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  1. The TVS1900 was by far my favorite. Compact, quiet, and a ton of power. Good luck with everything. You’ll love the added power.
  2. I've had about 5 blowers in my time. A magnuson MP112, MP122hh, roush, whipple, and finally a TVS1900. They aren't hard to install. First one took me 8 hours with mounting the intercooler and all. But after that I could do it in about 4-5 hours easily. You don't really need the dyno tune. Hit up Blackbear Performance and get you an Autocal tuned for that setup. I never had an issue with any of mine.
  3. I sell them OEM GM for $1029 shipped within the 48 states. We also ship to Canada for a little more. In case you need other options.
  4. You're getting raped if you're paying $500-700 to ship a set of wheels with tires. Yikes!
  5. Yeah that's a problem. Usually the cardboard extends well into the widest part of the tire therefore it shouldn't touch the face of the wheel. But a finish like that would be a good idea to wrap the wheel prior to cardboard. Good point!
  6. No way. $55-60 per wheel. Cardboard front and back, wrap them, and drop off at FEDEX. I ship wheels all the time.
  7. Aren't you worried about the downward force on that strut mount causing it to snap? Or am I envisioning this differently?
  8. I stand corrected! We had a bit one in our last Denali. Was a great piece. If it's about being different we can agree to that...
  9. Love everything so far. Not too crazy about the writing on the tailgate. The stereo looks amazing. Nice work! Audison Bit One is the way to go!!
  10. Delete the Fuel Filter, problem solved. Just add a FASS or AIRDOG lift pump and you don't need the fuel filter anymore.
  11. It is a great thread. But I started it to help people covert OEM mirrors. It got overwhelmingly out of control and here we are. I'd probably start a separate thread if you want to know information about cheap eBay mirrors. This thread is geared towards OEM replacements. You'll probably get more answers that way.
  12. That price is over 2 years old. GM raised the cost on the mirrors awhile back. New price is $1029 for the pair. It was about a $65 increase per mirror.
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