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  1. That's not new. You can even pull up a window sticker. Go to Laura Buick GMC, they show a lot in-transit. Stock Number N/A VIN 1GT49NEYXLF105486 Current Offers MSRP $69,360 Sale Price $69,360 This vehicle has been shipped from the assembly plant and will arrive in the near future. Please contact us for more details.
  2. Headlights burn out really fast

    Are them oem replacement type lights or some high intensity replacements?
  3. Check this dealers inventory, has a dark sky Yukon, looks good Dark Sky would be my choice over black or blue. Black is so common a color. http://www.fredmuellerauto.com/VehicleSearchResults?search=new&make=GMC&model=Yukon,Yukon XL#close
  4. license plate fee

    They will figure a way to tax gas autos/trucks out of exitance re; Pricing Destination Charge $995.00 Installed Options Shock $395.00 Audio system, Chevrolet Infotainment 3 Premium system with connected Navigation, 8" diagonal HD color touchscreen, AM/FM stereo $495.00 Transmission, 10-speed automatic $1,595.00 Gas guzzler tax $2,100.00 Total Options $4,585.00 MSRP* $73,580.00
  5. Fleet options can be different and not fit regular production vehicles without costly mods. Case in point, we had work trucks that were fleet & special order, k2500 'burbans. My suburban needed new brakes/rotors,drums at around 100,000 miles. Took it to the dealer, they ordered parts not realizing in was F&SO and the parts would not fit. Long story short, everything was a little different, bigger rotors and drums and off course a lot more expensive to the tune of $3,000 parts & labor. Chevy built the 2500 DOT fleet vehicles on a 3500 chassis but the truck was badged a 2500 (4x4). Ps SInce it was a DOT vehicle only certified brake technicians could service and the parts had to also be certified.
  6. Here is one on lot 2020 GMC Sierra 2500HD CC VIN 1GT49RE74LF106101 Engine 6.6L V8 Direct Injection with Variable Valve Timing Gas engine Transmission Automatic Trim Denali Color Red Quartz Tintcoat Destination Charge $1,595.00 Installed Options Red Quartz Tintcoat $595.00 Battery, auxiliary, 730 cold-cranking amps/70 Amp-hr $135.00 Denali Ultimate Package $2,870.00 Trailer Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors $50.00 Trailering wiring provisions, for trailering, 5th wheel and gooseneck trailer $35.00 Snow Plow Prep Package $150.00 DENALI ULTIMATE PACKAGE DISCOUNT -$500.00 Total Options $3,335.00 MSRP* $68,630.00
  7. Oil Life System

    Condition/Concern Since 2010 all GM vehicles have been equipped with the oil life monitor (OLM) system The monitor calculates the percent of oil life remaining, based on 3 pathways The OLM starts its calculation for all pathways after the first 50 miles to account for marshalling and time before sale. Subsequently, calculations begin immediately after each reset. Recommendation/Instructions Oil Life Monitor Calculation Pathways: 1. Engine revolutions- Oil life starts with a fixed number of revolutions and will decrease with each revolution. Cold / hot coolant temp readings have multipliers that reduce engine revolutions pathway quicker depending on how far from the normal oil temperature the vehicle is operating. Note: If engine coolant temp gets above 260F, engine overheat condition, the oil life will go to 0%. 2. Mileage from last reset – Starting with MY 2013, the OLM is capped at 7500 miles for all GM powertrains except the Volt. In perfect conditions a vehicle would reach 7500 miles from the last reset and the oil life left would be 0%. 3. Time- This pathway is a liner function, a fixed decrease in oil life for a given time after the oil life is reset. The oil life will drop to 0% after 1 year regardless of the amount of engine revolutions or how many miles since the reset. Note: The Volt uses a 2 year timer instead of 1 year. It also uses the engine revolution counter. It does not use the mileage pathway to count down.
  8. AC Delco Quality Sucks!

    The automotive parts market has become a commodity market; Parts that are of equal value to a consumer no matter what company produces and markets it, and as such, is available at any discount with little differentiation among brands.
  9. GM Offers 2020-MY Fleet Incentives
  10. Why did you buy your GM?

    I drove the 2 US brands, Furd and Dudge at work for thirty years and came to hate them. Always had GM's and never had problems like we experienced with our fleet trucks.
  11. With all the technology (electronics etc) they are all subject to problems and would be a risk IMO keeping them past the warranty period. I drove Dodge (now RAM) for 30 yrs at work. I seen how they can be nice trucks when new but give them 3-4 yrs and they start to show as inferior to GM and Ford with frequent and severe maintenance trends. The last Dodge we had was pulled from service at around 75,000 miles (lease was 100,000) because the bean counters determined it was not worth repairing anymore, cut the loses and replace it. I recall the agency in charge of equipment saying once, Dodge was lowest fleet cost on initial purchase but in the long run were most costly to own (fleet wise) than GM or Ford which cost more new, and Dodge/Ram had the lowest resale/auction value. This was based on 100's of vehicles purchased for gov't agencies, they were required to accept the lowest bid as a vehicle was considered just a commodity, that which is of equal value no matter what company produces and markets it, and as such, is available at any discount with little differentiation among brands. .
  12. Here's a bunch of https://www.bergstromauto.com/VehicleSearchResults?search=new&minYear=2019&make=GMC&model=Sierra 2500HD
  13. What kind of oil

    OEM’s base the OCI's on an oil that meets minimum standards, not oils that are good, better or best.
  14. What kind of oil

    Today's high-quality engine lubricating oils are very sophisticated. Most oils already contain precise amounts of additives blended into the lubricating oil to meet stringent performance requirements. These oils meet performance characteristics that conform to the lubricant industry standards and are sufficient protection when used according to the recommendations. Aftermarket lubricating oil additives are not necessary to enhance engine oil performance and may in some cases reduce the oil's capability to protect the engine.

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