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  1. I have a 6.2 at4 that had valve spring go at 316 miles. It was a tough pill to swallow after spending $60k+. However, they towed it in, fixed it and had it back to me on the second day. I was "lucky" bc the parts were available, I couldn't imagine being without my truck for weeks- especially bc they couldn't get me a decent loaner truck (which I need for my work). It took about a week to get my coverage component letter which essentially extended my powertrain warranty to 100k miles . I'm still a bit nervous, wondering if/when another spring breaks but I do love driving this beast.
  2. Sorry to hear you were affected as well, I'm glad you were able to safely get to the side of the road- that could have been really bad. I've had my truck back from the dealership for about a week, but am still nervous that I'll have another valve spring break .. Wish they would have changed all of them. I'm also still waiting to hear whether they will offer the 100k mile coverage component letter/warranty that the OP received. Not how I envisioned the first few weeks of owning my dream truck, frustrating to say the least.
  3. I have the Peragon cover on my old f150 and just purchased another for my new at4. The reason I chose it over the retrax was price and the fact that the Peragon allows me to use my TracRac SR rack. I don't have the requested measurements at the moment, but it is easy to install and remove if you need to use the full need. There can potentially be an issue if contents slide back, but I've never really had an issue and my bed is usually packed with tools, boxes, etc. Once I get the new cover and last rack installed, I'll post some pics. Note- if you look at the Peragon site, my black f150 is shown with the TracRac system.
  4. Great topic. I'm not an overlander and am mostly interested in a ladder rack that works with a locking tonneau cover. My research basically revealed a couple options: retrax with a Yakima hd system or TracRac SR with a Peragon cover. I'm going with the latter... Had the same system on my old f150 and was quite happy. I like the retrax and look of the black Yakima rack, but the cost is kinda crazy.
  5. That is troubling to hear... I'm really hoping they extend my warranty to 100k miles like they did for the OP.
  6. Took delivery of my at4 last week, 316 miles in and the exact same issue... Broken valve spring. They towed it in yesterday, fixed it and returned it today. How did you go about getting them to extend the warranty, etc?
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