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  1. How do you like yours? What setting do you use empty. I can’t seem to notice any difference from 5-20psi unloaded. Seems these new trucks are so damn stiff with better 10ply tires I don’t notice any change with the airbags. What’s your take
  2. I replaced all 4 tires at my expense with new cooper xlt and it magically disappeared. Smooth as butter now. Sold the take offs to tire shop for $400. May want to go this route. Also check all 4 corners ground to fender. These trucks are not level in any way side to side.
  3. I have the same thing when going down a hill to the left. I confirmed there is a major issue when I put on hill decent control and use the cruise control up and down to increase and decrease speed. It is going in Tuesday to have it looked at. I’m sure It is my antilock brakes and a wheel speed sensor issue. It sounds very similar to what you are experiencing.
  4. Anyone else notice 2020 2500HD 6.6gas doesn’t sit level from ground to fender? I have a 2” sag on drivers side with full tank. Seems 35gal shouldn’t make it sag 2”.
  5. Ok we are ready. Where are the super chargers for the new 6.6 L8T. Anyone know who’s working on one. Is it that much different of an intake than the 6.2. #takemymoney
  6. Does anyone hear static at idle with radio off and air off? Sounds like noise coming from the speaker or behind instrument cluster. Even changes/increases with engine rpm until it stops when rpm is up around 2k. Sounds like speaker static up on the dash. Can hear it at stop light or in driveway.
  7. Correct. Any 1080 camera would work. The cameras gm is using are nothing special. I’ve spoke with a few camera companies that are currently working on addressing an aftermarket option. The issue is gm was on top of the issue and designed a proprietary connector with amohenol and are difficult to get. I’ve contacted a few distributors and am still waiting on a response back. Made to order part. I also refuse to spend $400 on a $25 camera that doesn’t have IR ability. Here’s a picture of connector and link for some more reading
  8. You can use any 433mhz tpms sensors. eBay always has them if you search 433 sensors. the issue right now with the HD cameras that we are unable to locate the end connectors. I’ve had several emails back and fourth and have located the the part number but they are only made to order parts. Here’s info I got for connector ends for a guy that pulled them out. P/N 031-6802
  9. Just purchased this kit from suspension connection. Seems to be the correct kit. Hope they don’t tell me the same thing.
  10. Best advice I can give you is to thoroughly read this TN https://gm-techlink.com/?p=11176 It's very important to confirm you are below the total 30amp overall load. These trucks have a very finite allowance. Typically having all LED lights proves to be the best. Since you are experiencing issues only when turn signal is on or brake applied I am thinking you are over when adding the additional amperage when braking or signaling.
  11. Can you take a picture of the Amphenol part number. I have Amphenol looking for the connector but can’t seem to find it in their system. Thanks!
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