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  1. Where's my dippers at??

    Dip free 10 years now. Wasn't easy but so worth it. My teeth and gums feel so much better now.
  2. Not sure if this is your problem but I notice a sound once and a while coming from my passenger seat. Its usually the day after I have someone riding in the truck with me but it doesn't happen all the time. I figured out that it is the Seat belt banging on the side of the truck. If its not retracted into a perfect spot it will touch the side of the truck and over bumps it makes a knocking sound. I stopped it by just moving the seat up a little. So when people get out now it usually falls short of the spot it was hitting to make the sound.
  3. I dont know for sure. But I assume you would have to have the 8' io6 system. I do have that in mine.
  4. My 16 did not have Android Auto when I bought it used. I called my dealer and they said they could update the sytem to add the Android Auto. They told me as long as your in the bumper to bumper warranty it would be free. If you were out of warranty it would cost shop time. It was a 45 minute update to the computer. Works great!! much better then the factory nav.
  5. That's a good price! Good luck with it. I am sure you will like it!
  6. My parts guy at the dealer told me that the GM cover was made by BAK for GM. So I assume its the X2 cover. I just did a chat with tonneau factory outlet online and they quoted me a price of 819.88 for the RevolverX2 (6.6 bed) and that is with free shipping.
  7. I have the BAK Revolver X2 cover on my truck. I love it. I went with the BAK over the Truxedo Titanium because I didn't want the Velcro sides. The BAK seems more secure to me. Other than that the covers are pretty much the same. I love the roll up over a fold up. Gives you full bed access without blocking the window. Very easy to roll up from the side of the truck to grab items in the bed. I do get a little water on top of the wheel wells when it is a heavy rain. Not a puddle just a few drops. I am happy with the amount of water it keeps out. On my last truck I had a BAK hard fold up cover and that leaked bad along the sides. The best price I found was The Tonneau factory outlet online. If you do an online chat with them they will knock the price down if you ask for a better price. https://www.tonneaufactoryoutlet.com
  8. I have a 2016 All Terrain SLT 5.3 and 6 Speed.
  9. This is the total that I paid. So basically came to 6 bucks a month. 5 months subscription 24.99 Royalty fee 3.47 Tax 1.89 Credit for two days left on my last subscription - 0.79 Total charged to my card $29.56 Just keep saying no till you get to that offer then try to tell them you will pay 24.99 all taxes included. The worst they can do is say no. Can't hurt to try. I will give it a shot in July. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  10. 5 months subscription 24.99 Royalty fee 3.47 Tax 1.89 Credit for two days left on my last subscription - 0.79 Total charged to my card $29.56 Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  11. I just got off the phone with XM a few minutes ago. My 6 month for $30 offer is set to expire in 2 days and go up to $19.99 a month. So after I told them I Wanted to cancel because I could not see myself paying $19.99 a month. They offered me 12 months for $99.99. I said no thank you, that is still to high. Then they offered 6 months for $49.99. I said no thank you, that is still to high. Then they said they would give me 5 months for $24.99. I said ok, ill take that and call you again in 5 months. was on the phone for 6 minutes in total. !
  12. You can call and cancel anytime. They will prorate your refund.
  13. I got mine updated in May 2017 for my 2016 Sierra. When I called my dealer to ask about it they said as long as it was in the warranty period they would cover the cost of the update.
  14. Got my front doors tinted to match the rear. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  15. Wireless charging

    It moves the part of the pad the phone rests against to the front. Which allows the phone to be positioned to the rear about 1/4 inch more. This allows the charger coil to line up better and charge.

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