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  1. I have found a Upper control arm that works with ARC. https://cognitomotorsports.com/cognito-ball-joint-sm-series-upper-control-arm-kit-for-19-20-silverado/sierra-1500-including-at4-trail-boss-models.html#mageworx_product_attachments I contacted them directly on this issue and they said this will work and it actually does have the attachment point on the side for it!
  2. So if i'm understanding this... 2in your good.... any more your playing with fate?
  3. I am wanting to level mine as well but i'm definitely not deleting it! But some people say 2in your fine... any more your screwed...
  4. That one only works for the GMC's I tried to do that to my 18 silverado... it does not work haha
  5. i'm interested as well. I need a little lift but not a full 4 in kit.
  6. Any more in Blue? Thats what I have and I am stuck between black or black with silver outline..... or just plain chrome!
  7. they say its "suppose" to suck air from the fender but hard to tell with out testing and checking temperature readings.
  8. I am right there with you on this. I just got a high country so I honestly don't know what would look good or bad on it....
  9. haha I just bought this truck Saturday and I'm already ordering parts for it! lol
  10. I have a slight tick as well I'm not even to 20k yet on my 18... I was told it was injector tick but its not consistent enough in my opinion to be that. As in one day its there and the next its gone... then a few days later its back...
  11. Naked looks best! Running the Amp Extremes for that reason plus i'm short. ?
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