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    2015 Sierra Reg. Cab
  1. Rotate counter-clockwise. I used long machine screw w/ nut.
  2. Yes sir, a little dental floss, came right off.
  3. Sweet system, quiet until you punch-it, nice growl, T304 sold me. The truck will rust away before that exhaust system will !
  4. Keep mine in M5 at all times, it's still an overdrive ratio. 0.85:1
  5. Couldn't find a reg.cab Silverado w/ a V8 anywhere, went to the GMC dealer, he had a Sierra RC V8: drove it home!! (Now has that sweet sounding Borla system on it also)
  6. No drone w/ my Borla. (of coarse I keep it in M5 at all times!) M5 is still 0.85:1, good overdrive ratio for me.
  7. GMC tech told me disabling grade braking increases transmission line pressure resulting in cleaner, firmer shifting. I have to agree, it does! I also keep it in M5

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