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  1. Well, I ended up pulling the air bags off and just got a higher rise hitch as I just didn't like the change in ride when unloaded. Hopefully my family doesn't lower the tailgate when I'm hooked up!
  2. No hardware bottoming out here. These mount where the bump stop is and then, separately, to the axle. I would have thought they'd be unnoticeable as well, but not the case unfortunately.
  3. So I installed the Sumo Springs, and experienced as noted prior, that mostly fine ride but on a harsh bump you immediately know they're there. So I removed them and installed the Firestone airbags with the compressor setup, and same result with the min 5 psi in them! This really surprised me as I thought I wouldn't know they were there when aired down!! There is a bump coming in and out of my neighborhood so it's not like it will be occasional or avoidable...UGH, now what?
  4. So here’s the dilemma, here trailer is level, truck is unloaded. Once the trailer is down, I’m sagging about 2.5” and the trailer isn’t level which can cause other issues. Hitch is a 1” rise and i know I can get a higher rise, but then I can’t open my tailgate (this barely clears as it is).
  5. I've looked at those as well. So no impact to normal driving?
  6. I'm running it as a 1" rise currently so a new hitch would certainly be an option, but any taller and I can't open my tailgate
  7. I'm thinking about adding airbags to handle the tongue weight when towing my boat. With these low hitch locations I'm about 4" low to get the trailer level after squatting the truck (tongue is probably about 700 lbs or so, but the coupler is high mounted on the trailer too). I thought about getting a rise hitch to account for the difference and keep it and the truck level when towing, but then I can't open my tailgate. So, I'm hoping airbags will do the trick. My question - Say I need 70 psi to level the truck and trailer, if I leave that 70 psi in the bags at all times, will my ride suffer any? I've had super springs before and they stiffened it up and I don't want that to happen on this one. Stock Denali with the 6.2
  8. can you provide the part number? I'm looking for one for my 19 denali
  9. ditto. just make sure you don't have a ball in your hitch when dropping them both
  10. any change to the ride quality? what is your wheel tire specs here? size, offset, etc. and running issues?
  11. Has anyone lifted their Denali? I see several that are leveled, but I'm thinking about a 4" BDS lift and wondering tire size and offset combo without trimming.
  12. The gasket at the front helped a lot. there's probably a 1/2" gap from the bed rails. I still need to seal the corners a bit more to remove that as a point, but I'm still trying to figure out how to stop the rear from leaking from the MP tailgate. there's a decent gap there on both sides
  13. My Denali is the same way. Mostly wasted space as you can't really see what's in it from the seats
  14. What are your wheel specs? width and offset please. looks like they are still tucked in the fender, is that right? Any rubbing anywhere?
  15. I just bought a '19 Sierra Denali, and I love the truck and the tailgate (surprisingly so). I add a tri fold bed cover, as I had on all my other trucks, but with the Multi Pro Tailgate, there are added gaps that water comes in (perpendicular to the bed cover, so just a gasket wouldn't cover it). Any ideas to cover this area and keep water from coming in?
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