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  1. Back when I used to drive in the snow, I used Mastercraft winter tires on my 1-wheel-peel 2wd ranger in Buffalo with a little weight over the wheels did fine in the snow for the massive snowfalls we received.
  2. I have used Klasse Cleaner/Protectant for the last few years with great success. It does a nice job cleaning, lasts a long time and has more of a matte finish.
  3. I would say that I have never owned a car for more than 7 years, which ends up being around 100k miles for me. Most of the time I ended up selling/trading around 60k miles. As much as I like the concept of having a vehicle for 15-20 years, the advanced in safety, fuel economy, and connectivity makes it more attractive to me to get into a newer model rather than R&R my existing vehicles. That said, I think (with no real data...) that any modern car will go ~10+ years assuming maintenance and issues are dealt with quickly before they turn into major problems.
  4. Nice! I've been looking at a speaker only upgrade. I also have non-bose. Did you also use any sound deadening around the speaker openings? I've done that in the past and that also made a big difference. Was it pretty easy to remove the door skins?
  5. I've had Discoverer ATP (discount) in 275/55R20 on my wife's Expedition EL for 2 years now, they have been great tires and do very well in rain.
  6. There is a button for turning off the Auto Stop. I basically turn it off as soon as I start the car as it can be quite intrusive during heavy stop/go traffic. I went DC specifically for the bed space, but the CC cab is quite spacious and will give a lot of covered area. I didn't go with an ext. warranty and will instead self insure for mechanical issues after my basic and power train are up, so I can't answer the cost question.
  7. Nice, it's been a lot of stop and go and avg temps of 100 so I'm not too surprised on fuel econ. I'm suspecting I'll be closer to 18 to 19 after it's broken in.
  8. I recently bought a '19 LT Texas Edition Z71 4x4 in Double Cab. The feature list isnt even close, LT all the way. I only have 600 miles on it, have avg. 16.5 mpg driving in heavy city 50% of the time. I think the 8 spd is fine. I put AMP steps on mine because they tuck up high. For your fathers budget dealers seem to be dealing on the DC LTs pretty hard.
  9. My wife's car has a drop down DVD player. After using that on many trips, I'm going the ipad route. The drop down is very distracting to me the driver, and the ipad is a larger screen.
  10. I used some 3/8" backer rod, it fit perfectly. Bought it at Home Depot, and just stuffed it down between the dash and the windshield. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Frost-King-3-8-in-x-20-ft-Grey-Poly-Foam-Caulk-Saver-C21H/100067266 Sunshield now sits in perfectly and if it touches anything it touches the backer rod which isn't sticky.
  11. Use Top Tier gas. I actually use Gumout All in one, it is also a PEA based cleaner like Techron. I use it a tank or two before an oil change (so 2x a year). Edit: that's in other vehicles, I'm only 500 miles into my current Chevy but that's my plan
  12. I cross shopped the Ford F150 XL STX 5.0L and Chevy 1500 LT as those prices were most similar. The LT feature wise won hands down, specifically LED headlights and keyless entry/start. I would have always considered myself a "Ford guy", but end of the day I'm brand agnostic and just looked for the vehicle that met my needs.
  13. I have a double cab. Its going to be highly dependent on how far back you have the drivers seat. I'm 5'10", and I can fit just fine behind myself. I have booster seats in the back and those fit fine. However, I'm highly suspect if a rear facing seat would fit, especially the larger convertible rear facing seats. I'm sure 1 would fit in the center rear, but the outboard seats you would have to check. Definitely when you are test driving take them with you. I did that even with the booster seats, and we had 2 boosters and an adult sitting in the back of the doublecab.
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