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  1. Maybe this? Lane Keep Assist (LKA) Light After the vehicle is started, this light turns off and stays off if LKA has not been turned on or is unavailable. If equipped, this light is white if LKA is turned on, but not ready to assist. This light is green if LKA is turned on and is ready to assist. LKA may assist by gently turning the steering wheel if the vehicle approaches a detected lane marking. The LKA light is amber when assisting. This light flashes amber as a Lane Departure Warning (LDW) alert, to indicate that the lane marking has been crossed.
  2. Car salesmen are some of the most hated professions, right up there with members of congress and telemarketers.
  3. AMSOIL demonstrates an uncommon loyalty toward its Dealer network that is remarkable in today's world. This is one of the reasons you will not find AMSOIL synthetic motor oils at big box retailers like Walmart, Costco etc. The company is dedicated to preserving brand value as well as limiting price-gouging competition. As one of a few independently owned oil companies in the USA (Wis), they have always stood apart from the big oil companies. They maintain the freedom to formulate products based on performance, not price and are NOT beholden to a large corporation driven solely by profit
  4. Its installed wrong, just needs to be shifted rearward, take it back and complain. I have same cover and dealer installed mine half-assed as well. It now overlaps the t-gate by about 1/4-3/8 inch. Note, the lowest paid flunkies gets to do this job.
  5. Build out for 2021 models is 09-24. Order banks open 7/1/21 for 2022 allocations Production is scheduled for 9/20/21 for 2022 light duty.
  6. ................................................................................... [quote]While the GM dexos and Dexron specifications play the important role of setting a minimum-quality standard, it also limits the flexibility needed to create the highest level of protection. AMSOIL uses these standards as an initial benchmark, then moves beyond them to provide motor oil and transmission fluid with superior performance and protection. GM also collects royalties on the license. Subscribing to the program would limit our ability to produce the most innovative products on the market. The
  7. GM is planning to build 2021 model trucks until Sept 24.........model year is coded in the VIN and cannot be changed.
  8. An old vehicle like, 20 yrs +, they probably don't have records anymore.
  9. When it comes to fleet vehicles like AT&T would buy it may be unique and be one off for them. Huge buyers can get purpose built vehicle that they do not produce for anyone else. We had them at the DOT, mostly K3500 suburbans (GPS Survey crew trucks), 4x4 and all emblems said it was a 2500 but it really a 1 ton . Yet it had HD springs, a larger 45 gal fuel tank, big brakes, Silverado seats, deep tinted glass, p.locks ++. Its was a special order I recall when it came time for new brakes they could only be ordered from a GM dealer using the F&SO code in the glove box. Anything the p
  10. The taller the tire that you install, the higher the gear ratio will become. Larger tires will also have a larger rotating mass due to the increase in weight. Both of these issues will result in a loss of low end torque. Your engine will have to strain harder to get the wheels rolling at the start. The smaller the engine, the more it will affect performance and put a strain on all components not to mention up-sizing, or installing a taller tire, will lead to a speedometer reading that is slower than your actual speed. This is because a taller tire will have a larger overall circumference, whi
  11. fwiw, GM intends to build 2021 models till 9/24/21 as that is communicated to dealers as the build-out date... There is a nation-wide shortage of Rail cars and shippers are experiencing extremely high demand and that's straining the logistics systems.
  12. Full size trucks and full size suv's are not affected by chip shortage per GM as all resources are going to those vehicles, their most profitable models. GM builds what they call pattern orders based on available parts and if a dealer/customer opts for one of those vehicles, it move fast into production. I was talking wit the a friend who sell them and commented why all the I4 trucks? He said, GM is letting us have all we want but with the higher trim levels, High Country and Denali on constraints, take what we can get. They got in 4 GMC's all the same equipped, trim 3SB Elevati
  13. Handheld GPS apps is only accurate to +/- 20 meters and sometimes can be way off if obstructions block some sats'.
  14. Once is starts adding the AFM delete is to late. The piston rings are likely messed up from oil and combustion byproducts that the rings are not sealing adequately and oil is being consumed.
  15. From someone who works at Flint (not assembly).
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