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  1. I have Michelin on my and no issue at all, up to 80mph has been smooth with no issues.
  2. https://www.thoroughbreddiesel.com/ts20067bmp/?msclkid=04d7725f7ccb1e2fbf112c452066f807&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=(ROI) Shopping&utm_term=4580153126937857&utm_content=Hitches
  3. These just are painted vs the black trim. No difference other then painted to what comes on the truck.
  4. Just a side note for anyone who searches out topic in future. I thought my rears went out kids where complain they where hitting button and wouldn't turn on the other night. We troubleshoot it that lights wouldn't show being on if I dimed gauges past a certain point but heat does come on. I brighten dash illumination and they would show on, as soon as I dimmed how I like it at night the indicates show off on rear.
  5. Had a 2018 Ford Eco 3.5tt max tow package with the 3.55 rear and when towing mileage goes down pretty fast and inclines here in the mountains and summer heat my temps would climb crazy fast with the turbos going, one of the reasons switched to a HD. Decided on GM after doing my test drives and comparing things that makes towing easier. GM sold me with the cameras set up and HUD which put them 1st above the others for my choice. I went diesel this time only because my new trailer I just purchased is 14k and I pull up steep grades on all my destination areas. My daily driving unloaded in town real numbers with the eco was 14ish. Highway 18-19. When I hand calc Lie o meter was always 1- 2 mpg over real number. Towing 5k AVG 6-7 at 63-65mpg would drop to 5mpg at 70mph "speed limit is 75". My best I ever achieved was doing whole trip at 55 and got 8mpg.
  6. Yes, the rear speakers suck can barely hear them. Going to need some aftermarket love.
  7. Trucks in but showed up with 2 door dings with paint damage and some clearcoat scuffs on front fender, Been raining so truck dirty hard to see scuffs till it gets washed but attaching the dings. They are going to fix dings and paint both passengers doors to blend it right. Going to install my up fitter switches no charge do to issue. Drove to Vegas and with 18 rims Michelins no shimmy or vibration issue. The heavy duty springs I was worried about when saw they added to order is a non issue truck road fine no harshness especially when on the crappy Vegas freeway near old Downtown area. So am happy overall so far other then paint damage. Side note wish you can see what gear you are in like the Ford I traded in.
  8. Mine arrived a few days ago. It had two deep door dings with paint damage in front passenger door. along with multiple clearcoat scuffs in both front fenders drivers side rear side panel. It was a ark rainy day so didn't catch all the scuffs. They are going to have to paint doors and hoping they can buff out the scuffs. It goes in next week to auto body shop. They are going to install my up fitter package for me free of charge. Side note have the 18 inch rims with the Michelins and drove it 350 miles to Vegas and back experience no steering wheel shimmy or vibration people with the 20 inch rims Goodyear's are complaining of.
  9. Still looking but a nice write up on some changes for 2020. https://www.motortrend.com/news/2020-chevrolet-silverado-hd-tech-seven-pub-ammo-bulletpoints/
  10. I know the beefed up the frame for 2020, will see If I can find specs. I saw the video of them showing the frame changes.
  11. Mines been sitting at the yard waiting to be shipped via rail to Phoenix for the last two weeks according to code. Checked with dealer yesterday still same code. I hope maybe GM hasn't just updated yet and its finally on its way already.
  12. That's sucks we have to install, thought it would be like Fords ready to go from factory. I ordered mine with upfitter too.
  13. Target production week. You going to have a wait time. My original TPW was first week of Oct placed order beginning of Sept and didn't get built till last week of November. The strike caused a big back log of production.
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