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  1. Anyone have any updates on this? Has anyone actually had this done on a 2022 or gotten any info from GM or a dealer?
  2. I think I'm just too damn lazy to not use cruise.
  3. I guess I just don't consider this downshifting aggressive at all. It feels just right to me. I had a 2015 F150 with 5.0/6speed and damn!! That thing had some seriously aggressive downshifting in tow/haul mode. I hated it. I just had to quit using tow/haul mode in that truck.
  4. A lot of head and neck movement for me to see around the mirrors.
  5. I do use cruise when traveling but with tow/haul. I set it at 65 mph and you are correct, it will drop to 61 mph before downshifting to get back to 65mph. My transmission temp never goes above 180 while using tow/haul. I kinda think it will get above 180 if not using tow/haul because of the frequent shifting between 5 and 6 but I have not tried for a significant distance.
  6. I did another tow this weekend. I pulled the travel trailer from Biloxi to Starkville which is about 260 miles. I got 8.6 on the way up and 8.3 on the way back down. I tried towing without tow/haul for just a short bit and it seemed to shift between 5th and 6th too often. I put it back in tow/haul and stays in 5th the majority of the time with occasional downshifts to 4th (up hill) which while it is in 4th it will hit about 2800 RPM. I had stated earlier in the thread that it will go over 3000 rpm but I was incorrect on that that. I guess this is just going to be the norm. This is a hilly drive though, constant up and down.
  7. I don't understand the concern here. That downshifting is Tow/Haul doing it's job. This is completely normal.
  8. I'm 5'6" and I have the factory steps and I would say they are perfect for getting in and out. I use a small step stool when checking my oil.
  9. I'd recommend going with 2500 gasser. Makes a huge difference when towing a long travel trailer. All the extra payload capacity makes it worth the change also.
  10. Man, I would hate to see that message. I have not ever noticed my engine temp getting high although I don't pay as close as attention to it as my transmission temp. My trans temp usually stays below 185 while towing.
  11. In this current market I don't believe a newer year model overlap is going to make a difference at all. If you don't buy the one that you ordered, someone else will before it arrives at the dealer.
  12. I'm not sure if your kidding or not. I don't think you can consider a truck that hasn't even been delivered to a dealer yet a "leftover."
  13. My truck pulls anywhere from 4-6 gears. It will hit the 3000-3200 rpm range occasionally. I do not lock out any of the gears. I do put it in Tow/Haul mode every time I tow the camper though. Maybe I should try a tow without doing that. My trailer only weighs about 5200-5400 lbs loaded which technically is below the threshold that I should be using Tow/Haul according to owners manual. I keep up with my tire pressures regularly, including the camper. I actually use a TST pressure/temp monitor for camper tires. As far as grades go, I have no idea what percentage grades/hills I go up and down on.
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