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  1. Believe what you want but don't forget that McDonald's was sued for serving a cup of hot coffee. Was there any warning from GM about what can hang from the key switch? I agree with Jsdirt. GM did cheap out on this and then tried to cover it up. They should be held liable.
  2. I am here after owning 2 F150's, both having transmission issues. The tranny in the 05 failed at 66K miles. It also had a couple injectors fail at two different times. The second time it took out one converter. At 5K miles the complete sunroof assembly and headliner had to be replaced after 2 previous repair attempts. The dealer finally replaced everything when it got stuck opened. Pick your poison
  3. If it makes you feel any better, the 5.4L in my Ford was drinking a quart of oil every 2500 miles. Started doing this around the 30K mark. To make you feel all warm and cozy, the tranny in that truck failed at 66K miles! I was pissed and now drive this. I have had a few common issues with this truck but nothing that would make me look at Ford again anytime soon.
  4. I have had the drivers inner door handle replaced at either 12K or 15K because of the chrome peeling. Dash replaced at 26K due to cracking and now the paint on my outer drivers door handle is peeling... I am at 38K and the paint has been peeling for a few thousand miles now. all common issues shown in video
  5. They use the 6.0 in the HD trucks. The 6.0 has an iron block vs the aluminum block used in the 6.2.
  6. No way. I love mine too but I don't think it is capable of the duty in a HD truck.
  7. You guy's with the X540 how are you liking them. My dealer has a couple new units and I am debating on getting one. I have read some complaints for water pump leak issues. When I ask the dealer about this they said that they don't see problems with them leaking but they do see issues with the radiator plugging up with dirt, and said that you have to blow the coil off after each use and to make sure the antifreeze is changed every two years. I also read that these units puff a lot of smoke on start up when cold. and that the hood cracks easy. several post about this, hood cracked right down the center when opining it. I would like to know how well you like them if any of you are experiencing any issues with it., and how big is your yard? Should I get the X540 or the newer X590 which loses the liquid cooled engine but gains EFI
  8. I don't think any car manufacture warranties brakes past 1 year or 12K miles. I know Ford would not with the F150 I had. I am currently at 35K miles and still all original. I do mostly stop and go, almost no HWY driving for me. My Bonneville seems to eat front brakes every 20K miles, so I am happy to have made it this far with my truck.
  9. Are you sure your truck has a 6.2L in it? You should not need any mods to beat a 5.4L and you should have pulled away right from the start.
  10. The 5.4L is a dog. Were you having an off day? You should have walked him off the line.
  11. If you contact Corsa you more than likely can buy just the tip. I have bought parts for my exhaust on my previous truck from them directly. They are great to deal with.
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