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  1. I have (personally) seen dealers put GM parts numbers on a invoice but they did not use GM parts. They use some aftermarket part they acquired locally but used GM part numbers for billing purposes ($). This very common especially when it comes to oil changes. My mothers car came with a Fram oil filter on it after local dealer oil change.
  2. Try a different brand...Not all oils are alike. PS - 22,025 miles and I have never added a drop of oil. Change oil once a year or 15,000 miles using AMSOIL SS 0W-20. I just checked my oil this am. 7,025 miles on this oil change and its still on the full mark.
  3. Integrated with various parts or aspects linked or coordinated. integrated electronics [′in·tə‚grād·əd i‚lek′trän·iks] (electronics) A generic term for that portion of electronic art and technology in which the interdependence of material, device, circuit, and system-design consideration is especially significant; more specifically, that portion of the art dealing with integrated circuits.
  4. Supply is up, demand is down. I notice a local GMC dealer here is offering $2300 discount on Sierra's.
  5. https://addinol.de/en/products/lubricants-for-the-automotive-sector/engine-oil/evaporation-loss/
  6. I have noticed a bunch of work trucks on local dealer lots recently (last 2 months), both Chevy and GMC dealer had over a Doz, Most ones I checked out were 2500 CC gas engine in the color white. There were several reg cab 2500 as well, all 4wd. Another thing I saw on many was "upfitter swtichs". 2 different dealers, one the Chevy and the other GMC. They all showed up around the same time and I just looked and none are showing in dealer inventory. I would assume GM batch built the work trucks, held orders till a certain point and they released them into production once parts were confirmed available. Not an uncommon practice for what are deemed fleet vehicles. Just my observation after driving fleet vehicles for over 30 yrs, our vehicle dept would always tell us GM needed a 1 yr lead time to build our trucks (100's of them, pu, burban).
  7. If they are not using OEM parts then that's problem. Friend owns a big repair shop and he will not use anything buy OEM ignition parts. Says, way to many come backs and never a problem using the OEM parts. Anyone who does not want to pay the price for oem parts, he will not touch the vehicle. Cheap parts cost him big with come backs and pissed off customers.
  8. Rancho shocks is the correct name. They are known for off-road performance suspensions etc. When I was looking to get a new truck in 2021 the salesman talked me into test driving a trail boss. A couple miles of driving and my mind was made up, No thanks. My main concern was harder to get in and out of and a rougher ride and aggressive tires. While many like those features, its not for me. I would not rely on what I read on the net as most are just opinions (like mine) that have no basis in reality. People hate the tires, they hate the shocks, they hate this, they hate that etc. Yet they fly off dealers lots, so obviously some have the opposite view.
  9. Those mirrors were supplied by "GENTEX" as I recall. Not sure of the exact spelling.
  10. There are market forces that have a vested interest in convincing vehicle owners to change their oil more often than necessary. The legal prey of these market forces have become convinced that they are purchasing "cheap insurance" or "peace of mind" by changing their oil more often than necessary. I kept this from a industry publication some time ago About the only ones that really need a 3,000-mile oil change are the quick-lube outlets and dealership service departments. In their internal industry communications, they're frank about how oil changes bring in customers. "Many people...know when to have their oil changed but don't pay that much attention to it," said an article in the National Oil and Lube News online newsletter. "Take advantage of that by using a window sticker system [and] customers will be making their way back to you in a few short months."
  11. OMG, can you believe this? How is that possible? How come no other oil companies are doing this? Oh wait, hasn't AMSOIL been saying this for 50 yrs?
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