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  1. So I know this is an old thread but I too have noticed that my 2021 AT4 has the same issue. When riding down the freeway I feel that I am always correcting my steering like its loose. Seems like i am swearing side to side within the lane all the time. I have no noises or clunking so the link above doesn't relate. Anyone else have that same issue?
  2. So I read this message yesterday and said what the hell, lets try it. What do i have to lose. Surprisingly, like bird_dog0347 suggested it worked!! Major improvement. I don't know why but makes me want to understand what made it change and can it be better.
  3. Yes, you can go left or right with the arrows then when you see the scroll bar on certain pages you can scroll the wheel up of down.
  4. Ill get a picture of my sticker but i just bought a Momentum 30G a couple months ago and pull it with my 2021 2500 AT4 Gas Engine. Does just fine, even went up and down some pretty steep gravel roads. Going to add Timbrens in the back.
  5. I could be wrong but I think it will say it if it sees that you opened the rear door and then resets on the next ignition cycle.
  6. I felt the same. They work but take more effort then most cars I drive, especially new ones. Usually the brakes are really touchy but not in this truck. Took awhile to get used to. Worst part is when I get into a new vehicle that's not mine I end up slamming the brakes the first time.
  7. Yep, same here. I did look around but at aftermarket but really like the OEM setup and wasn't available when I bought it.
  8. I am wondering the same thing. Looking to get a toy hauler at some point with a 5th wheel but want to install the oem puck system as its clean looking when removed.
  9. I too am curious on this topic. I have a 6.6 gas and was wonder what the biggest trailer people are pulling with it. Looking to get a toy hauler with a 5th wheel for some weekend getaways, not a every weekend situation. Just don't want to go to big to find out I should have went smaller.
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