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  1. 2020 production is scheduled to end in late July for HD's and who knows when for 1500's. I have a 2017 1500 that was built late in the model year, Aug of 2017. So I would not assume 2020 production is over. They got at least 3 + months of time left.
  2. According to the fleet order guide they are not scheduled to stop producing 2020 HD2500, 3500 till the end of July and they could continue if they have back orders to fill.
  3. Could be normal as they will act that way sometimes. Older service info but still applicable. Mass production and cost concerns lead to "good enough" (low bid supplier) but not necessarily the best available. Look at OEM tires, for example, decent quality, "good enough" quality, but not necessarily the best available. The same could be said for shocks, brake pads, oil and filters.
  4. It’s a proven fact, most of the things we worry about, NEVER HAPPEN.
  5. They will keep building 2020's until the end ofJuly but they will stop accepting 2020 orders soon.
  6. This is a bad time to order a vehicle as everything is down and no orders are moving anywhere.
  7. This was a few years ago but a person who lives near me ordered a new Chevy Impala, loaded to the max. Car came it and they called him to come and complete the paperwork and pickup the car. So he and the wife (retired couple) cleaned out their old car and went to the dealer. When they came in the salesman called over to the detail shop to bring the car over. They were waiting a seemly long time so the sm went to hurry it up. He came back a little while later said, we have a problem. The guy was backing it out of the wash bay and caught the door on a concrete filled door guard and mangled the door and front fend badly. They left with their old car and never went to get a new one. Sadly they ended buying a Ford.
  8. I don't know what incentives are needed? In Michigan, this is a big Chevy, GMC, Buick, RAM They can't sell vehicles
  9. Any accessories not original to the truck? Like a Range AFM disabler?
  10. Dealer Holdback is an amount paid to the dealer by the manufacturer for each new vehicle sold. Dealer holdback is retained in dealers account, $1,724.85 shown lower right as H/B.
  11. They are audited on those incentives and they can't screw GM. Been there on that. I bought a truck several years ago (2012) and the salesman added up all the incentives I qualified for and took them off the price. After the sale (few weeks) I get a phone call from GMC customer service (or GM card, can't recall for certain) telling me I was entitled to another $500 in car show bonus cash that was mistakenly not applied to my purchase. I paid cash+2010 GMC lein free trade in - bonus cash - GM loyalty cash - GM card points doubled (approx $2500). Missing was a $500 car show bonus cash that only people residing within 200 (? as I recall) mile radius of the car show (Minneapolis). I had no idea this existed nor did the salesman mention it, was the previous weekend and only good for a limited time. When the salesman checked to see what I qualified for, he entered the zip code of the dealership which was not within range for the discount. He made a mistake and assumed I lived in same town which I did not. Should have used my zip code which was within range, dealer was 100 miles farther away from Minneapolis. GMC cs told me the dealer would sending me a check which I got it several days later just saying a math error was found by them when in reality it was GMC that caught it. They probably were not aware I got a call from GMC customer service and possibly the extra $500 would have gone into their coffers.
  12. I don't use dexos approved oil (and never will) and never had one issue with my GM engines. GM Dexos is no more a higher grade oil than GM’s Dexcool was better antifreeze. We know how that turned out. Every time you see the Dexos logo you paid more for it. It’s just another way they extort money from other companies.
  13. GM’s approved is scheme to scare customers into bringing their vehicle to the dealer for service. Since that caused a lot of dissension among oil suppliers GM decided to sell licenses. It’s all about making $ for GM.
  14. That's because they are DIFFERENT suspension systems. Denali is luxury ride, AT4/Z71 are off-road and Max Towing if for HD trailering. They don't use the same suspension components.
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