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  1. They told me that they had all the testers accounted for... Guess we lost out, Now we wait and prey for great feedback on the units
  2. You sound like me!!! We are OCD twins!! LOL.. I have the 2020 TB 5.3 10 speed and I can definitely feel it, sometimes the truck even stumbles getting on the gas from a slow turn... I was complaining about the exact same thing to my wife last night about the Auto stop and DFM... I bought a TRUCK not a Prius.. I want my 8 cylinders 100% of the time and don’t need my truck shutting off at every light or stop sign... I can’t see how it really helps Fuel mileage anyway... I’m averaging 15.1 MPG with over 5300 miles on my truck since I pulled off the lot, this is with DFM working... I look forward to tracking mileage after I can delete the DFM... Lets not even talk towing mileage.... 9.9 towing a 8x 12 90% highway... LOL... Rant over... I look forward to hearing how these test units work out..
  3. 2020 Trail boss 5.3, Towing 8x12 flat nosed enclosed motorcycle trailer with 800+ pounds CVO Road Glide..280 mile round trip 90% Highway 70-78 MPH... I got 9.9 MPG... My 5.7 Liter Tundra with 7 inch BDS lift with 35x12.5x20 used to average 12.2 with basically the same towing... I’m not really worried about MPG, But this truck definitely sucks gas down... 4800+ miles since brand new with all types of driving I’m getting 15.1MPG per the truck computer...
  4. Pictures are 2 different trucks having the same issues... This definitely is very strange!!!! What is going to happen next on these trucks!!!!!?..
  5. WOW!!!! That’s just crazy!!! I don’t blame you for being upset about your truck getting molested and tore apart...
  6. So sick of every time I get in my new truck the volume gets turned all the way down and stays that way after exiting it!!! I have to then manually turn the volume up after missing several calls and text... 2020 TB and Apple I phone 10.. I feel everyone’s pain.....
  7. Hopefully it works out well and we all can start buying one...
  8. Definitely looks very saggy!! Mine looks nothing like that on either of my seats.
  9. It looks like a 5 year old kid got hold of a razor blade on your truck... You paid way too much money to except such terrible, lazy, incompetent work... I wish you the best in getting this fixed properly....
  10. Question?? I own my truck out right!! 2020 TB.. Do I have to get these recalls done by law?? What I’m asking is my first oil and filter change service came with the purchase of my truck... I could care less about some possible fire from some BS recall or for them to look at some glue on my battery... Can I demand that they don’t do the recall? Or are they obligated bye law to fix them?? I’m doing my own oil change if that’s the case...
  11. I’m thinking of clamping mine on at first and then welding it if I like the sound... What is the exact size clamps you bought? Where did you purchase them? Thanks...
  12. Definitely get rid of the flapper valve , Then test it and see how you like the sound with the screens in place.. Cover them up if you want louder
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