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  1. Thanks for the info 14LTZ-1LZ!!! I will check this out.
  2. I have experienced this very same things and have been going crazy trying to figure it out. 2014 Silverado Crew Cab 2wd 5.3L w/ 110k miles New tires at 60K (Micheline tires) Tires re-balanced New pads and rotors New shocks U-Joints replaced Drive shaft balanced Torqued U-Bolts in rear to 70 ftlbs I will be purchasing this fluid and have the transmission flushed. Is the Lucas additive necessary? I don't think I want any seals to swell on me. Nothing is leaking on me now.
  3. Has anyone changed out their leaf springs? I am considering it. I have replaced shocks, brakes, replaced u-joints, and balanced the drive shaft.
  4. I have done the following with no success: 2014 Silverado 5.3L crew cab 2wd * New pads and rotors * New shocks all around * New U-joints with balanced drive shaft The worst is at 70-75 mph but I do get the shake on occasion at +45 mph. I am going to have my tires balanced and chalk the tires just to make sure I am not having a tire slipping on the wheel. Any other suggestions? HELP!
  5. Has anyone found the source of this problem other than "take it to your dealer" ? Or possibly know what the dearer did to resolve the problem. 2014 Silverado LTZ and I get this intermittently. Starting to happen more often than not.
  6. 2014 Silverado with same issue. Seems like when I jiggle the gear lever sometimes it starts working like its a switch that's not activating fully. I would be interested if anyone knows a good fix.
  7. I dropped my 2014 Silverado off this morning to have oil change and the software recall performed. I was just informed that they where unable to perform the recall as they don't have the part in stock. So I asked the question that I understood that this was a "software upgrade" and that this shouldn't "require a part". The technician stated that initially that was the case but has now VERY recently changed and they will need to replace the vacuum pump and it is out of stock. This may not be the case for all years and models but IS the case for my 2014 Silverado 5.3L
  8. I have received this letter for both my 2014 Silverado w/ 100K and my wife's 2015 Tahoe w/ 75K for the "software" update. I have not had the brake experiences on either vehicle that are mentioned but am now nervous about it. Should I push the issue to replace the vacuum pump? I am reading others have the software update performed and either never having the issue before and experiencing it after the software update or having the issue before and after. Either way the software update is not addressing the issue.
  9. My 2007 Denali was recently in an accident with pont of inpact at the driver rear tire near the compressor, shock, and leveling sensor. Prior to this I have replaced my rear shocks and compressor with Arnott factory replacement components and all have been working well and with no error codes. I have noticed that the compressor to level the rear suspension is not turning on at startup every time. However, I am not getting any error code. To start I want to confirm my memory servers me correct. Is the autoleveling compressor supposed to activate at startup every time?
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