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  1. ^ This. You have a 3/4 ton. It should handle that weight no problem. The 6.0 will want to rev 4K+ RPM on hills. Enjoy the small block sound and have a safe and fun trip!
  2. Exactly what I did. Purchased a 2018 from Laura gmc. You get the last model year with hopefully all the bugs worked out and updated parts (AC condenser and lines as an example). You also get a great deal with lots of rebates since they are introducing a new model. The 2019’s look nice and I would love to have one but not willing to pay a premium AND be the beta tester. In short I agree!
  3. Lol. add skid plates and z71 decal as well
  4. Thinking about a white shell for my truck but need the 6.6' one. I already have a bed cover but if i can find a nice used white one i may get rid of solid fold 2.0
  5. Lets See Some Towing Pics!

    Towing my bro’s 22’ wellcraft.
  6. What year? at a minimum you would need: front diff cv shafts front drive shaft transmission? Unless you can remove 2wd tail piece and mate transfercase to existing transmission. transfer case shorter rear drive shaft dealer flash to tell truck it is a 4wd (if possible) 4x4 dash switch I’d sell 2wd and look for a 4wd :-)
  7. I thought it prevented the rubber strip on the bed from rubbing paint off on cab.
  8. Heads up - Check where your bed meets your cab. The plastic strip attached to cab. Adhesive is failing and peeling away. Anyone else have this issue? Now that I’ve noticed this, quite a few at my local dealer have the same issue.
  9. Both engines produce great hp and torque numbers. Torque comes in at lower rpm on the 3.5 ecoboost. Ford recently revised the ecoboost with (2) fuel injection systems. Port injection and Direct injection. This was to address the carbon build up issues in intake and valves. All DI motors will get some carbon build up since the fuel is directly injected into the combustion chamber vs port fuel injection which helps clean carbon off valves since fuel is injected in the intake. Only way to clean intake on ecoboost is to disassemble since the turbo can't handle any cleaners run through the intake. Naturally Aspirated engines can have cleaners run through the intake to aid in carbon buildup removal. My vote is for 6.2 since I own one and this is a GM forum.
  10. Looks good! The black and dark blue compliment each other!

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