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  1. Its used in millions of filters and there are no reason to think its inferior or it would not be in use. All it does is hold the components together inside the can.
  2. Just the opposite. Wix is not the sole producer of the AMSOIL oil filter, they have many partners, Wix, Donaldson, Champion Labs. They are not rebranded filters.
  3. Sure, its designed for those who follow the OLM and don't extended oil changes past OEM recommendations. PS, I have used AMSOIL for 40 yrs. That have a distribution center in Arlington! 1 of 13 notionwide. They been producing synthetic oil since prior to 1972. Made in the USA, Superior, WIS.
  4. I bought a brand new 1977 Monte Carlo, special ordered (to get the color I wanted) loaded with 350 V8. First car I used AMSOIL in, 10W-40. Put it in early, probably 3,000 miles and the first oil change was at 35,000 miles. I drove that car for 4 yrs and racked up about 140,000 miles and never had a problem with it. Was nice car, sterling silver with black landau roof and red interior. Traded it in 1981with about 40,000 miles on the clock and running like new, dealer had no idea is was a 140,000+- miles because it drove and looked new. Bought a new Olds Cutlass, loaded GM exec car (low miles gutless wonder) and that car was not as good, had lots of problems due to the emissions garbage (carb) that was on the car and it also had bad dark blue paint the dealer could never seem to fix, kept coming off.
  5. Going on 40 yrs and I have never changed my oil (except when brand new 1st change) before 15,000 miles or 1 yr, gone to 25,000 when I was working construction surveying and traveling over 25,000 miles a year to project locations. Later years when I was crew chief I had company suburban so I did not need to drive my vehicles. Any oil can go a million miles if you change it often like like they did in that test. How many people you know drive 1 million miles? I have known one and he was an owner/operator with an over-the-road truck, and he changed when uoa told him. A long time friend is a LTL carrier driving a 2007 Sprinter van with MB diesel and has about 1/2 million miles crisscrossing the USA from Mich to the left coast and all points in between . Btw, he uses AMSOIL Euro 5W-40, changes oil about every 50,000 as determined by oil analysis. He has a bypass filter and could go longer per uoa but it works to be about every 6 months which fit his schedule. Everything but the engine has given him fits, that and trans keep purring along on AMSOIL.
  6. I used K&N long ago but it was not worth all the time and expense of servicing it, have to buy cleaner and oil, take it apart, clean it and let it dry for 24 hrs. Nothing is gained IMO, what you might save on not buying a new filter is off-set by the money spent for the cleaning and re-oiling supplies, not to mention the down time to clean. Just don't see the benefit. My truck has 25,000 miles and just about 2 yrs old and the oem filter is still serviceable (not very dirty) and the owners manual says to replace it at 45,000 miles. So why do it at 15,000 miles?
  7. The part # (off the filter box) is 84520923 for his 2017 Sierra.
  8. Anyone try the ne GM Performance air filter? A friend got one, its made in Canada. Not oiled or cleanable Upgrade the performance of your vehicle with this GMC Performance Replacement Air Filter. Rigorously tested for durability, long-term efficiency, and seamless integration, the filter has been tested to reduce airflow restriction by up to 10% at 330-g/s, providing increased performance both on and off road. Built with a performance appearance, this drop-in replacement filter contains 5 less filter pleats, which allows for an increase in airflow performance, and boasts a filter efficiency of 99.5% when tested to ISO5011. This filter requires no additional calibration and does not void the New Vehicle Limited Warranty.
  9. Tires are mounted and balanced all by automation at the assembly plant, not by humans.
  10. I don't know how that can be predicted. Might not have done any long term damage but have to wait and see. About all you can do is pretend that dealer does not exist and never go back there, even to use the rest room.
  11. Changing oil and not changing oil filter is akin to taking a bath/shower and putting your dirty underwear back on. The sign of a cheapskate.
  12. Soot is a byproduct of incomplete combustion. Since soot particles are less than one micron in size, the oil filter cannot filter them out. Most oil additives are up to 1 micron.
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