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  1. Just got done with Adams ceramic coating. Sent from my SM-G986U1 using Tapatalk
  2. I just put my Lomax on last week. Its a great cover and Truck Alterations has an awesome price!! Once I realized that the Lomax cover was made by ACI it was a no brainer for me. They are a great company. I have one of their Snowsport snow plows and their customer service is top notch. That and the price from TA sold me on it!
  3. I just got a 2020 AT4, I have a black headliner. (non carbon pro)
  4. Just picked this up yesterday. My last two trucks were Summit White so this time around I went with the Carbon Black Matalic. Sent from my SM-G986U1 using Tapatalk
  5. That stinks. That is a great look. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk They have one listed for the 14-15 on their website. https://www.autoventshade.com/avs-753062-aeroskin-lightshield-hood-protector
  6. Already did!! I will call a week before. I was actually surprised how nice they were. I am used to calling XM radio and having to talk to like 4 different people before they renew me at the cheaper price. I am going to try and see how much I really use the remote start with the app. That is the main reason I keep it. I might just cancel come that time anyway and save some money.
  7. I just did this. I called and told them I could not afford it anymore. I had the Protection plan ( think this is an older plan) I was paying 9.99 a month, I guess I signed up for some promo when I bought the truck. Well last month it went up to 24.99 per month. So I called and told them I wanted to cancel but was willing to stay with the remote access plan if they could do 9.99 a month. The guy put me on hold and came back a minute later and said he could keep me on the same Protection plan for 9.99 per month for 6 more months. After that he said it would go up to 24.99. He also said call the day before billing and they could try and work down the price again.
  8. I notice this stuff too... thought I was the only one. I think the 16-18 Sierra's look the best. Still not sold on the 19's yet. The Ram 1500 DRL look good too. I even like the look of the Ford explorer Lights.
  9. I tried to do mine and my spring compressor wouldn't work for it. So I called up a local Mavis Tire shop (NJ) They charged me $289 to pull the old struts, swap the springs and install the new struts.
  10. Another option is something like this.... https://www.amazon.com/inflator-Masterworks-Rechargeable-Lithium-ion-MW110D/dp/B07CTGM2LD/ref=sr_1_4?crid=NO5XHYOK3XOO&keywords=cordless+air+compressor&qid=1553617762&s=gateway&sprefix=cordless+air+%2Caps%2C169&sr=8-4 I got one for my truck and it works great if your only filling up once and a while. I run my bags at 7psi for day to day driving. Keep this under the back seat and if I get a load in the bed or I'm going to trailer something I just fill it up till the truck is level again.
  11. My S10 works with my console wireless charger. I have the phone in a Speck Grip case. Seems about the biggest that will fit in the charger. I do have to move the phone back about 1/4 inch to get it to charge compared to the S8 that I had. My S10 will work with this feature. I do have it set up to unlock when connected to the bluetooth, So maybe the phone needs to be unlocked?
  12. I have the built in NAV in my truck and it plain out sucks! Always picks a strange route, Also say if you want to go a different way then the map says you miss a turn on purpose it will tell you to do a u-turn at least 10 times before it re-routs. I use Android Auto and just plug my phone in to get Google maps on the display. The only thing I use the built in for is if I kind of know where I am going, Ill put it on the screen without entering a route just to see road names on the map.
  13. I just did a quick KBB and the trade in price is around $40,000 with a private party resale of $43,000. So It looks like they already have it prices according for the carfax issue. You might not be able to get them down to much. If it were me and they offered a good price on the trade, I would go for it! Its got a lot going for it. From looking at the dealer pictures it seems like its got some nice accessories. The bed cover. The cold air intake, vent visors on the windows, bug deflector. And you have to admit it does look so much nicer then the Ford........ haha Good luck!
  14. It looks like a clean truck and I think the price is good. As long as you cant find damage I would probably go for it. The only thing you need to remember is when/if you decide to trade it in or sell in a few yeasr, A dealer will use that carfax to get the trade-in price down to the low side. So In turn you can use that carfax to get your price down some now.
  15. I did a google search of the picture that the OP posted. It brings up the Ford dealer that the truck is at. Then I clicked on the car fax logo and it brought me to the car fax. It clearly says Damage reported. https://www.priorityford.com/used-Norfolk-2017-GMC-Sierra+1500-SLT-3GTU2NEC0HG305484 https://www.carfax.com/VehicleHistory/p/Report.cfx?partner = FRD_2&vin=3GTU2NEC0HG305484 Granted the damage could be nothing. I had a friend that backed into a tree in her driveway and had a dent pulled and that showed up as an accident on the carfax for her vehicle. Dealer gave her crap about it on a trade in. This truck could be fine. It just needs to be looked over very good first.
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