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  1. Good Catch and thank you, something for me to dig into as i have not heard of this 'recall'
  2. No i did not hear any popping noises. Even if you adjusted the door and you did hear it, you can still adjust it more until you no longer have the issue. The popping noise could also be the check link when the door is opened. This is to stop the door from flying open and being held in position. You have nothing to lose by trying.
  3. I had the wind noise coming from the drivers side door when i first got my truck, it was unusual as most reviewers were glowing on how quiet the truck is at high speeds and a total lack of wind noise. When i Checked, the drivers door was not properly aligned, it came that way from the factory and after the dealership looked at it, they agreed and took care of making the door sit flush. Now no noise and i can agree with the reviewers. This and the high freq antenna, were the only two items that i have had to do under warranty. The shark fin antenna was leaking into the visor area and the dealership replaced it and the fix was turning the rubber gasket the other way with the little hole in the bottom instead of the top.
  4. Sounds like just from the info that you could have an "encoder" problem, this is the device inside the transfer case that moves all modes of 4wd. To check this you are going to have to scan the truck and look for the 4wd module. This should tell you what is going on and then check with Alldata or Service manual for the fix. Good luck and let us know what you find.
  5. Yes that is what I was trying to convey, thanks for the info. The only issue i have with the adaptive is I would want to go back to regular cruise at my discretion. Sometimes when the front is blocked with snow, the system turns off but I would want regular to work depending on road conditions.
  6. I am pretty sure you have it, A Yukon with the Denali trim level i would be surprised if you dont. Have you tried to drive it with cruise on? It is nearly invisible when its on, GM does not call it out when it engages, only a green light with an extra mark on it. Check with your RPO codes, if you have it it will be listed. The QR placard is located on the drivers door pillar way way down near the bottom along with other info.
  7. I have on all my GM vehicles, Caddies etc with the Auto climate control setting that 21 is the cutoff point between heat and cool air, its programmed that way. I guess that GM figures that nobody would set their climate control auto setting to 20 and expect any heat.
  8. I noticed too, when i am driving if i set the auto temp to 21 it may come out the vents as cool air depending on outside temp or heat. 22 auto is heat only either defrost or floor. When i turn off the auto, it stays at what ever temp it was set before turning off. If you dont want the heat just turn the knob to 15 or 16 and shut it off.
  9. At least with the summit white its a 'free' color, and should save about 1150 dollars over the IPW paint.
  10. I run 17 inch steel in the winters with my ko2s and as somebody chimed in, the spare is the best way to tell, just drop and put in on the front and if it clears then you are good to go.
  11. I would start with scanning the vehicle first, see if any codes are there. Some Tranny codes do not light the check engine light. These are codes that will start with a P07. Dropping the pan is putting yourself on Occams razor, you might see something in there but the fresh fluid you put in will probably give you more trouble down the road as it cleans all the varnish of the internals. Normally i am one to change fluid but only at its interval, you do not have the history so you do not know when it was done. Good luck
  12. The first step is to take a deep dive into the codes, as these are ABS and Brake lights, you need to scan for the ABS system, usually there is really only one code and that code affects everything else. It is not unusual for the Cruise Control not to work if these systems are causing trouble as they are all integrated. Look for the lowest number code and work from there.
  13. I too have been waiting on this to drop, once this covid nonsense is over i would really like to see the Yukon Xl with or without Denali trim level with a diesel and see how it performs. I want to get one and my instinct tells me that the window for this engine will close within two or so years after the initial surge of people who want a diesel get one. GM is not shy about dropping engines if they are not selling very well.
  14. I had just seen a z71 Tahoe bombing up the highway near Toronto, not too many of these here yet and absolutely no suburbans or xl or esv yet. But with the Z71 and probably others I noticed the rear control arms down near the wheel and they were low. Even the Expedition does not hang that low. I am not sure the airbags are going to raise this but i would be concerned.
  15. It would be great if it did that, but then that would be the same as sitting in the house with the fob, and having the settings move back after the war department had used it. As it stands now, you have to start the thing to get the settings to move or use the button on the door. My wife can do both, with my portly figure i cannot.
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