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  1. Thanks Mike, i stand corrected.. I did replace my wireless charger with the newer one from the 18 models, its was plug and play, and as you mentioned, my iphone 12 pro max does not fit, but it will charge, so i am working on a fix for it. The indentation has to be made shallower so the phone will sit nearer the charging coils.
  2. Sounds like you picked a winner to me, congratulations... The Color combo you might be thinking about is Mahogany and Pearl White, which is the same i think as the Denali trim color on the GMC Yukon. Dark Cocoa was always an option. I dont think the suburban got the wireless charging until 2016 or 17, some others may correct me on that, but i do know that it will have to be upgraded as it did not do a good job on some apple phones, the 2018 upgrade really made a difference.
  3. I always wanted to order a factory model, mine was indeed one of those 'loaded premiers' lol, but its what i wanted and unlike a lot of other vehicles i can be sure that this one will last long after the payments are over. The Shark fin should not be a concern for you as Gm made running changes, one of the advantages of having a later model in the cycle. It would leak into the drivers side visor area and drip onto the floor. It was caused by the gasket under the fin having a drain hole facing the wrong way, which was up, gm just changes the antenna and the gasket with a new one with the hole now facing down towards the front so the water can drain out. The AC condenser should also not be a concern as yours should have the new style, there are lots of threads here on the forum so you can browse that one. Lots of water on the ground is a good sign that yours is working well. My Pass side rear window fm/am antennas have never given me any issues as the sound is good. The sat does drop out near cliffs and under bridges but that is line of sight issues and not a problem. As far as issues go, all vehicles will have some to some degree but with time parts and experience will win out. I remember the days when the old mechanics would shake their heads at the vehicles that do not have carbs, now we look back on those early fuel injection days with fondness and that will happen in ten years when we go to repair our old electronics.
  4. Thank You, Looking back at the warranty i just realized that if i stayed under the 100 k, I will have the last two years of powertrain coverage as well. As for the warranty claims. I just took delivery of the truck and realized that it was a bit noisy with the wind and i took it back a week later and the dealer found that the drivers door was not fitting properly, they fixed that and all is good. The other claim was for the shark fin which is a well known issue. The dealer replaced the gasket on that and also the High Freq antenna. This is for the Onstar and SirusXM. Other than that it has been a fine vehicle. Its really no surprise when you look on this forum and others there is really not that much to complain about. When you look at the GMT 400 and 800 people still rave about them, the Excellent GMT 900 which is still a high water mark for the SUV's notwithstanding the issues with some engines and other very minor issues. I dont expect the K2xx to much different over the next 20 years or so. One thing that others have mentioned but i dont think it will affect you is the a/c condenser it has had issues and GM has fixed it after 2017. Mine has an updated Condenser so i will be keeping an eagle eye on it.
  5. I bought mine in Sept 2017 and it was built at the end of July 2017, so it did not sit long. My dealership had to get it from another dealership in Bracebridge, On and they were not happy about trading a Yukon SLE for it. As you know, Suburbans are not that common in Canada and there are very few ordered for public use. I agree with you that there is a 50/50 chance that something could go wrong and it will be expensive. The way it broke down for me was 3 Year Basic Bumper warranty or 60k 5 Year Powertrain warranty for 160k 7 Year GM extended warranty for 100k with 200 deductible Now that really means, that for 4 years up to 100k i have the GM extended with deductible. I dont believe the powertrain comes into play as the kms would not match. I am in my 4th year with 31 thousand km on the clock so i am well within the windows. I have a company vehicle so i dont place much mileage on mine. As far as fixing it, i took a different route. I bought the vehicle FSM on thumb drive $440 delivered from Helm (ouch) but it has 9950 pages. I also bought the VX Nano and its software to diagnose the vehicle and its modules, there are over 30. I also bought a subscription to the TIS website to get the new calibrations for the modules as they become available, they have not yet. I have had only two warranty claims in the time i had this.
  6. So if i read right, you financed the warranty over 18 months, I think its ok, as we dont have the advantages our American Cousins have when it comes to buying GM warranty. I took mine over 84 months, 100k as well but and you did not mention this if you have it, a 200 dollar deductible. It also came to around 2700 plus a little for Uncle Trudeau which brought it to over 3100 total. I included it in the total financing which was 0 percent over the 84 months. I dont think that i would do it again however as it might be a better idea to put that money in the bank and let it generate the .25 percent interest.
  7. Good Review, i have never heard of the yita brand before. This will probably be the last vehicle i put Weathertech into. I find that the plastic is too hard and does not conform very well, especially on the passenger side front. I also blame GM for not putting a clip or clips on the passenger side to hold the liner or carpet down. I find that the edges curl up and fold. The drivers side is rubbing on the sill as you get in. I might try Husky next time as they seem to be able to mold to the inside better. I would just have to paint them as they only come in black so far. One more thought on Weathertech is how hard it is to keep it from looking scratched and terrible. I usually have to paint them every year in order to get the color back.
  8. The shark fin leak comes in through the Drivers side visor area. You will notice that the area will start dripping when it rains or is in wet snow. If you look at your shark fin at the base you will notice that it has a small hole for drainage but it could be facing towards the back of the vehicle, what the dealer does, at least for mine was take a new gasket that now has the drain hole facing down towards the front so water will not enter the gasket from the rear. It did the trick for me and that and realigning the drivers door have been the only two warranty claims for me.
  9. While you dont say this explicitly, when using the hud buttons, did you also try and move the hud display up and down, it will as you know disappear out of sight for those who dont like this feature. You may have been cleaning or something and it dropped down. The only other thing is to run the scan on it and check out if there is a hud module. The Hud does have a separate unit as you may have noticed that the font is different on the number 1 and 7 compared to the dash readouts. Goodluck with it
  10. There may be more going on than cold weather, my manual does not give a temp and it does say the word 'may' I would check the Liftgate module with a scan tool and see if there are any issues in there. No codes would be appearing on the dash. I live in Canada which regularly gets below 0 F, and i have never had any issues using the power lift gate. Sometimes I would have a problem with the sensor for your foot when the ice gets under there. The fob usually takes care of the opening. It may be different as i have the 17 Suburban with Premier Trim level so they may have made changes in the 18 and up.
  11. Good Catch and thank you, something for me to dig into as i have not heard of this 'recall'
  12. No i did not hear any popping noises. Even if you adjusted the door and you did hear it, you can still adjust it more until you no longer have the issue. The popping noise could also be the check link when the door is opened. This is to stop the door from flying open and being held in position. You have nothing to lose by trying.
  13. I had the wind noise coming from the drivers side door when i first got my truck, it was unusual as most reviewers were glowing on how quiet the truck is at high speeds and a total lack of wind noise. When i Checked, the drivers door was not properly aligned, it came that way from the factory and after the dealership looked at it, they agreed and took care of making the door sit flush. Now no noise and i can agree with the reviewers. This and the high freq antenna, were the only two items that i have had to do under warranty. The shark fin antenna was leaking into the visor area and the dealership replaced it and the fix was turning the rubber gasket the other way with the little hole in the bottom instead of the top.
  14. Sounds like just from the info that you could have an "encoder" problem, this is the device inside the transfer case that moves all modes of 4wd. To check this you are going to have to scan the truck and look for the 4wd module. This should tell you what is going on and then check with Alldata or Service manual for the fix. Good luck and let us know what you find.
  15. Yes that is what I was trying to convey, thanks for the info. The only issue i have with the adaptive is I would want to go back to regular cruise at my discretion. Sometimes when the front is blocked with snow, the system turns off but I would want regular to work depending on road conditions.
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