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  1. More facts to the discussion. Power is the speed at which energy is converted, more power generally means higher fuel consumption. More air = more fuel = more power = more speed. I cannot find any data on S&B site that support claims it improves fuel economy. I do find claims by customers BUT this brings to mind this ruling by 'The National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus'; Truth in Advertising: BP v. Royal Purple circa 2009. Look it up...
  2. The Traverse is longer (and wider by 3.2") than the Acadia. It has a longer wheelbase of 120.9" whereas the Acadia is 112.5.
  3. If you don’t have the knowledge to diagnose what might be wrong then maybe you might be wasting time and money doing the work yourself as you obviously got something wrong. Have no idea what that could but a good brake specialist mechanic probably knows more about brakes than you do.
  4. Don't know if this could be a reason. I was at a friends shop a while back. They are all former GM techs and owners is former parts mngr of defunct Chevy/Olds shop. Their repair shop is an AC Delco authorized parts and service center. They actually are the go-to source for GM dealers needing batteries in this area. Anyhow, it was a newer GM car, 2017ish (not sure of year) and they had a battery tester type device powering the car while they replaced the battery. I asked why they used that and he said, paraphrasing, 'these vehicles can have problems if all power is lost so we keep it powere
  5. I have owned many vehicles going backs decades and paint was/is always easy to scratch. Its most noticeable on the darker colors but they all will. Its foolish to think they won't. If you don't like it, buy white or silver.
  6. FYI GM Puts 3.0-Liter Duramax Diesel Engine Assembly on Indefinite Hold https://www.motortrend.com/news/gm-duramax-diesel-engine-production-delay/
  7. Oversize tires are usually much heavier than the tires that come stock, the extra weight and height of the tire will affect performance. The taller the tire, the higher the gear ratio (lower number) will become. Larger tires will also have a larger rotating mass due to the increase in weight. Both of these issues will result in a loss of low end torque. Your engine will have to strain harder to get the wheels rolling at the start. The smaller the engine, the more it will affect performance and put a strain on all components not to mention up-sizing, or installing a taller tire, will lead to a
  8. Trucks don't use a limited slip (aka posi), they use a locker and its DOES NOT require any additive.
  9. If you added big tires that could change the shift patterns and be a reason for higher trans temps, working harder etc.
  10. Its controlled by the ecm and there is no way to change the parameters; Have to live with the way it is. PS, I turn off every start.
  11. Not hay but I saw this last Saturday. I was coming around a corner in rural town (25mph) and saw a pu up ahead half on the road, half off with 4-way flashers on and cargo spilled on the road. As I got closer I see its Blueberries in cardboard cartons in the size stores would buy. Dumb-ass had the Ram pu overloaded with cartons of fresh blueberries and was driving with the tailgate down so as to carry more + he was about 3 courses high the bed sides and he never thought any would spill. When asked what happened, he said "as I rounded the corner stuff started to slide out" duh. I estimated
  12. There is a product to fix this, I have it on my truck. https://tailgatefix.com/product/load-stop-lock/
  13. True. the Sierra 1500 Limited model has been introduced for the 2022 model year, and is effectively a carry over of the 2021 Sierra 1500. The new version 2022 is not yet available to order.
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