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  1. Got the note, but pissed on the (lack of) coverage. I've had truck from Nov '14 and put on a lot of mileage. 72k was a looooong time ago, so won't be covered. Glad to see DIY replacement is theoretically simple/ cheap enough.
  2. Backup camera splitter

    ANY UPDATE AS TO CONNECTOR PARTS? Planning a project that necessitates a splitter like this, and would love to build my own, if I could find the right connector parts/ pin-out information/ etc. Thanks!
  3. I like what you've done. I feel these trucks work well with just the right amount of chrome -- it's why I wound up swapping door handles on my SLE for a chromed set.
  4. GM Sport Bar Mounted Lights Problem

    Ultimately, you're likely going to find you don't want to pursue the stock method, anyway. If you use the OEM kit switch and harness, you're controlling everything via the BCM, which means it'll only allow you to turn on the light under very specific conditions -- if memory serves, only if your brights are on. Wiring them up like a conventional aftermarket fog lamp kit -- even if you use the OEM aux switches -- would give you more flexibility in controlling how/ when you power these lights up.
  5. I'm at 94k on my '14 Sierra. I don't plan on getting rid of this for quite some time -- and only if something in the next several years really represents a significant leap forward from what I have now.
  6. Interesting. Noticing a bit of it in my truck and I've run M1 for a while now too. Wondering if it's a similar issue. Do you have any threads to link to that might help me read more on this, or any idea as to what they may have switched to?
  7. Interesting. Any of these symptoms exist beforehand?
  8. Based on this thread I'd say no? What issues are you having?
  9. Writing from the dealer waiting room as I have this done right now. I've thankfully not had this happen to me in person (knock on wood), but since the notice arrived Saturday and facing a week-long road trip starting tomorrow, figured I may as well have it tackled...
  10. New TSB 1/6/17

    I can't find the TSB. Bulletins I see that were released on 1/6/17 have nothing to do with xfer case. Any chance you might get that document/ bulletin ID #?
  11. Worth a try. I was surprised the last time I pulled the neg battery cable off for a project to find all of my settings, station presets, and so on were all retained despite theoretically cutting power for two days straight.
  12. As has been repeatedly pointed out, Autozone's scanners are not likely to be fully capable of reading/ resetting these particular codes. If it's a basic OBD-II scanner, it isn't likely to interface with things like SRS, ABS, stability control, etc. The tuner tool might give you some access as also noted, but that's sort of an unknown, given how more and more areas of the diagnosis system are being tied exclusively to the GM MDI tool for diagnosis and servicing. Sorry you don't like the idea, but you asked for suggestions and guidance -- this is based upon the best information I have access to, which comes straight from GM. I would assume you want to figure out if there's anything more to this issue and potentially clear the codes; in that case, the dealer scan is your best option. If you don't like the price, try seeing if another dealer or qualified technician with advanced scan capabilities near you is willing to do it for less, but I doubt you'll have much luck. Doesn't hurt to shop around, I suppose.
  13. I would ditch the Range, have the dealer read the codes and clear if not pointing to anything else specifically, and see what happens.
  14. New style Fumoto valve

    I don't have the SX mostly because I don't have a need for it on my 4.3L truck; drain plug is at the back of the pan, almost at the transmission. I went with a normal 107N without adapter -- really didn't see the need for one. Installed it on my last change; going to change the oil this weekend, so we'll see how it goes. My wife's FJ Cruiser has a cartridge-type filter in an under-engine housing that allows you to do just that. Take a 3/8" socket to remove a lower cover, then insert a drain tool/ hose to let the remaining oil out, then take a unique wrench to the housing itself to get access to the filter. Wish to god my Sierra had something similar...the filter is really the only part of this process that's truly "messy" for me.
  15. This might be a long shot -- but any chance you have some sort of accessory plugged into your OBD-II port, like a Bluetooth OBD reader? I ask because I have seen some service bulletins from GM indicating these devices can sometimes trigger warnings like these if left on vehicles for prolonged vehicles of time. One in particular that comes to mind is # 13-08-116-001B. I know, sounds crazy -- but it happened to me last week. I used my Bluetooth reader the other day to clear MAF codes that came up after pulling the airbox on my truck (needed to start it briefly at one point during a headlamp install...long story). I'd left the OBD reader on for another two days following the work. On day three, I came out to the truck and found it not responding to remote start. Once I started it with a key, it then bombarded me with Stabilitrak and Brake Assist warnings for about 20 minutes. One warning would pop up, then clear, then pop up, then clear, etc. Removing the reader seems to have solved the problem.

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