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  1. i'm actually running 93 now. I did state I was looking for advice on which fuel to run so instead of bashing why not be helpful.
  2. I looking to upgrade my truck some more after all the chaos ends. I would like to upgrade the throttle body and intake manifold but I do have some questions. I see the L86 is a direct bolt on but I also here a lot on the porting jobs done on the L83 bodies / manifolds.... So which one is better? My current truck is a 2018 Silverado with the 5.3L S&B CAI with Borla S-Type exhaust with a Diablo tune. currently running 87 octane (can't decide what i truly want to run...advice is always welcome)
  3. I did a splitter as well, my factory OBD port is left untouched and you wouldn't even know anything was changed unless you looked up behind the dash.
  4. I really just want to cut mine out and weld in a straight section of pipe but i'm concerned it would hurt my warranty.
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