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  1. I currently have a 2020 Sierra crew standard bed with the 24 gallon tank and loathe it. I drive roughly 40k a year ordering a 2021 at4 crew standard bed has anyone had any luck getting the 28 gallon installed in these crew cab standard bed trucks thanks
  2. The warn Trans4mer on my 18 Sierra worked on 18 Silverado Warn has one for 19 plus Silverado they have nothing for Sierra I assume you can make it work But not look as good
  3. 2 things to look at the shape of the Sierra vs Silverado bumper the other the mount holes for the tow hooks Silverado horizontal Sierra vertical you will need to get your eyes on Silverado see instructions it may or may not working depending on those two factors http://s3.amazonaws.com/roughcountry/install/921107650.pdf
  4. Done 295/60 r20 km3 2” rough country removed mud flap on the front only no rubbing 2020 Sierra x31
  5. 295/60 20 km3 2020 Sierra x31 2” rough country under strut level Removed mud flap , will install finishing cap no rubbing 33.9x11.8
  6. @Scooter Scott the km3 I’m looking at are in the 70 lb range as well but I’m only planning to run them 2 months out of the year
  7. @DanBlp I’ve been using your post as reference for my decision How are the 295/60 working for you?
  8. Agree with scooter Scott im currently looking at getting km3 295/60 r 20 on my 2020 Sierra 1500 6.6 box x31 with factory 20s and 2” rough country leveling kit i haven’t seen anyone run the 295/60 r 20 in a km3 on this site or any where online
  9. I’ve searched and searched and found conflicting reports im looking for help and intel with a 295/60/r20 in a BFG km3 will this size fit ? if not what is the biggest size that will looking for a taller more narrow tire size I don’t want to go with any aftermarket wheels thanks to anyone who has experience with this
  10. There was a copy making classic 80s themed paint schemed 2018 silverados does anyone the Specs on these wheels im looking for a set for 2020 Sierra x31
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