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  1. If I had the knowledge, skills, equipment, time and money. I would change the drivetrain to something like this below, that way you can combine power sources and can also just drive on the gas engine at high speeds where ICE is more efficient than EV. Again this is just a dream, I don't think I will be tearing apart this truck
  2. You have got some good points. If you get a motor replaced at the dealership, it usually ends up costing more. A 6.2L 10spd pull out usually goes for 5-7k with all electronics needed to do the swap. But either way, like you said, it's a fools errand to do that. Well put! Seems like you got it a good price that you can afford the risk of additional costs on top. I wish I got mine for a decent price, I think I overpaid for mine. So there are two identical electric motors and controllers technically speaking. One of them is purposed as a electric generator that takes the crank form the engine and converts to battery power. The other motor does all the driving and the regen as well. If you are mechanically/ electrically savvy, you can combine both motors and double the output. Here's a schematic I put together about the drivetrain
  3. If you end up converting this to gas and looking to sell the EV components, let me know! I might be interested
  4. Slim, Thank you very much for taking the time to write this up and post it, This is very helpful to see the inner workings. Earlier this year, I had to have a battery module replaced and ended up costing me 6k from Via, this also included the contactors since it was recommended as a common failure for the Vtrux. This helps see the extent of work required to change them out. 3k is a huge amount to change out contactors for a battery pack that is very hold and might not have a long life span. I think back to it and think that I could have swapped a 6.2V8 in the truck and sold all the components for a good chunk, The motor and controller combo in Vtrux can easily fetch 5k, There are 2 motors and controllers in the truck.
  5. From my experience, it's almost impossible to complete emissions routine on this truck since the engine doesn't go thru the same procedure as a gas truck to complete the emissions routine. I have never had success registering in California due to that issue, even tho the exhaust is stock with the catalytic converter. The truck just cannot complete the emissions procedure and will always show as incomplete for a few tests. The test center will tell you to out more miles on the truck to complete it and come back. I have put 8000 miles and still wasn't able to get that to complete.. Ended up buying a HP tuner to turn off that and show as complete. But not sure if that will work. I haven't done it yet. Do note that other tuners will refuse to turn it off for you since it's illegal to do so. Especially in California. I have since moved to Utah and haven't tried to register it yet. I will be doing it this month and let you know the outcome. Clearing the codes will only help with DTC, but the emissions results they will be looking for will show us as incomplete in my experience. If anybody was able to register it, please let me know how too
  6. I shipped the whole truck to them and yes, they had them in stock
  7. Nice, Glad you got lucky Scraejtp. Wish I got mine for 17K instead of double that cost.
  8. Also for anyone interested. I have all the information that I could gather listed here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xFRTP8Wd0X-TawGd8yX23xAub034FJCL0gnJw3Xnfn8/edit?usp=sharing
  9. Unfortunately, they are not the same battery as a Volt. Please see the pics attached. It cost me around 6k to have a 5Kwh module replaced from Via Motors with no warranty. I now know to stay away from Via Motors and advise others to stay away as well. I
  10. Just noticed that you can't PM a member. Feel free to text me at 9494661856
  11. ben490, I am so sorry for checking this late. Let's talk thru and work this out. Via Motors have not been the best company to work with. They offer expensive repairs without any warranty. I had to have the battery module for 6k to get it working. I had the same issue where the truck wouldn't start up even if battery is reading fine. It's a crappy system where you can't use the gas engine as a backup. Feel free to PM me. I am ready to get rid of the vehicle too.
  12. I am so glad I found this thread. I bought my 2015 V-Trux from Arizona back in Nov 2020 for close to 33k including auction fees etc, since I bought it at an auction. The truck had 17k miles when I bought it and I now have approximately 22.5k miles on it.t I am one of the unlucky ones, where one of the cells in the battery died and now that is a 6k repair to replace the module. I am on the fence of getting it replaced and selling it for peace of mind or Just parting out the truck for parts if anyone is interested. I have initially planned to use the components to make my own EV. But currently my life has other priorities and I can't spare any money on that project. If anyone is interested in purchasing, feel free to reach out to me. I am motivated to sell or trade for a newer 2500 as I need a reliable truck for my work. I have taken the time to talk to the reps, collect all manuals and made a list of all components on the truck for future diagnosis or projects for anyone interested. It is a very capable platform for whom it suits better. Unfortunately I overlooked a few factors and got too excited to buy the truck.
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