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A.R.E teams up with LINE-X to offer new coating options

  • By Zane Merva

    Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com


    A.R.E Accessories and LINE-X are teaming up to expand the options consumers have when choosing the finish on their new tonnaeu cover or pickup truck cap. Starting soon, when you buy any new A.R.E fiberglass cover or cap, you'll be able to get it covered in a premium Line-X coating. Two coverage options, the Overland and the OTR will be offered.


A.R.E. / LINE-X Overland

The Overland is a selective LINE-X coverage on select "high-stress" areas of the A.R.E. cover or cap. Here's an example on a Ford F-150 with a tonneau cover. Above is a Toyota Tundra with a cap covered with the Overland pattern.

View attachment: ARE_LINEX_OverlandFord.jpg


The OTR is a full coverage LINE-X application. It covers the entire cap or cover and offers the ultimate in protection coverage. Here is a Dodge Ram with a OTR sprayed A.R.E. pickup cap.

View attachment: ARE_LINEX_OTRRam.jpg

More information about A.R.E. Accessories

More information about LINE-X

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