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  1. Were you able to solve your issue? I appear to be having the same issue with mine. Light works connected directly to battery and through relay but the gm replacement switch will not turn it on. Sent from my Pixel 5 using Tapatalk
  2. I have decided to wait this year especially after seeing the new ones...I need some time for them to grow on me or hope the gmc looks better. Now I am considering getting the 2019's for a great deal when the new HD's hit the dealers. Appreciate everyone's input. Big expense and will be keeping this for a longtime so want to make the right choice.
  3. Wanted to hear others opinions on my current situation regarding trading in my 2015 1500 Silverado Z71 LTZ for a 2018 2500HD LTZ/Denali or wait for the new body style in 2020. Key pieces on information: 1. 1500 will be paid off in March 2. If I did decide to trade in today it would be because I got the right deal on a 2018 2500HD it would make my current payments stay the same or possibly go down slightly. 3. It is harder to make my decision without knowing all the details of the 2020. Here are the questions/facts I can't come to a satisfying answer on: 1.) If I waited for the 2020 to come out before upgrading I would have roughly a year of no payments. 1a.) Waiting means my payments for the 2020 would be significantly higher due to less value on my 1500 and less incentives for a newly released model. 2.) I have been wanting a diesel for years and still beat myself up about not spending the extra 10K when I bought the 1500 3 years ago to get the diesel. I am not one to get a new vehicle that often I have only owned 4 vehicles in 20 years of driving and with kids now the wife will be upgrading far more often than I will so the reason I am getting the diesel is longevity, size ( don't like the standard bed look on a 1500) and towing (not done regularly but when I do towing with a 1500 makes me nervous). 3.) I am afraid if I get a 2018 2500HD now when the 2020 comes out I will be jealous and want to trade it in. Did my best to write out my thought process if you have more questions or need more clarification let me know.
  4. The radio reception was not fixed. I was told by the dealer that there is no update to fix the reception problem. I said so i just have to live with a partially functioning radio? They said to call GM Corporate on the radio and vibration issue. So I did... After several calls, being placed on hold etc. I was told by GM that there is no fix for either issue and was offered $250 GM accessories credit for my troubles. I am at a crossroads, my truck will be paid off at the end of the year. I want to upgrade to a 2500 Diesel preferably a Denali but after all this I am questioning myself on going back to a GM product. I have never drove anything but GM but the Dodge or Ford don't excite me at all. or I just suck it up and drive what I have for a while to enjoy not having a payment.
  5. Earlier this month, the dealer replaced my drive shaft, ring gear and pinon. This was after several visits to them complaining about the vibration where they continuously blamed it on my aftermarket tires. Luckily my last visit I was able to talk to a service rep that has a clue, he used to be a mechanic for GM so he knew exactly what was going on and actually tried to fix it. While the vibration is less noticeable it is still there i am scheduling an appointment today to get it back in to have it looked at again along with my radio reception issues.
  6. I need a GM rep to contact me, I am at a dead end with the dealership.
  7. I picked my truck up from the dealer yesterday after dropping it off on 5/16/17. As I stated before the first thing they did was put factory tires on. I purchased new Nitto Grappler G2 275/70/18 the week before because they wouldn't do the testing with the "mud" tires on. (Duratracs). After the factory tires were on they ran pico test to find the vibration. First they replaced the drive shaft, no change, then they changed the ring gear and pinion which they say has solved the problem. Seems better to me but I will put it to the real test on a longer trip next weekend. After they admitted the tires were not the cause of the vibration and I got my truck back I have asked GM for reimbursement on the tires I bought since I think they wore prematurely because of the truck vibration. As with any GM situation I get 1000's of questions regarding the maintenance of my tires. Balancing, rotation, air pressure, weight of tires, size of tires etc. The service manager claimed GM 1500 suspensions are only rated to handle 37 lbs per tire, the butter cutters they use (SRA) are 36lbs. This is why I asked the question above. Service Manager: "It has never been my experience a ring gear and pinion issue would cause tires wear, a vibration in the chassis yes but never tire wear. Tire wear has always been related to shocks, alignments, under inflation, over inflation wrong or too large a tire for the application." Regardless of the technicalities I feel like $700 for tires is a fair amount considering all the trips I had to make to the dealership(s) to get this issue fixed when it should have been fixed the first couple of times I brought it in.
  8. Does anyone know or heard of GM setting a Max Tire Weight for the 1500's suspension?
  9. Guy said it is coming from Michigan so hopefully it is new. To be honest I don't care if it is new or old as long is it doesn't vibrate my truck.
  10. Spoke to the dealership yesterday and was told they have ordered a new drive shaft that should arrive on Wednesday. They will replace it and run test again to make sure vibration is gone.
  11. I dropped my truck off yesterday afternoon and after talking to the service rep (who is a former mechanic) I had high hopes that my truck would finally get fixed after 10+ visits. Then I got on here and have lost all hope! Sorry everyone is having to deal with this I will begin my research on a 2017 duramax!
  12. My truck has roughly 34,500 miles on it. 2015 CC Silverado Z71 LTZ. I have had the shake for as long as I have had the truck but since it wasn't my daily driver for the first year or so the shake didn't really bother me that much. I mentioned it to my dealership while I was getting the oil changed and they balanced the tires 275/70/18 Goodyear Duratracs or do an alignment and my drive home was great. Again since I didn't drive it everyday and I only got the shake at 70-75 mph it wasn't a big concern of mine. Now I drive it everyday and until I put new tires on my truck this past week I could feel the shake as low as 40 mph. In all honesty that is probably because the vibration ruined my duratracs over the 30,000+ miles they had on them making the combination of the shake and the warped tires feel like I was on a cobblestone road. With the new tires Nitto Terra Grappler G2 275/70/18 I am back to a smooth ride until i get up to about 65+, which like all others have said all but eliminate the tires being the cause of the vibration. I will be calling my dealership today to get them to figure this problem out. If they won't do anything i may need assistance contacting GM directly to get this taken care of properly. If they are able to fix it I will definitely post the solution back here.
  13. My truck is at the dealership now for the vibration issues at around 70mph and poor radio reception. I called yesterday for a status and was told they put my truck on a vibration machine (forgot what they called it) and found no issues with the truck. They are blaming the 275/70/18 Goodyear Duratracs for the vibration issues. They also said that they did do an update on the radio and reception isn't an issue anymore. We will see when I go pick it up.
  14. You guys that solved the vibration issue with new tires... How many miles were on your tires when you replaced them? Did you buy brand new tires on your own or did the place you bought the "defective tires" from warranty them? I am taking my truck in tomorrow for vibration issues and radio signal issues. My duratracs only have 10,000 miles on them, im not spending another $1100 on new ones.
  15. Wish I would have seen this sooner. I have 4 chrome handles in my garage and live in DFW. Oh well!
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