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  1. Visions Soft 8's (17x9) (-12 offset) K02's 285/70/17 2in RC Leveling Kit Slight rub in reverse @ full lock
  2. The WT got a level, wheels and Rhino Lined this weekend.
  3. Awesome! How did you wire them up?
  4. Got mine. 2020 Silverado 1500, Reg Cab, Long Bed, WT MSRP: $33,509 Dealer Invoice: $31,733 Rebates: ($5,000) Trade Allowance: ($4,000) OTD: $24,566
  5. Appreciate the response. Might be more realistic to ask for 24k OTD Yeah, I do have the trade, so I could push for a tad more on the trade. Seems like the realistic number is 24k OTD Also, 2021's are about to be out, so it might make sense to wait for them. Unless they can give me a better deal since once I take the truck, it will be instantly a year older.
  6. Looking to purchase a 2020 Chevy 1500 WT. Looking for a good deal and wanted to run it by all you before heading into the dealership: MSRP is at $33,190 Rebates: $4000 Customer Cash + $1000 Costco Trade in Allowance: $4000 Total Price, before TTL: $24,190 My OTD goal is $20k - Is that too far of a reach?
  7. Looking to get myself this 2020 1500 WT. Anyone know what the estimated dealer invoice price is? Trying to get a ball park before I head into the dealer to negotiate. Any help is greatly appreciated! https://www.chevrolet.com/locate-inventory/all-new-silverado/details?x-symbolic=vdp&x-carline=silverado&x-modelyear=2020&q-sourcepath=/vdccollections/2020/trucks/silverado-ld/silverado-ld/jcr:content/vdcVehicleInfoBlockConfig/vdcShoppingLinks#?radius=2000&models=Silverado 1500&years=2020&customertype=GC&makes=Chevrolet&filterconfigkey=ConfigAdmin_19Silverado1500&requestedPostalcode=78745&postalcode=78745&engineCodes=L82&bodyStyles=Regular Cab&boxType=Long Box&customSearchRadius=touched&exteriorColorCodes=GJI&drivetrainCode=RWD&scrollposition=213&vin=3GCNWAEF4LG230065&filtermatched=exactmatch&primarydealerdistance=1.9&bac=161576&pagenumber=1&dealerSearchBy=bac&primarydealerid=161576&primarydealerpostalcode=78745&[email protected]&primarydealername=CAPITOL CHEVROLET, INC.&primarydealerphone=5124448888
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