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  1. Kewl, Mines still in the shop. They replaced all the lifters now. Still don't know if it will fix it yet.
  2. Yep, actually I don't care at this point what they do to the truck. I paid for 5 injectors and GM ponyed up for what they said were 3 bad injectors. I will be filling a complaint with GM to get all my money back and file a complaint against the dealership thru the BBB. Then when I actually get the truck back it will be sold. Hopefully this will be the last thing I have to post on this site. Good riddens GM.
  3. Hey I told you about the special bulletin. Did it fix your problem?
  4. Well my 2017 only had 28,500 miles and had all injectors replaced and didn't fix the problem. Was spitting out P0300 and P050D codes. Dealership just changed all the lifter. They are in test drive mode now. If this fixes the problem I'm selling the truck and getting a Ford. This is the right time to sell anyway. The dealership also told me they are still having lifter problems in 2020 trucks . Bye, Bye GM.
  5. The dealership replaced all the fuel injectors again. Did not fix the problem. They now have replaced all the lifters. They are now test driving the truck for a few days to see if this will fix the problem. I'm not confident that this is the fix. We shall see.
  6. Ok I found the right guys, talking about what is happening to my 2017 5.3l . 28568 miles and all injectors replaced. Embrassed to say how much I paid to have my P050D,P0300 codes from coming back. Truck is out of bumper to bumper of course. Yeah I gotta get tags for the thing so it's gotta pass emissions. These where hard codes and lite the CEL. But the weird thing that happened just before the check engine light came on was a hard downshift when slowing to a stop and at cruising speed the cruise control would not set. Well dealership called and said truck is ready to go. Dr
  7. No if you ****** loud enough GM will cover just the parts not the labor. I just went thru this 4 days ago with GM on my Texas truck.
  8. I guess he settled out of court and signed a NDA. LOL
  9. This fuel injector issue is ongoing to date.
  10. So why do folks in California get free injector replacement for up to 150K or 10 years?
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