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  1. After maybe three times using it things pretty much smoothed out and now it is perfect.
  2. Mine did it too. The more I used it the better it got, now it does not do it at all.
  3. He starts right off saying he thought “ suckers no water will hurt me”. I bet he was trying to go beast mode through some deep ass flooded streets and sprayed a wall of water in front of his truck. Enough of that hitting the intake long enough will absolutely ingest water.
  4. Speaking from personal experience. BMW’s are awesome for two maybe three years then dump them and run. If there ever was an argument to lease vs. buy I would say BMW is it. That is a sweet machine I just would not want to own it one day past the warranty.
  5. 100% yes! My 2020 AT4 is my 7th GM truck and by far the best yet. 11,000 trouble free smile inducing miles so far.
  6. Strange, I set up my tandem axle trailer and everything worked perfect on my 2020 GMC AT4. Lights flashed and horn honked on each tire, easy peasy.
  7. I have never had a problem with mine. 80 is exactly where I set mine every day to and from work.
  8. I believe so. It is a quick little flicker I think it mimics the red light that flickers on the dash.
  9. An awesome feature I discovered on accident is the security. If your trailer is hooked up and you park and lock your truck the trailer lights will flicker about every 10 seconds. The truck continually sends a signal to ensure the trailer is there. If someone disconnects the electrical hook Up the trucks alarm goes off.
  10. My 8 speed in my 2018 Sierra was total garbage. After numerous attempts by dealer to resolve all the issues even they gave up and started with the “can’t replicate it” and “that is normal” BS. I finally threw in the towel and got a 2020 with the 10 speed. Best move I ever made, it is a dream! Smooth quick shifts no clunking, jerking, slipping torque converter. Getting rid of the 8 speed transmission is long over due by GM if you ask me.
  11. I do not like it either. My AT4 has it and yes it can be turned off as mine is.
  12. I was on the fence when looking. Once I saw them in person and drove them both I went with the 20”. I also agree they look way better in person.
  13. Had a 2014 Silverado LTZ that was a great truck with absolutely zero issues. Traded for a 2018 Sierra SLT Z-71 that was a complete POS vibration issues and the dreaded 8 speed issues. So I rolled the dice and jumped on this 2020 AT-4 with the 6.2 and the 10 speed so far I am loving it. Keeping my fingers crossed that it holds up. I sure love the way it looks.
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