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  1. ¨ Optional Equipment (G80 Order Code) on all GM two-wheel and four-wheel drive light trucks and sport utilities. Benefits ¨ Improved traction differentiates the vehicle relative to other rear wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles on the market. ¨ Maintenance free; requires no lube additives. ¨ Enhanced towing and off-road performance. ¨ Patented carbon friction disc technology enhances performance and durability while reducing warranty claims. Principles of Operation ¨ Wheel speed difference (left to right) in excess of 100 RPM will cause a flyweight mechanism to open and catch a latching bracket. ¨ The stopped flyweight will trigger a self-energizing clutch system, which results in the cam plate ramping against a side gear. ¨ Ramping increases until both axles turn at the same speed (full lock), which prevents further wheel slip. ¨ At speeds above 20MPH, the latching bracket swings away from the governor and prevents lockup from occurring. Technical Specifications ¨ Automatic locking takes place within a fraction of a second, so smoothly that it is unnoticed by the average driver. ¨ Unlocking occurs automatically, once the need for improved traction is gone, and is unnoticeable to the average driver. ¨ Compatible with anti-lock brake systems.
  2. The oem's believe that getting rid of the dipstick was one way to prevent premature, owner-induced transmission failure in new vehicles so they claim but its probably because they want to force the consumer to go back to the dealer for everything so the dealer can profit more. IMO its only a matter of time before you won't even be able to add or change your own oil providing you new vehicle even has oil.
  3. NQH Transfer case, two-speed, electronic Autotrac with push button control (4WD models only) 1 - Included and only available with (X31) X31 Off-Road Package or available as a free flow option on TK10903. 2 - Included and only available with (X31) X31 Off-Road Package. 3 - Included and only available with (L87) 6.2L EcoTec3 V8 engine or (X31) X31 Off-Road Package. NOTE Standard on AT4, Denali. Custom Trail Boss, LT Trail Boss, High Country
  4. I had this one installed on my new truck by the dealer so its covered by the bumper to bumper warranty. https://accessories.gm.com/keweenawcars/product/bed-products/short-bed-hard-folding-tonneau-cover-by-rev-associated-accessories-19418277?vin=3GTU9CET0MG231462&bac=291446&categoryId=12010
  5. There is a inside sliding cover so you could block it when not wanted and you would never know it existed and it lets in no more heat than the metal roof when closed.
  6. Might look odd from side view but it looks fine from the front
  7. Nope, its all Chevrolet. From the order guide Paints, solid, Tangier Orange All normally body colored non-sheet metal parts will be black including front fender extensions, cab spoiler on Double & Crew cabs and LT trim door handles. May require extended lead time.
  8. Looking for a unique color, just spotted this Trail Boss at local dealer (no affiliation) Engine: 5.3L EcoTec3 V8 engine with DFM Transmission: Automatic Trim: LT Trail Boss Color:Special Exterior Color Installed Options Leather Package $760.00 Bed Protection Package $685.00 Dark Essentials Package $305.00 Power sunroof $995.00 Performance Upgrade Package $2,275.00 Convenience Package II $1,300.00 Integrated trailer brake controller $275.00 Paints, solid, Tangier Orange $450.00
  9. UOA is not a tool for decision making off a single sample. Used Oil Analysis (UAO for short) is to look for trending wear patterns and help catch problems before they become problematic. Oil analysis reports are not used to determine oil quality or to compare oils. Volatility cannot be determined though a UOA report. A UOA will not determine how much of the oil burned off, carbonized in the turbo, or has stuck to your valves.
  10. Don't think so, just posted 2 days ago so I think they recently discovered the flaw. https://gm-techlink.com/?p=14365
  11. Time is a factor, after one year it resets to zero. Nothing really special about the oil, its just the 3.0L is so new that most oil companies are in no hurry to come out with an alternative 0W-20. Mobil 1 is the GM oil supplier to AC Delco. Btw, AMSOIL recently came out with a 0W-20 that meets the spec but they will not license it because they don't want to pay GM for the logo and to be on the list.
  12. 4 ↓(Four-Wheel Drive Low) : This setting engages the front axle and delivers extra torque. Choose 4 ↓ when driving off-road in deep sand, deep mud, or deep snow, and while climbing or descending steep hills. While driving in 4 ↓, keep vehicle speed below 72 km/h (45 mph). Note-Also useful when plowing snow as it puts less strain on the transmission
  13. Incentives can vary greatly by region and financing could depend on your credit rating. Not all buyers will qualify so you need to check with the dealer.
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