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  1. constantly getting pulled over by Texas troopers, find myself doing 100 in 80 all the time if cc isn't in use or engaged guess they like my truck, no tickets as of yet, thank god I'll also add when in sport mode I notice my trans doesn't hunt around between 9 and 10 as often, steering feels more stiff and fuel comp is same or better on the open roads
  2. can we get a pic of your center portion of the dash below the radio and above the console
  3. or better yet overall mpg for the 6600 miles, betting its ~20mpg + -1 I've got 18k miles for the first year 80% highway, 75-80 mph and my overall mpg is 20.2 mpg. I get far better eco around town compared to open highways. best 400 miles 22.7 best 50 mile 27.2 and best 25 mile 29. all my best mpg had a tail wind, head wind will knock the crap out of your average 2020 6.2, 4x4, std bed, stock 20's RST
  4. thanks for the response. I was looking for a set of off road steps for 2020 silverado
  5. what style running boards do you have?
  6. thanks for the video, was the video recorded post sc install? like to know more about your sc6.2 and your brakes upgrade
  7. I didn't find a single stinkn zerk 2020 RST 6.2 4x4
  8. if you're willing to ship to Dallas I may be interested
  9. IIRC dfm and auto stop are disabled when you have something plugged into the 7 pin trailer port
  10. Do these have the Sierra naming on them and are these for crew cab or double cab?
  11. Borla recommends adding a section to their cat back for CC std bed
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