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  1. That's common with stiff shocks.....thats the only reason....out of balance tires would not cause that....its the shocks...live with it or add weight to the bed to force down pressure...Been there, put HD shocks on my truck once and same thing happened..I got rid of them and went back to stock.
  2. broadcast sheet full of broadcast codes
  3. I can't believe the dealer staff do not know what a broadcast code is. Broadcast code and RPO are the same thing. They use broadcast codes in assembly processing language instead of part numbers. That code will often be found on a sticker on the part that was placed by the part manuf. Linking together all production depts and suppliers is an electronic broadcasting system that assures that the proper parts for a given vehicle will arrive at the proper place at exactly the right time. NK7 FUEL TANK,117 LITER(31 GALLON) PL4 Tire option Build sheet = Broadcast Sheet RPO - Regular Production Option LPO - Limited Production Option Vehicle build info..... Order status codes: 1100 = Preliminary Order (Order passed GM edit tables but dealer has not received allocation to place order) 2000 = Accepted By GM (Dealer used allocation to place order into production) 2500 = Preferenced (Order pulled to the production system) 3000 = Accepted By Production Control (Order input into the production system) 3100 = Sequenced (Order sequenced for Production) 3300 = Scheduled For Production (Order is scheduled into the plant build cycle) 3400 = Broadcast (Order is sent to various build & supplier areas to bring order together) 3800 = Produced (Order is built and VIN# shows in the Dealer Order system now) 4150 = Invoiced (Order is invoiced to the dealer) 4200 = Shipped (Vehicle is shipped to the dealer or point of delivery) 5000 = Delivered To Dealer 6000 = Delivered To Customer
  4. Hypoid axle lube may appear tinted and have a whitish or yellow appearance from the gear marking compound used in the production of the axle.
  5. OEM brand fluids are minimum requirement, aka good enough lubricants that are designed get you through the warranty, after that its not their problem. If anyone thinks differently all you need to do is refer to the fiasco with the 8sp trans and shuddering.
  6. Yes, every one I had looked like that on the factory fill, its normal. Not all is from wear, manufacturing may leave behind a lot of that debris. This is from on of my previous trucks.
  7. Most are not used for towing. We had them at the DOT and were used for GPS survey vehicles and carried a lot of equipment and rarely towed anything. Mine I never even used the back seat. That's were I stowed the GPS receivers and the rear cargo area survey gear such as tripods, tools, batteries, generator etc. They were special fleet HD K3500's (badged as a 2500) and the lead time was 1 yr from order to delivery and every one had to be justified as to its intended purpose for GM to claim the exemption from CAFE requirements.
  8. Whats your opinion of a nice speed. Note, in many states you are limited to 55 mph towing a trailer. IMO any speed faster is just a accident waiting to happen but I see it all the time. Last winter I was on I-43 going S from Green Bay doing the speed limit 65 and someone with a 1500 towing a large enclosed trailer likely carrying 4 snowmobiles passed me by. Big hurry to go no where, 20 miles down the road they are in the rest area taking a break.
  9. Wrong. A warranty is a contract between you and the company (GM) that built your car. It promises to take care of any applicable repairs, provided that you maintain the vehicle to proper expectations. In some situations, the repairs for a specific part will not be covered, but you still retain the warranty on the remainder of the vehicle. The dealer has not power to make that decision on behalf of GM. The warranty gives you specific legal rights.
  10. Btw, a dealer CANNOT void any warranty, they don't have the power to do that. GM can though. Some dealer staff enjoy using the threat of warranty denial as leverage to exclude the sale of competitors parts and service to ensure more business for themselves. They don't want you to spend your money at any other place besides them. Dealer tactics are intended to have a direct anti-competitive effect on others that compete with GM dealers for owners business.
  11. CSX Facilities in Michigan • Major rail yards in Detroit and Grand Rapids (Wyoming) • Intermodal terminal in Detroit • TRANSFLO terminals in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Wixom, and Melvindale • Automotive distribution centers in Flint and New Boston Its a major CSX rail hub, the carrier who will take it out east CSX Transportation is a Class I freight railroad operating in the eastern United States and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec. The railroad operates approximately 21,000 route miles of track. New Boston RR DC is near Detroit airport. https://www.google.com/maps/search/CSX+in+New+Boston,+MI/@42.1725004,-83.3996383,1552m/data=!3m1!1e3
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