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  1. All 2022 have DFM active. What they don't have is AUTO STOP/START.
  2. This^^^^^^^^ When I bought my truck I told them I did not need any financing yet they went the whole 9 yards trying to sell me financing. I got po'd a little and then the finance guy said it was his job to advise me on this (LOL meaning making himself a commission off the finance contract) and then they made me sign a form declining financing Its a sales ploy as indicated above^. No matter what you think, they have a sales plan to go through with every customer to maximize their profits. The also tried to sell me rust proofing and paint sealant, which I declined. Keep in mind, you are dealing with salesman and they are going to be always trying to sell you something under the pretense of helping you.
  3. The difference is that the HD Filter has more pleats in order to have more dirt holding capacity. Other than that its no difference than the non-HD filter.
  4. A friend worked on the construction of that Rail spur. I have toured that facility some 5 yrs ago.
  5. 22-24 is unrealistic I don't care what the onboard readout says. The ONLY sure method to calculate mileage is by logging miles and fuel used over thousands of miles and then averaging it out. Taking one snapshot in time and using that as gospel is flawed as these in-vehicle average MPG displays are almost always inaccurate.. If those figures were true (22-24mpg) than GM would be claiming that mileage on the window sticker like on this 2022 Silverado equipped similar to yours. 2022
  6. Less fuel used = less emissions generated. The reason they will not-re-enable is likely the cost to do so.
  7. I use AUTO every day in winter and have for years, ever since it was offered. Winter 6-months here so you don't drive around in 2wd unless you want to be spinning your tires at every stop. Ifs the roads are dry, 2wd other its AUTO. 4LOCK rarely used, only in deep snow etc. Never need 4LOW. Ownedr a 4wd truck since 1975, Chevy K5 Blazer. Weather is like this Nov-Apr +-
  8. Maybe they got a gov't contract to build diesel engines for electric vehicle charging stations. LOL
  9. The look a lot like these GMC Accessory only painted to match. Rugged Look Fender Flare Set by EGR in Black - Associated Accessories
  10. 12,500 miles on my 2021 Sierra Denali 6.2L and it has not used 1 drop of oil. Had a bent pushrod but no oil consumption.
  11. 37195.10 is what you should have paid before taxes, dealer fee's and any added accessories not included on the invoice. As long as you did not sign something that included a fee of some kind? I believe GM will audit the sale so if there was an error they should catch it. I had a similar experience albeit over 12 yrs ago. The dealer misapplied a GM business discount I had and did not credit me the proper amount and GM auditing the sale called me and informed me I would be getting a $500 refund from the dealer due to their error. I got a check a week or so later. Be a few years and can't recall the exact details of how the miscalculated the discount.
  12. Read the fine print "for compatible roads". In order to operate Super Cruise, you must have an active and eligible GMC Connected Services† plan. Super Cruise vehicles are also connected to OnStar® Emergency Services†, so Emergency-Certified OnStar Advisors can assist drivers should they become nonresponsive while Super Cruise is active. https://www.gmc.com/connectivity-technology/super-cruise
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