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  1. 2017 Canyon V6 transmission issue

    Note ----- Recalls apply only to items that could affect vehicle occupancy safety. Items listed under separate manufacturer technical service bulletins are not always covered by warranty.
  2. 2017 Canyon V6 transmission issue

    The GM branded AC Delco Dexron HP is the problem, poor quality oem fluid that does not hold up. Some dealers may still have it in stock so it may still get put in some vehicles even though its discontinued. They won't lose money. This has been out since 2016................... Engineering notes:PART NO 19331925. FLUID. WILL BE REPLACED BY FLUID. PART NO 19353429. PLEASE REFER TO PARTS WORKBENCH FOR LATEST PART ORDERING INFORMATION AND AVAILABILITY. 19353429 - MOBIL 1 SYNTHETIC LV ATF HP TRANSMISSION FLUID - 1 QUART CONTAINER GM Part No.: 19331925 Fluid,Automatic Transmission Synth Lv Dexron Hp Acdelco 12X1Qt Part Description FLUID,A/TRANS 32.0 OZ Other Name Standard Parts Manufacturer GM. This genuine GM part is guaranteed by GM's factory warranty. Manufacturer's Notes This part is discontinued. It is no longer available for purchase.
  3. Well my truck has the JL1 and it did not come with an extra harness. Too bad people butcher a truck and then trade it in making it someone else's problem. My brother was telling me about a friend of his who is in the salvage yard business but also buys and sells high performance cars. A while back he bought slightly used Cadillac CTS V-Sport, he got it from a dealer only auction and it was a repo. He was driving it around and the trans was giving him fits so he took it to the dealer (still under warranty). Got a call from the dealer to tell him the powertrain warranty was blocked, it had been tuned. They would not even work on it. The auction was "as is". So he got screwed as he cannot return the car. He sold it and still made money.
  4. Friend is a tech and he just told me they have seen an increasing number of these with broken wires in the harness, new trucks with low miles. Said he worked on one last week that would not work and they found the wires were broken. VERY thin wires in the harness. Could be the issue although he said this GMC would throw a message in the display, "Service Trailer Brake System" every time truck was started. He said the controller is located at rear under the spare tire. PS - GM will not allow them to replace the harness, must repair.
  5. Does it work though? I mean can you stop the trailer with the dash controls? On the Denali when Tow Haul Mode is selected the dash display changes to pic below, trans temp gauge up right and gain at bottom bracketing the odometer. No gain is showing because no trailer is connected.
  6. On my truck, a 2017 Sierra Denali you have to be in tow haul mode. My 2015 was the same, engage tow haul mode (and trailer connected) and that the info shows up on the dash display. Now I can't tell you if the Silverado is same as the GMC as the Denali has a digital dash.
  7. Crew or Double Cab?

