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  1. When I lived up north, I broke a set of wipers being lazy and had to replace the motor of the gears I stripped. Don't do that.
  2. So what is the electronic limited slip? Is this some sort of LSD that is actuated using electronics, or is it just ABS trickery?
  3. My Z71 (non-TB) only fits in my garage length wise if I back in, smack the hitch into the wall, and then I have 1.5" of clearance to the door. I fit height wise okay barely.
  4. Im stock and my fuel econ at 60 vs 70 is nearly 25%. Wouldnt be surprised if lifted with 35s it's more than that.
  5. I did mine at 5000 miles, and will probably do every 5k.
  6. Thanks, I'm looking 2018 and newer. I'll check the Yukon XL XLTs as well. The 2010 Expedition EL Limited we have now has cooled seats, in TX that is a VERY useful feature.
  7. I've started looking at Suburbans to replace our aging Expedition EL. I see that the 2020 Suburban LT have the Enhanced Driver Alert Package, is this on earlier models as well or is this a new feature?
  8. Both of those examples are pretty damn cold.
  9. I'm in Texas, and converted (18.4mpg) to metric and have been averaging 12.8L/100km over the past 5500 miles (8800 km). Heavy traffic with a ton of stop and go and also HWY (90 minutes to go 26 miles (42km) on average), extreme heat for first 3 months of ownership. My absolute worst with all city was 15.5 mpg (15.2L/100km) and that was my first fillup so still breaking in.
  10. i have a cargo bar from harbor freight for $15. Easily moves into the cab if I need it out of the way.
  11. USB-c cable worked fine. I've taken to unplugging the cable after every use starting with this morning.
  12. The USB-C didn't work this morning, the standard USB did. I'm still not convinced it's the cable though, I'll try gain this afternoon. I unplugged the cables I wonder if there is some sort of charging effect going on if I leave the cables plugged in all the time? Unfortunate nature of the beast, as we get more and more complicated vehicles with more electronics the sensitivity to charging and electrostatic is huge...
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