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  1. Yep, I confirm it's 3.5" exhaust too. Just picked my truck up a week ago. Had to order an stainless steel exhaust tip for it.
  2. @leverett.scott Thanks! I ordered the truck without see the color on a truck or car. The closest one was 400 miles away. Brownstone isn't available on the Denali either. So I ordered the SLT pretty much loaded with the big chrome bumper. I'm a little old school and love my chrome! @fly53usmc The interior is Walnut and Slate. I did find a 1500 with this interior before ordering and it looks pretty good with the brownstone. My wife couldn't get over people stopping in the dealers lot when we were picking it up. They wanted to know the color and wanted to buy it. I told the salemen put $10k in my pocket and it's for sale. LOL! Came out of the saleman's office and some guy was taking pictures of the truck. Made me feel pretty good with my choices.
  3. Picked up my Brownstone SLT 2500 HD Gas last weekend. Love it! It was worth the wait since 11/5 Wow these trucks are big! Had to stand on a milk crate just to check the oil LOL!
  4. Yep, I'm part of the Waiting Club too. Ordered a SLT Gas with the dealer 11/5. Truck was built week of 12/7. 12/11 has a VIN. 1/8 still sitting in the Ravendale, Mi Rail Yard for the train to Winston-Salem. Like mentioned earlier the dealer is no help. Called dealer for a status 12/23. Said he'd call me back. 1/14 still waiting for his call. Unbelievable on a $70k truck when I laid ALL the specs out for the order from the website and can't call me back. The GMC Chat has been my source. Check once a week. Not like I really need the truck, but with virus. It's something I'm looking forward to. Last GMC LLY is now 17 years old, so it's been awhile for a new truck.
  5. Ordered my GMC on 11/9 and was built week of 12/7. Like you the dealer isn't much help. The dealer did advise it does have a VIN now. Call and talk to him last Wednesday on where it is during transit. He said, he check and let me know. Still no return call for a week. I got more information on the GMC website "chat". You might want to give it a try. I was hoping for this month's employee pricing incentive, but it isn't looking good.
  6. Thanks Maynard and Dunn. I appreciate the intel. I negotiated elimination of the so called "DOC" fee and a lesser freight cost.
  7. Any thoughts? I order my truck with "Supplier" pricing through my work. It amounted to $6049 off of MSRP. The truck is due in this week or next. Even with Supplier pricing I'm eligible for any incentives offered at delivery. According to my order form there is another level "GMS" that is another $2324.63 less than Supplier level. What is "GMS" level? Is the current "Employee" Pricing better than "Supplier" Pricing? Trying to decide if the truck does come in this week to seal the deal with the Employee pricing or wait for January incentives.
  8. Thanks for the responses. I guess an old dog learned something today. My 04 GMC 2500HD had 5 - 16" wheels.
  9. Just ordered 2021 GMC SLT 6.6 Gas last week with 20" wheels. The order form only lists 17" or 18" spare tire options. This is not good for a 4WD and a limited slip rear when the spare is needed, no matter how far the drive is. The salesman just shrugged his shoulders when I asked. Anyone have a truck that came with factory 20" wheels and got a 20" spare instead of a 17" or 18"?
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