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  1. I have not got it yet in my 2020 built in July. My friend got hers in a 2020 built in February.
  2. I thought I heard that was because of a supply issue with covid shutdowns. Not sure if that was the reason or not.
  3. I went from a 2016 5.3 with a 6 speed to a 2020 5.3 with the 10 speed. WHAT a difference. This truck drives so much better. Smooth shifting and holds gears great going down hills. I would not hesitate to get a 10 speed.
  4. I feel the same way. I did it once and the product never made it past prototype stage. Hope this one makes it.
  5. Here may be another option too. AAWireless | Indiegogo
  6. GM Releases Significant Over The Air Update For 2020 Silverado/Sierra & Other Vehicles | GM-Trucks.com (gm-trucks.com)
  7. Just take off the 12 small screws and the lower part comes off. I actually had mine off but then I installed a front hitch for a home plow and ended up putting mine back on. Hides the hitch better.
  8. The 21 also is missing the lower part of the chin spoiler. I wonder if they did away with that for the 21's?
  9. The z71 does not have a 2 inch lift. That would be a Trailboss.
  10. I think he was referring to the update GM has already announce they are pushing out. I have not gotten it yet. I have the same issues with XM from time to time. Here is the info on the update. https://www.gm-trucks.com/gm-releases-significant-over-the-air-update-for-2020-silverado-sierra-other-vehicles/
  11. The GMC seems like a good price to me. Try Carvana and see what they will pay you for the truck. Also what is the KBB on your trade? My dealer gave me the high price on the KBB trade price. The used market is high right now! I would go with the GMC just for the fact that it has the 10 speed. I love mine. Its so smooth. I am coming from a 2016 GMC 6 speed. its night and day.
  12. I have one in my truck, works great. Maybe you got a bad module. I would contact them directly. Dealer probably won't have a clue. Sent from my SM-G986U1 using Tapatalk
  13. I had a good experience with them. I had the same cover and there was a problem with my latch. The cable came loose in the rear rail. They sent me a whole new cover under warranty.
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