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Meet Chevy's Most Powerful Small-Block 350, the ZZ6

  • John Goreham
    Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com
    Chevy's new small block 350 crate engine produces 405 hp and 405 lb-ft of torque. Chevy points out that is more power than any production 350 small block ever installed in a production vehicle. Jim Campbell, GM U.S. vice president of Performance Vehicles and Motorsports commented on the ZZ6, saying, “After more than six decades, our powertrain engineers continue to refine and update the classic Small Block architecture, adapting new technologies to advance the legacy of the industry’s most adaptable V-8 engine and giving customers new choices from the company that pioneered the concept of high-performance crate engines.”



The ZZ6 includes high-flow, fast-burn style aluminum cylinder heads with large intake runners. High-rpm beehive-style tapered valve springs with smaller valve spring retainers have reduced mass. There is much more to this engine than that. Learn more at Chevy's link.

Chevy will announce availability of the new engine at SEMA in November (members of GM-trucks.com plan to attend). Chevy will introduce base versions and also a turn-key version of the ZZ6 including a carburetor, an air cleaner that matches the unique valve covers, the starter, distributor, alternator and additional accessories such as the air conditioning compressor and front-end accessory drive system.

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large lift, big valves, small block..


so rare.



GM seems to be the only one that has not built it.

I built one by accident once. :)


true story.. I was handed a cam with unknown profile. Shook a mobile home park.

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I always wonder why companies like GM (or Ford, or Dodge, or any of them) do not have someone review what they are going to publish for obvious mistakes. The graph they provide is incorrect at the most basic level. I understand it is only a representation of the dyno run (actually I assume that is what they are telling us), but torque and horsepower numbers will always cross at 5252. That happens to be halfway between the 5000 and 5500 lines on this graph, not at the 80% point.


Some will say "so what, you are just being picky", and yes I am. If they don't care enough to get something so easy to make right, what do they do about the stuff that is hard to get right?

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