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  1. i too would like to know if there is a way to upgrade the factory usb ports to a higher amp# w/o loosing factory options?
  2. did you try a different cable? maybe your cable is faulty. you didn't mention what type of phone you have, what plug does it have? if type-c or lightning, try flipping the plug, sometimes it'll kick it to a faster charge cycle.
  3. could always try www.car-part.com maybe a local yard will have what you like
  4. in New England we have to contend w/ rot from road salt, would these Canadian trucks be any worse for wear? I ask because i don't know what Canada uses to treat its roads.
  5. so, i checked the Charger last night, the analog gauge is like all others that i've had, mph larger on the outer edge w/ kph smaller on the inner edge. the digital screen also has a speedometer on it & allows me to toggle between the 2. so i learned something new on the car.
  6. ahh, ok my newest compact truck was an 01 Sonoma cc, my newest fullsize is a 99 c3500 cclb (getting retired for a newer model) & a 99 Suburban. I skipped on both the 800 & 900 models as they didn't interest me. the t1 also doesn't appeal to me. I honestly never thought to see if my Charger could display both sets, now I gotta look & see.
  7. these 3 trucks that I found are in Massachusetts, not Canada. Their clusters are MPH, not KPH. But I get the jist of it. Thanks for the reply though.
  8. a used car lot about an 1hr from has 3 True North editions on their lot. all 3 are LT Z71 models & have large True North badges on the doors. 2016 & 17 model years they are each a different color. 1 is a 5-seat w/ JB1, 1 is a 5-seat non-JB1, & the other is a 6-seat w/ JB1. Does anyone know exactly what is included w/ this package? w/ a name like that, one would think: rear defrost, heated seats, remote start (all of which are on all of the LT Z71's that i've seen so far), maybe a larger alternator, larger cca battery & a block heater? but alas, i cannot find anything. i can find a dealership called True North & several videos on youtube from dealerships in Canada that mention True North, but door badges or specific mention of the package includes. https://www.richardsmotorcars.com/details-2017-chevrolet-silverado_1500-4wd_crew_cab_153_0_lt_w_1lt-used-3gcukrec1hg266752.html
  9. im looking to retire my 99 c3500 cclb 5.7L w/ 498k mi. for the last 5yrs she has had a quiet life just making runs to the compost dump, Lowes or hauling a trailer to the swap meet. so the last several years, she was more than i needed, but she was paid for & only required maintenance. w/ my side work picking up & swapping from a Utility trailer to an enclosed trailer, i need more reliable truck. I cant afford 3 vehicle payments, so im going to retire the 99cclb & trade in Charger. that way i still have 2 vehicle payments & overall 1 less vehicle in the yard. now, while on a typical daily use, i'll be the only person in the truck. but my going tween & teenager are in the vehicle several times a week & we take a dozen or so out of state trips a year for scouts. so legroom for the trips is a must. in my area, dc rules the marketplace, so i checked one out. i told the dealer up front that i all i was doing was checking out the seating in a dc model & that was it. i was doing nothing else. i got in & moved the drivers seat to where i am comfortable & then proceeded to the LR seat, i am of average height & my knees were touching the seatback. so a dc is a no go for me. i will need a cc. i have a 3 strikes your out rule & the salesman hit it. so even if that dealership has what i want, i will not buy from them now. my replacement options are either another gmt400 or a k2xx. upon researching the k2xx, i find that only way to get a cclb is on a 25/3500 which i dont have a need for that weight class or that large of an engine. w/ this being a dd & im not towing large weights, i dont need anything larger than a 1500 w/ a 5.3L. but i need an 8ft bed as i haul 2x4s, plywood & sheetrock several times a month & dislike having things sitting on the expensive tailgates. i could suffer w/ the 6.0L in a 2500 cclb, but that would put me in a different tax & insurance bracket. due to the weight & classification differences between my 99 & a k2xx, the k2xx 2500 would be considered a commercial vehicle. (diff plates, taxes, insurance, inspections), all added costs throughout the year. & thats not taking into consideration of the extra fuel consumption. i like the headlight/grille of the 14/15 better than that of the 16-18 so i guess that i will be looking for a cc w/ a std bed w/ a 5.3L & a JB1 (integrated brake controller), w/ a preference of a 15 over a 16-18, manual 4x4 over dash switch. w/ the ability of Android Auto, i dont have a need for either of the oem offered gps units. I def dont need onstar anything. def prefer a 6 passenger over a 5 as i occasionally have extra people. if not already installed, side steps will be added for the wife & kids, along w/ adding a bed extender to help protect the expensive tailgate.
  10. from a few yrs ago, not the best article but you get the jist. https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/cars/2017/10/19/why-so-many-automakers-ditching-spare-tires/777871001/ my mother-in-law has a 12 Elantra while my sister-in-law has a 14 Elantra or vise versa (both bought new), i wont hold it against them. we didnt know until one of them got a flat, just a styrofoam wedge w/ a can of fix-a-flat, i drove 2 towns over to swap out the 2 flats to find out that both cars didnt have a spare, we were forced to call aaa @ that point.
  11. if you dont mind me asking, how did you mount it to the rear stake pocket? also, what year/model gmc was the donor?
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