the truck. My garage is just over 19' deep by under 19' wide. It is really lame and smaller than standard size. My neighbors garage is larger, and it is due to the layout of my house.
  5. I just had this happen today as well. 3000 miles on the truck. After a couple hours it was back to normal. It was half black, half garbled, so seemed more like an actual hardware failure...then it came back all of a sudden. I made an appt with the dealer before it came back to life. I'm still going to talk to them but I probably wont bring it in if it doesnt happen again.
  6. I currently have an LT and cloth, but it is a Jet Black interior. My last car was blank interior with leather. I live in Texas, we've had 57 days over 100F this year. It's not too hot, I have dark ceramic tint and use a windshield sunscreen whenever I park outside. My wife's truck has tan leather, and it is terrible with the kids, and the seats have blue from jeans.
  7. I would have to agree with above that it will not look good. The vinyl piece looks a lot like duct tape, and I don't think you'll be happy.
  8. Where was your truck built? Is it based on trim or body style? I have a Double Cab and have the SU5 axle.
  9. I bought in Q3, and the dealer was HIGHLY motivated to sell. I was cross shopping the F150, and they made me an offer I couldn't refuse and never even went to the Ford store, I texted the guy I was working with at the Ford store that I wouldn't be coming within about 60 seconds after the Chevy dealer gave me and I accepted their offer. There must have been some volume and model bonuses going to the dealers to make sure it happened.
  10. I have solved this problem by never taking my sunglasses off.
  11. carcomplaints.com is the official RAM bashing site. That was actually a major reason I chose a GM product.
  12. I'll preface by saying I've owned trucks and SUVs before my Silverado LT, and my wife has an Expedition EL so I'm pretty accustomed to driving 1/2 ton sized vehicles. That said... I came from a VW GTI to the Silverado. I've owned a ton of cars, but the GTI was one of the most well built, reliable, and fun to drive cars I've owned. I felt the interior on a $30k mainline brand car was as good as the $50k BMWs. Was it German style stark & austere...yeah. Was it very well put together and look nice...yup. I feel like the Silverado is almost as nice as the VW, the only area I have a slight complaint is in the front dash speaker grilles I feel that they could be slightly more flush. To me, the Silverado interior feel very German, it is functional, it has a certain style to it, but it is also fairly austere. I like it myself, feel like the materials are nice, and will hold up after years of use. Everything else...well the GTI has the performance pack, brakes were close to the same size as the truck (13.4" front rotors on a 3000lb. car), it was a subcompact hot hatch with an underrated engine, LSD, and a phenomenal DSG that was close to telepathic, handled like it was on rails after I upgrade to some Michelin PSS. And all of that the only thing I miss going to the Silverado is...how easy a 168" long vehicle is to park downtown the 2x a year I need to go into the city. Yeah, the driving dynamics of the car were great, but everything else made me long to get rid of it and back into a truck. Long story short, going from a Colorado to a T1 won't be much of a difference, and if you really want more interior space and more bed space you'll be quite happy. I settled back into driving a 1/2 ton pretty quickly and bought a car that is quite nearly 2x the size. Going from a Colorado to a Sierra will be a minimal adjustment.
  13. Unfortunately you may need to just bite the bullet, take a day off work or burn up a weekend day and hit up a couple dealers in person. They'll be much more willing to play some ball. This is also the end of the month this weekend, and Sept. sales tends to be awful. You may have got yourself into a nice situation to get a good price.
  14. The correct one is angled, sorry I didn't take a picture and my parking is 10 minutes from my desk. It should look just like sjordan's picture above. In my request I made sure that I had the new body style selected on Safelite's site, my VIN defaulted to the LD style. I also wrote in the notes that it is a new style. The technician was very appreciative that I added I was new body in the notes.
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