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  1. I got a hard tri-fold that had negligible (maybe +1mpg) effect. Maybe the flutter is increasing drag which seems to be your concern. 4-5 mpg is a lot. Over what period of time did you base this on? I will have this amount of difference when comparing city only (16-17mpg) to city/hwy (21-22mpg).
  2. Yep, like to use that on a dark road at night to keep the glare of the screen down.
  3. Just rolled over 30,000 carefree miles and still making discoveries. Learned that hitting the "end call" button on the steering wheel while media is playing it acts as a mute button. Same as tapping the power button on the radio. Nice.
  4. This video has a segment on just what you are asking. https://youtu.be/idebIVG6cho
  5. Sacramento area dealers always seem to be running this "special": 8-Quart ACDelco GM OE dexos1® Full Synthetic Oil Change Package 8-Quart ACDelco GM OE dexos1® Full Synthetic Oil Change and Tire Rotation $79.95* Offer Expires 4/9/2022
  6. Purchased Nov 2020, 5.3L 8AT @ 25,000 miles. Has been perfect in operation unless you count the sticky auto-stop button when it is cold. I think the family spilled some soda on it on a road trip. I should get an disabler for the A/S as I hit that button every time I start it.
  7. You should take a look at the new F*rd Maverick.
  8. 2nd this recommendation. I listen to a lot of terrestrial radio (both AM and FM) and get same reception as OEM with this antennae.
  9. Quick reply from someone who has a very limited understanding: Auto runs RWD but activates front if senses slip. There is always "some" engagement with the front which will potentially lead to premature wear (and less gas mileage?). In general, no need for Auto in the conditions you describe. Use 2wd for dry pavement, Auto for Rain/Snow type conditions on pavement. You said know about 4wd hi/lo.
  10. Mine was improved slightly with this TSB. The super-bright washed out screen at night in reverse is "better" now but still a crappy camera. When I went to the dealer (for an oil change) I asked for this and they said have never seen the TSB but to let them know if it works because they had a lot of people complaining about the backup camera at night. MC-10180311-9999.pdf
  11. Love my Lomax pro trifold. Doesn't do the final flip towards the glass, but it has a better trick. Just a quick strap pull and can easily remove/reinstall whole top when needed. Look it up, is a great cover.
  12. Expectations: Gets me to work and back - Check Efficient errand runner and dump runs - Check Up to six people (5 comfortably) and luggage/bikes for family vacation - check Handles camp site and fire roads - check Never had dreams of wheelin the wheels off. Just wanted a comfortable ride that can handle family duty. Honestly, with the tonneau, I kinda think of it as a big comfortable sedan that has 4wd and a huge-ass trunk.
  13. I used this with no mod needed, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07X4Y3GTZ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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