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  1. It's a great idea. It should almost be standard that all of those cameras are used in dash cam and security as a standard feature.
  2. So with the add to Family share do you see similar speeds as your phone via Truck WiFi?
  3. I had that issue but didn't know it. Had it in for the hard shift. Code came up at the dealer. So fuel pump was replaced under warranty took them more than 2 wks to get part and fix.
  4. Online appointments should be in the system immediately. Unless they are still in the very dark ages. When I went to Quality they told me if you buy a car from us you get free oil changes for life on the vehicle. Given what you have said I would have lost my mind and likely informed them very loudly from the show room floor about the lack of ahem Quality. While holding the phone set to dial up the owner or the news guys.
  5. Wow Mlempire5 Glad I did not purchase from Quality seems that they might be lacking in that department of communications. If you have been out of the truck for that long aren't you in line to file a "citrus" claim? I understand how you feel about waiting. I have had my 2019 in the shop since the 8th for an issue related to transmission and hard 1-2 shifts. Apparently they found a code require the Fuel Module to be replaced before the transmission can be looked at or the recall on the brake sensor. Going into weekend 2 without a very expensive truck. Best to you and yours.
  6. Thank you all for the laughs. I have always driven short cars. Dumped a Mini Cooper Countryman for the LTZ Silverado. Wife said at 6'7" you have to stop getting down into cars. Like the TB but couldn't find one locally with PWR Driver and Passenger Seats.
  7. Really digging this set up rather than cutting into the dash panel.
  8. Anyone have any experience with the Rough Country GM Hard Tri-Fold Bed Cover (2019-2020 1500 PU - 5' 8" Bed)?
  9. Wow that is a great price. Do you have a link? That's almost 1/2 price.
  10. Seems to be a lot of Texans having their T1's liberated from them. Thieves seem to be swapping out computers to get around tracking. Sorry for anyone that this has happened to. My question to the forum is have any of you installed a 3rd party tracker and what did you like or dislike about it.
  11. I have seen, probably on this forum that the issue is likely a low battery which means that something is draining the battery that is unknown. However the alternator/battery recall could be the culprit.
  12. Sorry Yes right down the dash and into the ODB port.
  13. While I know this feature is a not well liked feature among many. Mine has been deactivated completely. While I would normally just deactivate by pressing the button, mine has not been functional since the initial recall for alternator/seat belt/brake. Anyone else notice this? 2500 miles on the truck and three recalls is making me a little nervous.
  14. I got the recall done and then the update for the issue with the brakes and at 2500 miles i have 50% on the fronts. It can't be right.
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