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  1. I have an 2018 6.2 NHT with just under 5k miles. I completely agree with your description of the 8 speed and constant slipping during light throttle. I’ve read several posts that the L86 6.2 really comes alive after 10k miles. Supposedly it’s in a defined break in mode until then. As far as the 8 speed goes I hope we got good ones in 2018 that done need replacement or torque converters. Remember starting 2016+ we have shorter powertrain warranty. 3yr 36k bumper to bumper and 5yr 60k powertrain. Starts the day you take delivery.
  2. FYI range device is on clearance woot.com $78
  3. Maybe Range will come out with a auto stop disable odbII device?
  4. I have a solid fold 2.0. Are you supposed to keep the 3 large foam blocks on the bottom? Then when it’s fully open it sits on the foam blocks and doesn’t lay flat? I have mixed feelings on mine. Seems like an ok cover but for 800 it could be better. I’ve noticed impressions in the top that show when it’s wet. It isn’t water tight but pretty water resistant. It moves around a bit in the rear side to side because of road vibrations and the rear spring clamps. The good: seems to wear well in intense sunny climates (from what I’ve read). Insulated panels are hot on top but barely warm on bottom on a 100+ day. Easy to remove and fairly lightweight at 60lbs. Not to derail thread but wanted your thoughts since you owned a few. What other are you considering?
  5. I have BFG K02 Load Range E on my 97 and 2018. The weight difference isn’t much per tire at least with BFG. It was less than 10 lbs per tire difference. I would rather have a heavier built tire. When I tow my 3500lb trailer with 400 lb tongue weight and 300lb of gear in truck bed. With load range P or C, I would get bounce in the tires. When upgrading to Load range E, no bounce except for suspension. If I run pressures at 50psi, yes they are stiff, If i drop down to 40 then rides similar to stock.
  6. Laura Buick GMC Compare to their prices. My local dealers couldn’t come close when I purchased in March. I asked for out the door price at Laura before I purchased plane ticket. They picked me up at airport. Out the door price was exactly the same as quoted! Fly in, Drive home. Best part is they don’t have value added BS like Tint, paint protectant, etc. And their Doc fees were under $200. If your local dealer cant come close, give them a call. I had a great experience with Andrew Quinones. Tell him Terrell sent you. Keep us updated, and when you buy post some pics!
  7. Ok, I was getting excited if there was a 10 or 12” aftermarket screen available. But then it would prob be a 2k upgrade LOL
  8. Yes they will fit. I have 17” GMT900 wheels on my sierra. FYI 17” wheel is smallest that will clear front brake caliper on GMT900 & K2XX. 16” Wheel fits GMT800 and prior generations. I requested the inside stick on wights. You can’t stack weights, only one row high or it will hit front brake caliper. I don’t like seeing the clip on lip weights, plus the tire shop always leaves marks in alloy wheel when removing lip weights.
  9. Got a scare from the gas station

    In my neck of the woods: Regular $2.85 Premium $3.35 They really hose you on the higher grade price hikes.
  10. Range Device Disable AFM ODBII $78.75 woot

    No prob! Feel free to “like” the original post. What exhaust you looking at? I can start collecting reputation points! Maybe there is a prize after so many points? Probably not lol.
  11. Range Device Disable AFM ODBII $78.75 woot

    Received mine today. Box had red dot so leds are red. May put some electrical tape over them. Box firmware says 8.6R1. I verified same version by counting led blinks when first plugging in. Keeps my 2018 in v8 all the time. if anyone sends theirs in please post the latest version. My truck sometimes sits for several days. Are current range users unplugging or leaving plugged in?

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