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  1. 14-18 chrome door handles

    Thanks for the heads up.
  2. 14-18 chrome door handles

    I have a set off of my truck that I swapped for color matched ones. No scratches or anything. 4 door handles $110 shipped.
  3. Hello, I've been looking into buying a set of power fold tow mirrors and ran across a few that had some damage on the arms where they connect to the hinge. Does anyone know if you can buy pieces of the tow mirror? I know you can get the hinge cover and caps but that's about all I have seen listed on a few sites.
  4. You can replace them with a real stainless bolt. I found a guy on a jeep forum that replaced his bolts. The thread is M8 x 1.25 in 8mm length. https://www.mcmaster.com/#91287a147/=1bbvke0 25 bolts for $9. Might need a washer to go with them since they are a little longer then the ones that come with methods. I was going to do this with mine but I have since changed my mind and will paint them instead. I dont have issues with them rusting but cant stand the zinc yellow on the black rims...
  5. You happen to have any pictures of your over head console after it was painted and put back in then truck with the head liner?
  6. Mirror disassembly DL3/8

    Not the covers. Im asking how to take it apart where it folds at.
  7. Hello, searched through the topics here and didnt find any info on this. Im looking to see how i can remove the two main pieces of the mirror body (piece that bolts to the door and the piece that folds) from each other so i can sand them down and paint them. As the title says it is for the DL3/8 mirror but if you have any knowledge on how to do the tow mirrors feel free to post, might end up getting tow mirrors if I can find power fold ones for a decent price. Thanks
  8. Same here. Cold starts when its 80 outside but not 40-50.
  9. (1) Rear bow tie for '14-18 Silverado $45 Shipped(1 Set) Chrome door molding that fits GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado crew cabs '14-18 $145 Shipped
  10. I made this receiver mount flag pole for my friend. Machined down two spots and weld on some rings that cut out of tubing to mount the tabs on to so the flag could spin freely and not get tangled up. Mounted it to my work truck for a few days to test it out before i handed it over.
  11. I believe there is an option for how long before they kick in. 30 seconds 60 seconds or something like that.
  12. To follow up, Socal supertrucks has 15% off CST products. Just ordered a 3.5/5.5 Spindle for $846. Free shipping on it as well. http://www.socalsupertrucks.com/2007-2013-gm-1500-2wd-4-5-lift-spindle-kit.aspx#.WhiVbEqnGHs
  13. Does anyone know if those extended dust caps they sell with the 2strokes fit our dust caps?
  14. I was thinking of buying a pair and color matching them, not sure if it would be noticeable since my truck is Tungsten Metallic. Was wondering how much those cargo lights put out since they cant reflect to much off the flat black.
  15. Care to snap a few pictures of it at night? Been thinking about getting that same one,

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