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  1. I have tinted the windows in leased vehicles with no penalty. However blckblt is correct, you won't get anything for things added onto your vehicle at turn in and as long as you return it to the state that you picked it up in.
  2. Can you share more info about the LED Bar? Where did you get it? Wiring? Thanks
  3. I picked up the Rough Country Tri-Fold. I didn't care about it being low profile or not. I am very happy with it. With a few minor adjustments I was able to see almost zero water in the bed.
  4. I just watched a couple of YouTubes on these. There are a couple different brands but one thing that stuck out was they said that if you remote start your vehicle it might disconnect. I am very interested in this so I can add in the wireless charging and not have any plugs showing.
  5. Nice upgrade. If you have the heated rear seats would the harness already be there?
  6. It's a great idea. It should almost be standard that all of those cameras are used in dash cam and security as a standard feature.
  7. So with the add to Family share do you see similar speeds as your phone via Truck WiFi?
  8. I had that issue but didn't know it. Had it in for the hard shift. Code came up at the dealer. So fuel pump was replaced under warranty took them more than 2 wks to get part and fix.
  9. Online appointments should be in the system immediately. Unless they are still in the very dark ages. When I went to Quality they told me if you buy a car from us you get free oil changes for life on the vehicle. Given what you have said I would have lost my mind and likely informed them very loudly from the show room floor about the lack of ahem Quality. While holding the phone set to dial up the owner or the news guys.
  10. Wow Mlempire5 Glad I did not purchase from Quality seems that they might be lacking in that department of communications. If you have been out of the truck for that long aren't you in line to file a "citrus" claim? I understand how you feel about waiting. I have had my 2019 in the shop since the 8th for an issue related to transmission and hard 1-2 shifts. Apparently they found a code require the Fuel Module to be replaced before the transmission can be looked at or the recall on the brake sensor. Going into weekend 2 without a very expensive truck. Best to you and yours.
  11. Thank you all for the laughs. I have always driven short cars. Dumped a Mini Cooper Countryman for the LTZ Silverado. Wife said at 6'7" you have to stop getting down into cars. Like the TB but couldn't find one locally with PWR Driver and Passenger Seats.
  12. Really digging this set up rather than cutting into the dash panel.
  13. Anyone have any experience with the Rough Country GM Hard Tri-Fold Bed Cover (2019-2020 1500 PU - 5' 8" Bed)?
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