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  1. All of the above reasons I went with GM this time vs Ford and Ram. First time with a GM truck and so far Haven't had any issues besides trying to still find the right setting to get comfortable on the long drives. Bottom seat just bothers me after about an hour.
  2. The angle would still looks out of place, the pillers are straight. The original post has straight keypad. This angle doesn't match our Trucks.
  3. Hoping mine breaks in, because after about 2 hours into a trip I defiantly start getting uncomfortable. Only have about 800 miles on truck so hoping it will break in or I find right adjustment still playing with it on tilt, lumbar and angle between bottom and top of seat.
  4. Having an angle like that makes it look out of place, vs what they showed being straight.
  5. Was getting late sun was about to set so had to drive top of my road to get out of shadow of house, so sun shinning straight into grill. Overall very happy how it turned out. The dealer also installed my up fitter switches for free.
  6. Got my Truck back from body shop today
  7. Exactly why I went ahead and purchased a GM HD and to be honest was wondering if made a mistake at the time of order since I always had Fords. Glad to hear the positive feed back that it works as advertised. I plan on doing my first tow within the next month.
  8. I'm running 18 but won't be upgrading tire till I need to swap them out. I read on forums these will fit without any rubbing stock. Don't know if 35's will work without some lift or trimming.
  9. I'm a long time Ford owner " 8 trucks ,excursion, and expedition" and I switched to my first GM Truck due to cameras offered to help ease of towing my large toy hauler, no CP4, and HUD. That's why I went with GM this time for the first time in my life. I don't care if you can tow 30k up the divide of Colorado 1 min faster not why I purchase my HD truck. I want to have the better tools for actually towing safer for me and those around me.
  10. I have Michelin on my and no issue at all, up to 80mph has been smooth with no issues.
  11. https://www.thoroughbreddiesel.com/ts20067bmp/?msclkid=04d7725f7ccb1e2fbf112c452066f807&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=(ROI) Shopping&utm_term=4580153126937857&utm_content=Hitches
  12. These just are painted vs the black trim. No difference other then painted to what comes on the truck.
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