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  1. She did it for my GMC. Any US dealer can check any order number, they just enter and it returns a status code only, nothing else. Takes all of a few seconds. I see her tracking Blazer's, HD2500's etc. · 1000 Order On Hold at Dealership · 1100 Order Placed at Dealership, will not move unless dealer has allocation · 2000 Order Accepted by GMAD · 2001 Order Generated to Dealer · 2005 Order Replaced with GM Prospect Order · 2030 Order Edited by GM · 2050 Order Changed · 2500 Order preferenced (“Picked Up”), Sent to Production Control · 3000 Order Accepted by Production Control · 3100 Order Available to Sequence (now becomes more stable) · 3300 Order Selected and scheduled by Assembly Plant (Target Production Week usually available now) · 3400 Order broadcasted (in the assembly plant production system), build process is underway and locked in sequence to the end of the line. · 3450 Import vehicle produced · 3550 Import vehicle shipped from Port of Origin via boat · 3750 Import vehicle received at Port of Entry · 3800 Vehicle Produced, it’s come off the production line. VIN now available. · 4000 Vehicle Available to Ship · 4104 Bailment Invoice Created (Shipping doc’s) · 4B00 Bayed (“B”, not 8 ) Parked waiting on transportation · 4D00 Bayed, Held for Quality Control (unknown time period) · 4106 Bailment Released (Shipper in possession of vehicle) · 4150 Vehicle Invoiced (Dealer Billed for vehicle) · 4200 Vehicle Shipped (In Transit) · 4300 Intermediate Delivery (Up-fitter etc) · 4V03 Estimated Delivery Date · 4800 Rail Ramp Unload, at the distribution center. Delivered by truck to dealer · 5000 Vehicle Delivered to Dealer · 6000 Vehicle Delivered to Customer (or dealer reported sale to GM) · 9000 Order Cancelled
  2. ¨ Optional Equipment (G80 Order Code) on all GM two-wheel and four-wheel drive light trucks and sport utilities. Benefits ¨ Improved traction differentiates the vehicle relative to other rear wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles on the market. ¨ Maintenance free; requires no lube additives. ¨ Enhanced towing and off-road performance. ¨ Patented carbon friction disc technology enhances performance and durability while reducing warranty claims. Principles of Operation ¨ Wheel speed difference (left to right) in excess of 100 RPM will cause a flyweight mechanism to open and catch a latching bracket. ¨ The stopped flyweight will trigger a self-energizing clutch system, which results in the cam plate ramping against a side gear. ¨ Ramping increases until both axles turn at the same speed (full lock), which prevents further wheel slip. ¨ At speeds above 20MPH, the latching bracket swings away from the governor and prevents lockup from occurring. Technical Specifications ¨ Automatic locking takes place within a fraction of a second, so smoothly that it is unnoticed by the average driver. ¨ Unlocking occurs automatically, once the need for improved traction is gone, and is unnoticeable to the average driver. ¨ Compatible with anti-lock brake systems.
  3. A service advisor is just a appointment taker and salesman. His job is to schedule work and sell the customer services.
  4. Read some of the customer reviews, some unhappy customers with problem purchases. Some early Range models had problems and you could be buying something like that. Electronic items are a risky purchase if you are not buying the latest model or from a authorized dealer.
  5. If the GM free oil change is really free, why do they give fleet customers a discount when they opt out of it? Just another marketing ploy to get you to come back into the dealer so they can try to up sell you services or tempt you with a new vehicle. Maybe you never experienced an up sell but lots will. A former service advisor friend told me once; more than 1/2 of their customers do whatever they tell them needs to be done. R9Y Free Maintenance Fleet Credit
  6. All these companies are is upfitter's, just like motorhomes, ambulances, etc. The upfitter is the warrantor on the modifications, NOT GM. So if you have such a vehicle and you go to a different dealer than sold you the vehicle, good luck. Local twp FD is fit to be tied with Furd Ambulance diesel they have. Ford says the upfitter is responsible for the dead battery problems, upfitter says it Ford and they should pay, neither will pay. If it was just the harness, it would be several 100 dollars but the labor to track down the problem is in the 1,000's. TWP is suing the upfitter. The local Furd dealers did not sell it, it was out on bids, a gov't grant where a big fleet dealer in another state got the low bid, it was 100's of misc emergency vehicles in the special purchase, they waited almost a year to get it..
  7. They are designing these vehicles to eliminate anyone but the dealer servicing them. Eventually you won't be even able to change the oil, they want you to to go to the dealer for everything except fuel.
  8. try this site, there is a chevy sales lady who will run any order # and give you the current status. https://www.camaro6.com/forums/showthread.php?t=415251&page=3844
  9. So you can charge it anywhere for free, no cost? LOL. All this talk of saving gas never mentions to cost to charge them. Not Cheap and you could be forced to not be able to charge them when you need to because the electric company dials back usage. I was watching this old house this am and they were talking about this smart electric meters companies are going to. Those meters theoretically can allow the electric company to regulate usage and dial it down in peak times. Like the phone/text services providers dial back your access speeds. Some elected official someday might decide you are using to much electricity and prevent from charging your electric vehicle via the smart meters. LOL All these new technologies comes with unintended consequences.
  10. It is, better check your math, no way a truck gets this kind on mileage. You need to average it over thousands of miles to get a true picture, not cherry pick numbers.
  11. The 8sp takes time. To get the correct amount you have to have the trans at a certain temp. It took them 3 hrs time to flush mine BUT the charged a flat rate of $99 because I supplied the fluid.
  12. Looks like bottom to me, no inlet shown. That's the pic provided by ac delco.
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