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  1. Do these have the Sierra naming on them and are these for crew cab or double cab?
  2. Borla recommends adding a section to their cat back for CC std bed
  3. I'll meet up with you half way, cost much less than shipping
  4. how dare you call my girlfriend a FOB, and why does she need to stay in the vehicle
  5. correct me if I'm wrong but does the dfm and auto stop/start are disabled when the 4 or 7 pin trailer plug has something plugged into it?
  6. being able to reach into the front of the bed is one thing I'll miss when my wheel to wheel running boards get removed. For Sale North Dallas area $350
  7. only fix is to have GM disable the muting all together. Turn truck on, immediately system mutes your phone, turn truck off and no more communication between truck and phone. Theres no fix other that disabling
  8. I'd never take delivery of a new truck thats is or was damaged To all those who say its just a truck, come by my place and let me kick your door in, because its just a truck. SHlT happens now move along.
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