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  1. Mine sounds like that when I unlock and open door but as far as I know it only does it once.
  2. That temperature part of the bulletin is the only part that doesn't make since to me. It hardly gets in to the 40's here much less below freezing. Mine has been making that noise all summer which is 80's and 90's.
  3. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/233720-cold-start-noise-on-66-gasser/ There is a video in the linked thread. It is about 8 posts down. The noise I am talking about is at about the 6 second mark in the video.
  4. I don't know. I am friends with the service manager at the dealer. I sat down with him in his office and he looked it up in the system to see if he could find any kind of bulletins describing the noise but he could not. I guess I'm just not going to worry about it for now. If it for some reason gets worse, than I will make plans to leave it with them so they can cold start it.
  5. My 6.6 gas makes the same noise on cold starts. I explain it the same way, sounds like a timing chain rattle. I was at the dealer last week for an oil change and I brought it up but of course they didn't know what I was talking about. I couldn't leave it there for several hours for them to do a cold start to reproduce it.
  6. I tow with cruise set at 65 mph. I rarely ever go over 65. I use tow/haul mode. Transmission stays in 5th most of the time with downshifts to 4th going uphill.
  7. I don't understand how this oil consumption can be considered acceptable. Why do some burn oil and some do not? I am due for my second oil change right now which is a 5000 mile interval for me. I have towed my travel trailer for about 2500 miles of those 5000 miles. I check my oil regularly including today and it has not burned any oil in 5000 miles. I currently have 8300 miles on it. I had first oil changed at 3300 miles.
  8. Anyone have any updates on this? Has anyone actually had this done on a 2022 or gotten any info from GM or a dealer?
  9. I guess I just don't consider this downshifting aggressive at all. It feels just right to me. I had a 2015 F150 with 5.0/6speed and damn!! That thing had some seriously aggressive downshifting in tow/haul mode. I hated it. I just had to quit using tow/haul mode in that truck.
  10. A lot of head and neck movement for me to see around the mirrors.
  11. I do use cruise when traveling but with tow/haul. I set it at 65 mph and you are correct, it will drop to 61 mph before downshifting to get back to 65mph. My transmission temp never goes above 180 while using tow/haul. I kinda think it will get above 180 if not using tow/haul because of the frequent shifting between 5 and 6 but I have not tried for a significant distance.
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