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  1. hope this help, it did for me anyways https://www.chevrolet.com/locate-inventory/all-new-silverado#?radius=500&models=Silverado 1500&years=2020&makes=Chevrolet&requestedPostalcode=75002&postalcode=75002&open-panel=Cab&open-panel=Box&open-panel=Drive Type&open-panel=Trim&open-panel=Powertrain&open-panel=Horsepower&bodyStyles=Crew Cab&boxType=Standard Box&drivetrainCode=4WD&trims=LT Trail Boss&engineCodes=L87&customSearchRadius=touched
  2. yup, Pulse, bitter sweet dealer add-on. should be a GM standard as it is with Cadillac
  3. its just the jelly oozing from their PB&J sandwich the headlights are extremely bright though
  4. if you're paying $2.16 for gas you're pumping the cheap low 87 octane gas, 93 octane is averaging $2.70 gal as much as I'd like to pump the lesser priced gas the 6.2 loves 93 octane, I figure the cost is justified in better performance and increase in MPG
  5. good to know, what I noticed was the bends were needed to fit the two pipes after removing the muffle
  6. this pipe may be what you're looking for. This is what I'll be ordering in the future unless something else come along https://www.jegs.com/i/Magnaflow/642/19476/10002/-1
  7. I appreciate the info maybe someday someone will make a clear taillight similar to the C7Z corvette
  8. would it be possible to ask your guy? was is a tint shop?
  9. Sotally Tober can you educate me on the process of removing the orange from the side marker? looks great
  10. this mod is one of the first things I do cant stand the crappy chrome Z71 stuck on the fender
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