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  1. Lots of great replies. Very Helpful I'm not concerned too much with the back buttons and this may be different between models now but I may have read the DIC is a little larger which is nice. I have been using the GM Supplier Pricing build it website but when ordering it's all 2020 now. I'm very familiar on the Chevy side and have seen a lot of new things in 2020 that I've found are already in the 2019 GMC. Got me looking in that direction now as it seems they are a half step ahead. Exactly what got me looking at the Trail Boss as it now has the 6.2L available. Had no idea the 2019 AT4 already had it on the later part of the MY. I've not seen huge bugs but just items that were missing and should have been included in the 1st year. Quite a few GM cars do that. My wife couldn't get out of the Camaro without it. EXACTLY... I heard back in June that the 6.2 was going in the Trail Boss and been waiting for this ever since. 10 speed was mandatory for me this time around. Soon as the 6.2 became available to order the UAW strike started and I discovered the AT4. After reading about uncomfortable seats due to lane departure stuff I'll definitely stay away from that, but a lot of positive comments on adaptive cruise. Hopefully can get one without the other. I did just drive an AT4 with 6.2 and was blown away. My last 4 trucks were Chevy and I think the next will be GMC. Pretty sure it needs to be a crew cab but it popped up in the ordering system right after the strike started. I do want the cameras especially for towing. Also good to hear about adaptive cruise. Just the kind of stuff I'm looking for. Thanks!! Not sure about the badging but different tips are dealer installed order options. Unless I get an end-of-year deal on a 2019 that I just can't refuse it's 2020 with 6.2 all the way. The 1st acceleration on my test drive had me hooked. Thanks for all the responses.
  2. I see added trailering cameras as well. GM is pretty much going with 10 speed across the board now and that's a huge upgrade over 2019
  3. That's an interesting TPW between the holidays but great you've made it that far. Been there done that on the wait before but it's all fun and anticipation. This will be one of the 1st 6.2L Trail Boss trucks. Enjoy it! I test drove a 6.2L GMC today for the 1st time and was blow away with the acceleration compared to my current 5.3. I was already sold but there's no doubt now. Also, the 10 speed is finally going in across the board which is huge as well. Hopefully I'm not too far behind you with the Trail Boss or an AT4 sometime before then since they already had 6.2 + 10 speed.
  4. New to the forum and wasn't able to find much on this subject in my short search so forgive me. I'm very familiar with Silverado but going to order a GMC AT4 this time around. Chevy made quite a few really nice additions for 2020... like stuff that should have been in place for 2019... did this happen with GMC too? I see a 2019 GMC AT4 w/ 6.2 on a lot in my area but had my heart set on a 2020 based on what I know in the Chevy world. Question is, what changes were made in 2020 that I need to pay attention to?
  5. Is this only an issue with the Safety package. Are the regular seats okay. I was set to purchase a Trail Boss until I sat in the AT4 and liked the seats better. The Chevy has higher bolsters on the seat pan and not as comfortable... so I thought.
  6. She only does this for Camaro and Corvette... and/or long time members of that forum.
  7. I've been waiting for this as well... but planned on pulling the trigger end of year or Spring. Now I see the GMC AT4 and it's really got my interest. Keep us posted on your order.
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