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  1. Everyone made is committed to the production lines. Base engine in the Escalade and Yukon Denali and those vehicles are hard to find.
  2. They are bound by contracts with shippers and teamsters, so you can't pick it up.
  3. Mine does the same thing with my Samsung A53, the phone does not support wireless charging....That's your problem, incompatible phone.
  4. Reset the trip odometers to zero! But it will take many miles to average. 0 miles can't be averaged..
  5. Here in my area all 91 octane is ethanol free, Citgo, Shell, Holiday etc. 87 and 89 are Ethanol blends. The only premium with ethanol is Mobil and its 93 octane. So if you are using 93 octane is most likely ethanol blended. Near Lake Superior and very few boaters will buy fuel with ethanol content.
  6. The should all be the same brand because different brands may have different circumferences (or radius). While a vehicle is traveling down the road, the tires rotate a certain number of times per mile depending on the true tire radius. If all the tires do not have the exact same true radius (due to load, tire pressure, wear, build variances...), they will turn at slightly different rates. Also, unless the vehicle is traveling in a perfectly straight line, the front and rear axles are traveling in a slightly different arc, which means the front and rear axles are traveling at slightly different average speeds.
  7. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/general-motors/2023/02/22/gm-schedules-truck-plant-shutdown-maintain-optimal-inventory-fort-wayne/69932151007/
  8. You have better chances of picking winning lottery numbers than to know for sure when your vehicle will ship. When you combine the QC issues with nationwide logistics delays, delivery of vehicles can be the most frustrating part of the whole journey. There is no transparency to actual data. . It will likely take longer the more rural you are and the lower the volume of cars your dealer sells.
  9. CASTROL is a British Oil Company AMSOIL Is an American Oil Company (Superior, Wis.) since 1972! Buy American IMHO, I have for over 30 yrs.........................
  10. Occams Razor applies here? "The simplest explanation is usually the best one." You defeated autostop and DFM and this is the result, worse mileage. You need to make a decision, better mileage or mods. My 2021 Sierra 4wd Denali CC 6.2L has averaged 19.4 mph over its first 23,000 miles. 100% stock truck except for AMSOIL synthetic Lubes throughout.
  11. Maybe a bird or some other object flew by? I have occasionally had this happen when someone was near the road such as coming out of a driveway too far. That's the drawback with all these electronic sensors and camera's, things cause anomalies that some times cannot be explained. Its not foolproof, it was designed by humans.
  12. Did you replace it or a shop? One way to prevent these problems during a battery change is to keep the vehicle powered throughout the swap.
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