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  • John Goreham
    Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com
    Father's Day is this Sunday June 21st. In case you are looking for some ideas for dad or granddad, we looked through our recent reviews for some gift ideas with a truck-related theme. The following are all items that were tested by GM-Trucks staff and reviewed here at the site:


1) Coat Dad's Pickup Truck Bed - XO Bedcoating $199 plus your time
Why not do dad a favor and lay down a high quality bedliner for him? Our own Chris Hawkins tested the XO system and when he was finished concluded " It looks amazing, has just enough grip that nothing slides, and was done in just one afternoon in my own garage. Going forward, I will use this in any truck I get." Read the full review.

2) Cover Dad's Truck Seats - Canine Covers - About $200- $500
Our own Zane Merva is a dog lover who has taken in foster care animals in need. He needed a good way to cover the seats of a 2011GMC Sierra. Zane's conclusion after sepnding some time with the covers was "Spending $500 on seat protectors is a serious purchase but cheaper than the long term damage of hauling around wet dogs. Canine Covers offers Semi-Custom and Economy covers for those on a budget." Read the full review here.

3) Protect the Floors In Dad's Truck - Husky Liners About $100 to $200
Take a glance at the comments under this review and you will see that GM-Trucks' conclusion was spot on. Our conclusion was - "We've tested these mats for the last month during the middle of winter in New Hampshire and they've done nothing but impress. Gone are the days of asking passengers to knock off their boots! Jumping into our truck has become a no worry situation, no matter how messy our feet have become. We would highly recommend Husky X-act fit liners." Read the review here.

4) Protect Dad's Reviver and Trainer - Bolt Under $100
This one's a no-brainer. In our testing the Bolt locks were easy to calibrate (they use your truck's key as their key) and worked as advertised. See our review for more details.

5) Sylvania Interior Lighting Strip - Sylvania About $50
Josh at GM-Trucks found that these interior lighting strips exceeded expectations. IN his installation Josh overcame some small issues and explains how best to install these at this review. Josh concluded "Choosing between 16 colors and multiple brightness levels make daily use a functional experience, not just for show. We loved that the lowest brightness setting was actually dim enough to allow us to drive with the LEDs turned on at night. The flashing "party" modes are a fun feature but clearly a novelty for when you are showing your friends what your interior lighting can do."

Editor's Note: GM-trucks receives products for testing at no cost for the purposes of a review. We only publish our honest opinions and give no consideration for the gratis product.

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