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  1. I have had a few trucks with the GM G80 locker and NEVER had a single issue with it unlike all the doomsday posts to the contrary. 100's of thousands of them on the road. Its an excellent product. Like anything, it can be misused and misrepresented and blamed for things that are not its fault.
  2. Suspension modifications can have a ripple effect on the whole vehicle from engines and transmission issues to drive line issues.
  3. GM Dexron HP "The base stock of old fluid (19355656) has the ability to attract low levels of moisture, which can cause degradation of the coefficient of friction of the fluid. The new fluid (19417577) has a new GTL (Gas to Liquid) base stock that is able to tolerate more moisture. Shuddering transmissions and torque converters have been recovered with the new fluid. New transmission fluid tests have been developed due this issue to prevent it from occurring with new transmission fluids."
  4. The aggressive tires probably had a lot to do with it as well, more rolling resistance. The faster you drive the more fuel you burn, aerodynamic drag.
  5. Dealer who modify suspensions (lift trucks etc) are taking on the responsibility for warranting them. Other dealers are not likely to want to touch the vehicle unless the customer is paying the bill as they might never collect on warranty work if GM blocks it or the other dealer refuses to honor it. Buyer beware.
  6. The Law of Reciprocity simply explained is that when someone does something for you, you feel obligated to reciprocate or do something in return for them. Dealer gives you a Free Oil is an example. They give you something free, you feel obligated to return the favor by going to them for the next one and the next etc. That's the motive behind free oil change.
  7. Question: Can another oil such as 5W30 that is cheaper and more widely available be used in place of 0W20 oil? Answer: No. The 5.3L and 6.2L V8 EcoTec3 engines available in the 2014 Silverado 1500 and Sierra 1500 pickup trucks were designed, engineered and validated to run using 0W20 oil. This is the ONLY oil approved for these engines.
  8. Brake wear can almost always be the results of how the vehicle is driven. We had 6 trucks on our region DOT GPS team. One guy always had brake problems no matter the brand of truck he got assigned, be it a Furd or Dudge, he needed brakes within a year and 25,000 miles. No one else had those issues. My truck went to auction after 4 yrs and 125,000 miles and only had one brake job at 80,000 miles. His truck was a carbon copy of mine and his needed brakes 4 times and they always had to replace everything. I rode with him one time, one foot on the gas and the other foot on the brake. Of course he blame the vehicle.
  9. Some front axles don't have a drain plug. Mine did not, dealer had to vacuum out the fluid.
  10. My friend has those Duratracs on his Z71 and every time he drives by I can hear the tires making noise. Says the same thing, very noisy and terrible in the snow. And as typical with these type tires, the more the wear the worse the noise will get. Probably rotating every 5,000 from new will improve the noise but not for long...The more aggressive the tread the more a wear pattern will form and that's what causes noise. They are intended for the off-road...non hard pavement driving..
  11. Had tires changed once at GY tire store. Noticed one guy tightened them with a guns and another finished off with the torque wrench. I asked why and they head guy, said law suit. A guy forgot to tighten one wheel on a ladies Trans Am. She made it 10 miles and the tire came off causing an accident. The store was sued for negligence. Now every tire/wheel is checked by 2 people. Not using a torque wrench is short-cutting the job and sooner or later, will bite you in the arse.
  12. Generally, the public is unaware that it is illegal for a vehicle manufacturer to tie the warranty of its product to the use of the manufacturers own brand of lubricant or filters. Federal law seeks to ensure competition within the marketplace and that specifically includes guaranteeing continued warranty coverage outside of the OEM-branded lubricants and filters. In short, you have the right to use the oil of your choice. If the lubricant did not cause the problem, the OEM warranty cannot be voided, period. https://www.ftc.gov/business-guidance/blog/2018/04/ftc-staff-sends-warranty-warnings
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