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  1. I did although they did have AMSOIL available in their pro shop, just not any ATF. I had 2 cases of qts and they used 18 to do the job. Did not change filter, only had about 10,000 miles on the new truck when it was changed out. PS - I used the Signature Series (ATL) fluid which is a 100% Synthetic.
  2. No dip stick on 8-sp. Work was done by a trans tech. The GMC dealer down the road did not exude confidence.
  3. No. Took it to a Chevy dealer who had the capability, nothing they could not handle. Its an 8-sp so needs special fill procedure.
  4. Complete flush.
  5. I have had AMSOIL Signature Series 0W-20 since about 5,000 miles. I also changed over to AMSOIL in the transmission (8-sp), transfer case and both differentials. Used nothing but AMSOIL for over 30 yrs. I will never use anything else, only the best if good enough for me. Even use it in my JD X738, RZR S 900, lawn mower and week wacker.
  6. Have you always driven a truck?

    I had both for many years, drove car in summer and truck in winter. My first new truck was a 1972 El Camino SS350 and have owed one since. Since 2015 I only drive a truck. Don't have a need for a car anymore and the extra expense.
  7. Who has a spare that match's? Mine does not, wheel is different, tire its different. Only good for a spare.
  8. Paint falling off a brand new truck

    Was it a crew cab? Friend is sales manager in GMC shop and he mentioned lots of quality defects with 1500 crew cabs made in Mexico, paint and rear doors misaligned being a problem. He showed me a new loaded 2018 Sierra SLT Crew Cab with drivers side rear door severely misaligned, hard to think it made it past quality control, it was at least 1/2 inch + from aligning with the body at rear of door opening. While I was waiting I walked around and looked at a couple of other new CC and every one had misaligned rear doors, one was really bad, all SLT crew cabs. He claimed it the reason they are building majority of new body style in US.
  9. Once its fixed, they would never see me ever again in that dealership and I would be sure to tell them that.
  10. GM recommendations are not based on customers using high quality synthetic oils but on oil that meets the minimum standards (dexos) and not oils that are good, better or best. By using base oils with higher volatility, more oil consumption is to be expected. Using one qt in 2,000 miles could be simply the result of the oil itself and not the engine. Does anyone really think these cheap synthetic oils selling at the discount stores are using the best base stocks, heck no. They are using what they can get by with because they know that 90% are shopping for cheap oil and are changing it every 3,000 miles and that's what thier game is, to sell more oil.
  11. fyi.....................
  12. I just went 15,000 miles (20,000 on 6.2L) in one year on AMSOIL Signature Series 0W-20 and it NEVER used any oil, stayed on full mark for the 15,000 miles and I never added a drop..
  13. Common sense (not all that common) would tell you they are not going to let you stack discounts like that. Pick one.
  14. Not any worse than when my 2015 GMC had to stay for few days (waiting for parts). They said, well get you in a rental (Enterprise) and they will bring the it here for you. 20 min later they show up with a Dodge Mini van. I refused to drive it and after some tense moments, the dealer put me in a Cadillac XTS, a used car the had.
  15. per the FTC “The Warranty Act prohibits warrantors of consumer products costing more than five dollars from conditioning their written warranties on a consumer’s use of any article or service which is identified by brand, trade, or corporate name, unless provided to the consumer for free or the warrantor has been granted a waiver by the Commission.” Dealers often use or imply warranty denial as leverage to exclude the sale of competitors parts or lubes to ensure more business for themselves. This is against the law. Those are mob tacics.

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