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  1. Are you talking about the skid plate underneath the bumper? I also ordered one of those. The Vinyl inlays the shop did on that look like crap. I ended up buying a gloss black denali grille from one of the links on this thread. I'm gonna have a quote about paint matching the outer trim (if the shop will do it), once I get that in next week. I'm hoping it isn't an issue with them to sand the gloss black down on the trim and respray with satin steal metallic. I guess it will kind of look like the elevation style but with a gloss black mesh grille.
  2. Thread bump. I'm looking to do the same on my truck. I ended up wrapping the grille, fog light bezels, skid plate, door handles, mirror caps, window trim, 5.3 badges, and GMC emblems. I'm not crazy about the wrap around the denali grille with chrome showing in the middle. I would like to do a color match painted grille surround and gloss black for the mesh/grille part. I can't find anywhere that has a primed grille though. I think I would have to buy the gloss black one and then have them sand it down then paint...Or rock the full gloss black for a while to see if I would like it.....I just got a quote for paint matched door handles, mirror caps, and new black tow hooks. I am thinking the paint match will look a little better on the door handles and mirror caps than gloss black. Should have went that route first because vinyl wrap is not as cheap as I thought it would be.
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