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  1. 2019 6.2L badge

    I did 8” from back of hood to emblem foam. You can reposition with a plastic pry tool. Emblems are slanted, thicker at top, thinner at bottom.
  2. 6.2 exhaust leak

    Not sure what type or connection but if it’s the ball and socket type I’ve had success on my old Vortec 5.7 using no gasket and just cranking the bolts super tight. No exhaust leak and it’s metal to metal. If it’s flat collector to flat pipe connection you need a gasket.
  3. Happy with my 2018 Crew cab standard bed 4x4 max tow. My payload is 1900 lbs and thats a loaded SLT with sunroof, etc. Max Trailer weight on max tow trucks (depending on options) is 12,500 lbs with a max tongue weight of 1,250 with weight distributing hitch. Most I have towed is 3500lbs and 500 lbs of gear in the back. No problem. Ditched the 20" P tires and added 32.7" 285/75/17 BFG K02 Load range E. The shocks and E tires really firmed up the ride. Used to float like a boat but now almost too stiff. I could prob run the tires lower pressure. Max is 80, been running at 45 - 50. I would say go 6.2 1500 unless you are going to haul a full cab of people AND a full bed in addition to towing. The 2500 wins on payload and cheap gas even though mpg is alot less compared to 1500. In my area 87 octane is 2.60 and 91 octane is 3.10. Paying an extra 50 cents a gallon sucks but I do notice mpg drop if running 87 instead of 91.
  4. Nice pic. My crew cab standard 6.6’ bed is exactly 20 feet or 240 inches. I see lots of carports and garages listed at 20’ but that is outside diameter so would not fit. Damnit. Lol
  5. Definitely look into selling your truck private party instead of trading into dealer. You almost always get more $$$ private party even if you save some on tax with trade in. I swore I would never buy a new vehicle and have always kept my trucks for ever? Still have my 208K mile 1997 k1500. I am also debating on trading my 2018 in when T1XX has mid cycle refresh. My 2018 has been OK. Nervous about possible engine lifter damage, vacuum pump, AC, 8-speed trans. But we mostly hear negative issues on the net vs the thousands that have not had any problems. I finally bought new because a few year old truck with 30 - 50k miles was not that much cheaper than a new truck with the 20 - 25% off MSRP Laura Buick GMC was offering. Now my state sucks with tax and I had to pay 10% tax even though I bought out of state. Also vehicle registration in my state bends you over for the first 5 years. Based on MSRP depreciated value, my 1 year registration was $1200. After all that maybe this will be my first and last new truck lol. It seems these hold their value pretty well as far as deprecation goes...
  6. EcoTec3 4.3 V6 Towing

    I would say the V6 will tow up to 4500 lbs comfortably. It will be labored for sure with that load but manageable. I have towed my 3500 lb enclosed 7x14 V nose trailer with both my 1997 5.7 4x4 3:73 33" 4l60e 4-speed and 2018 6.2 4x4 3:42 33" 8l90 8-speed. Yes the newer truck has more power but the biggest difference is the transmissions. The gear spacing in the 6-speed and 8-speed is a HUGE improvement for towing compared to a 4-speed auto. With the 4-speed auto you are either screaming in 2nd at 55 - 65 mph or slowing down in 3rd requiring a downshift. Transmission temps are normal up to 260? degrees in the newer 6 and 8 speed transmissions. Remember there is a thermostat that keeps the trans cooler shut off until 200 degrees. 240 and up on older transmissions was too hot and usually guaranteed short transmission life. V6 4.3 Ecotec 285hp @ 5300 | 305tq @ 3500 V8 5.3 Ecotec 355hp @ 5600 | 382tq @ 4100 V8 6.2 Ecotec 420hp @ 5600 | 460tq @ 4100 _______________________________________________ V8 5.3 Vortec 320hp @ 5400 | 335tq @ 4000 (GMT900 Generation 2007.5 - 2013) V8 5.7 Vortec 255hp @ 4600 | 330tq @ 2800 (GMT400 1995.5 - 1998.5)
  7. 2019 6.2 emblem

    Got these ordered from my local dealer for $8 each instead of the $25 ea on eBay. Online GM parts stores have them for $5 but shipping charge is ridiculous at $15 for 2 emblems.
  8. Been seriously considering purchasing this. https://www.shedtownusa.com/metal-storage-sheds/12-x-26-duramax-imperial-metal-utility-garage-white.html
  9. 6.2L Yes or No

    Oh HELL YES it is worth it! Puts a smile on my face every time the pedal touches the floor
  10. I would buy a heritage collection of GM trucks if offered
  11. I do not, but feel free to send 1 of each color. PM for address ;-)
  12. I believe it gets the speed limit info from Sirrus xm. Ive noticed mine doesn’t work on most rural roads or city streets. Only works in main highways and Interstates.
  13. Congratulations on the new 2018! Did you consider the 2019 new generation? I am happy with my 18 but if GM does a good mid cycle refresh on the T1XX I may reconsider.
  14. I have the 8 speed. Is it same procedure? Have to drop exhaust to get pan out?

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