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  1. My 2021Trail Boss (265/60R20 Goodyear Territory MT's) tells me every variation in the road especially in the rear. I attribute part of that to it only having 500 miles but have also tried dropping the tire pressure down to 38 lbs. with no improvement. Going to switch to 275/65R20 Terra Grapplers soon and if that doesn't improve the skittering across bumps I will put the 5100 Bilsteins on the rear. My 2013 Avalanche was significantly smoother on the same roads even in winter when they can heave some.
  2. My dealer was able to order mine with 20's 3 weeks ago. The Teritory tires are 32.8 tall and weigh 42 lbs. I will be selling those and putting on 34" Nitto Terra Grapplers, 47 lbs and a leveling kit to get it set up the way I want it. Would go 35" but don't want E rated tires. Did that before and killed mpg's and ride quality.
  3. My 2021 Trail Boss w/6.2 and 10 speed shows up in 2 weeks. Have done a lot of searching and I think I got it. Delete boths valves and replace stock muffler with Flowmaster 3.5" 40 series for max flow and run tranny locked in 9th to eliminate ugly AFM noise. Hoping that running cold air intake and 3.5 " pipe all the way back makes the same power as GM power package, 435 HP . Also hoping FM muffler and leaving resonators in place keeps drone at bay while holding 9th gear eliminates AFM. Sound like a winner?
  4. Thanks and I may have to borrow the red caliper idea. Looks great on your truck.
  5. Not concerned if it isnt dead level. $400 for parts and labor for over strut or $40 and my free labor for under, is the 1/2" worth the $350? Going to run 275/65r20 on stock rims so rubbing wont be a problem either way.
  6. Does anyone know when the 20" black rims for the 2021 Trail Boss will be available? I saw it was late availibilty, whatever that means. Really prefer the 20's over the 18's and but don't want to wait to order and miss the rebates. Looking to do the 1.5" RC level, 1" taller rear block, 275/65r20 Nittos upgrade right when I get it.
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