    The double cab and the cc short box are the same wheelbase. The shorter box is the result of making it a crew cab. The CC standard box is 10-inch longer wheelbase. I had a 2015 CC standard bed (6.5') Sierra Denali, ordered it. I know have a 2017 Sierra Denali short box. I don'tr need to haul the same as I did with the 2015. I might have opted for the standard box had there been any to be found loaded like I wanted but the dealer could not find one within 500 miles sitting on a dealers lot. They are just not as popular and have a long sit time in inventory and dealers want inventory to move, as one told me, its turn and burn, cc short box outsells cc standard box 100 to 1. Friend has been selling GMC's for 30 yrs, he said that you would not believe how many trade-ins they get where the pu box is like brand new. People buy a truck, 90% don't really need a truck. Years ago he says, they had to scrutinize every truck trade in because the box would be beat up, now its no longer a concern. If they get a truck with a beat up bed, its gets a spray in liner to hide it.
  8. PDT SLT Crew Cab Premium Plus Package, Requires Crew Cab model. Includes (NZP) 20" chrome clad wheels, (QSS) P275/55R20 all-season, blackwall tires, (UD5) Front and Rear Park Assist, (UVD) heated steering wheel, (A48) power sliding rear window, (BVQ) 6" rectangular chrome tubular assist steps, (UQA) Bose premium audio system, (IO6) GMC Infotainment 8" Diagonal Color Touch audio system with Navigation, (JL1) trailer brake controller, (Y86) Enhanced Driver Alert Package, (AN3) front bucket seats, (KQV) heated and ventilated seating, (CGN) spray-on bed liner and (T4L) full LED headlamps. Available to substitute (NZP) 20" chrome clad wheels with (RD5) 20" x 9" polished aluminum wheels. 1 - Not available with (PCM) SLT Preferred Package, (PDG) All Terrain SLT Premium Package, (PDB) SLT Premium Package, (PDC) Texas SLT Premium Package, (GAT) All Terrain Package or any LPO wheels. Note: No changes or substitutions to the included Premium Plus Package equipment will be allowed. If not specifically mentioned as not available as above, all other normally available 4SA options will be allowed.
  9. One thing is I caught the dealer about to install the wrong ATF in my truck. They (service dept) were unaware that the Dexon VI was not the correct ATF for the 8-sp. When I questioned them about having the correct fluid they had to reschedule the appointment (truck was going on the lift) because neither their parts dept or the 3 other dealers they called had Dexron HP. in stock Even the SM was shocked to find out their parts dept had dropped the ball on carrying Dexron HP. They apologized for the screw up, gave me coupons for several car washes, filled my tank and even delivered the vehicle back to me (100 miles) to compensate me for having to come back. Mine was the first one they were doing the flush on, early 2015 model.
  10. I have a 2017 Denali Ultimate with th 8sp, its been perfect since day 1. My bro has a 2017 SLT 6.2L with max trailering and all options. He has almost 30,000 miles and has not had one problem with the 8sp. I had a 2015 Denali with the 8sp and there were problem to start but after the new TC and fluid flush it was good for 50,000 miles til I traded if for the 2017. M5U Transmission, 8-speed automatic, electronically controlled with overdrive and tow/haul mode. Includes Cruise Grade Braking and Powertrain Grade Braking 1 - Included and only available on Double Cab models with (L86) 6.2L EcoTec3 V8 engine. Included and only available on Crew Cab models with (GAT) All Terrain Package, (PDT) SLT Crew Cab Premium Plus Package, (NHT) Max Trailering Package or (L86) 6.2L EcoTec3 V8 engine.
  11. VIN Decoder & RPO Codes

    You can't take an RPO code list from 2004 and apply it to a 2014 model. The 2004 was current in 2004 and codes often change from year to year and model to model not to mention have a completely difference meaning from car to truck and GM division to GM division. For instance, everyone sees G80 on a list as Limited Slip Differential but in trucks and SUV's it means Locking Rear Differential. Also, there are often RPO's that cannot be deciphered as they are really not options but components used in assembly of the vehicle. Keep in mind that the usage of that SPID label is "Service Parts Identification". I have seen list published on the web that are 30 yrs old. Make sure the reference you use covers the year vehicle you have.
  12. The V8 pickup truck is doomed vehicle. GM is offering the I4 in the NBS and that's going to be the future. When more socialists get elected to the highest offices in the country, they will get these V8 trucks and SUV's off the US roads. Enjoy it while you can as your freedoms are going away slowly as the EPA rules the land. .
  13. 2018 Axle Codes G80 Differential, heavy-duty locking rear GT4 Rear axle, 3.73 ratio GU4 Rear axle, 3.08 ratio GU5 Rear axle, 3.23 ratio GU6 Rear axle, 3.42 ratio
  14. Cold air intakes are only effective when you're at WOT, aka redline.
  15. GM building trucks at Oshawa again Just seen a six 2019 GMC Sierra Limiteds arrive a local dealer. All were double cans and made in Canada. 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 Limited 4WD Double Cab SLE VIN 2GTV2MEC5K1100662 Engine 5.3L EcoTec3 V8 engine

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