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  1. Bilstein shocks thread

    FYI use your stock nuts when installing bilstein 5100. The nuts bilstein sends usually bottom out on the strut rod threads. If you have a squeaking or banging / clinking when hitting bumps, especially after you put some miles on your 5100s. If you can turn or move the black top hat below he nut then that’s probably the problem. First pic 15mm bilstien nut. See how many threads are at top. Second pic stock GM 18mm nut which is deeper and doesn’t need threaded down to end of strut threads. Aka no bottoming out.
  2. Bilstein shocks thread

    I just had this issue. Installed original strut nuts which are deeper than the ones that come with the bilsteins. Stock nut threads are at top and 1/4” space at bottom (aka no washers needed) if you kept stock nuts.
  3. Reminds me of... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoitegszoRc&list=RDxoitegszoRc&start_radio=1 ;-)
  4. My truck is cursed?

    Reminds me of... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoitegszoRc&list=RDxoitegszoRc&start_radio=1 ;-)
  5. Sorry to hear about the damage. Many members here feel your pain. You are hopefully OK frame wise. Usually if your frame is damaged you will see where the bed impacted the cab or by visually looking under the truck and noticing damage. Take your truck to more than one shop to make sure you get a few different bids and eyes on the damage. $hit happens unfortunately.
  6. The SUV’s have these options, possible addition to trucks? HUD Adaptive cruise Blind spot monitor Push button start Thanks GM for adding all of this to the 2019 new gen ;-)
  7. I would think current trucks and cars can tolerate low fuel and not destroy pump. My 1997 GMT400 generation is on its 3rd fuel pump at 208k. This generation is known to eat fuel pumps. I try and keep it 1/4 tank or more. Last fuel pump change was because of sending unit not being accurate. When I pulled the pump / sending unit you could see where it was shorting out on certain areas of the sending unit. I know this generation had a constant loop of fuel being returned to tank. I thought newer vehicles regulate fuel pump pressure by rpm so the pump is not constantly running wide open circulating fuel. I know the K2xx has 2 fuel pumps. One low pressure lift pump in the tank and another high pressure 2k psi under the intake manifold for the DI engine.
  8. Rear window sun screen

    What this guy said. I recently got all 7 windows tinted. Entire windshield 70%. Front and rear door glass 35% rear slider window 35% sunroof 15% HUGE difference. The glass now heats up and blocks some heat and sun instead of just passing it into the cabin. Hell the AC even works better! Here’s an example of ceramic tint.
  9. My truck is cursed?

    Thanks for the well wishes. Hopefully this is it for bs happening. But I said that after the first bumper bender and $hit keeps happening! TXGREEK - I didn’t know about the dent and scratch coverage. Guessing that’s a dealer thing. Something I probably would have passed on but now could have used!!! DanG - Wow sorry to hear about all that. Isn’t insurance great? They are happy collecting your money for years and years but when you need them it’s another story. Good luck to you as well!
  10. Prices paid

    I purchased my 59k msrp 2018 Sierra slt premium plus 6.2 max tow in March for 44.7k+ttl or 15k off msrp. They are legit. I flew in, they picked me up at airport, price was to the penny. Only thing that changed is I signed up for shorter GM financing with 5.9% interest and finance guy said they always do 6.14% for 72 months. I have excellent credit and qualified for lowest rate which is high but I wanted the extra cash promotion for financing with GM. I’ll still come out a few hundred ahead when I refinance in 6 months. PM me if you want my sales guy. I had a good experience with him. Don’t be offended when they are working with several buyers at once. They move some volume there with those prices. I drove over 1200 miles home and paid a $500 plane ticket. Would do it again. Dealers in my area didn’t have what I wanted and would maybe do 9k off. Then they add in their BS value added tint, paint protection (spray wax), ulpolstry protection for $1200 added to price. Lol
  11. My first new vehicle ever. I saved for a long time to be able to afford the truck I always wanted. Purchased March 2018 I take pride in my vehicles and possessions, take good care of them, park in bfe. Make sure to be within parking lines, not park next to beaters. Since purchasing my truck: 1. Bent rear bumper in parking lot accident. Both me and older gentleman were backing out at same time. He called it in, didn’t claim any damage to his truck but wanted to get my bumper fixed. Insurance says 50/50 fault and factoring in half my copay I get $800 -250 copay for $1200 estimate. Just living with tweaked bumper for now. Like a good neighbor my a$$ 2. Detailing truck and find a dime sized ding in roof. Paint is ok but something must have impacted at some point. Wow is the metal thin up there. Just leaning on it to wipe dry is all wavy and could leave elbow dimples if not careful. 3. washing truck today and notice nice deep scratch on passenger rear door. No paint marks from other car so maybe someone walking by with purse or, janitor keys? Good news is it’s only in the clear but deep enough it catches your fingernail. Truck is barely 3 months old! How do ya’ll deal with this? Don’t sweat the small stuff? Accept most people don’t give a F and always be on the lookout? Don’t drive your truck? I planned on keeping this forever but maybe I wouldn’t be so upset if I traded / upgraded every few years like some.
  12. No problem! [emoji482] Not to derail thread but what do you miss about your Duramax or not? I wanted one but couldn’t resist the deals on 1500’s and I’d feel like the short commutes in town would not play nice with all the emissions and nature of diesels. They sure do look bada$$, love the hood scoop, stance and ohhh the torque!
  13. Yes. Installed myself. More info in the 5100 thread in the modifications sub form. The fronts took some time and the harbor freight spring compressor barely fit the springs bud did the job. Make sure you you get an alignment if you level the front with leveling shocks. I posted my alignment sheet. Toe was out of spec and would have chewed tires. Im used to the bilstien ride in my other truck. I had summitracing price match 4wheelparts on amazon. Got all 4 for $330 shipped
  14. Can I tow this?

    Lol. I’ve heard this saying about boats as well.
  15. I put 5100s on all 4 corners. 3rd ring from bottom (1 ring from max 2”) for 1.5” - 1.75” lift in front left. I left stock rear block. Still have 1.5” rake which I like for hauling or Hooking up trailer it then sets level. Rides a bit harsher and you can feel expansion joints more. But so much better when hitting a bump, or dip. Immediately dampened. Unlike the floaty boaty ride the stock shocks gave.

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