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  1. Yeah, I take my hitch out too, but one time I forgot it - saved my tailgate. That paid for itself, as certainly the tailgate would have cost a lot more to repair!
  2. Have you ever dropped your multi pro tailgate on your hitch and damaged your tailgate? I found a protector that works GREAT and is inexpensive! It is just a small piece of rubber trim (much like is on your truck) that is attached just above the tailgate handle. I have attached a photo so you can see it. I have a video, but can't get it downloaded to this sight. I will keep trying. Meanwhile, you can find it on EBAY, just search multi-pro tailgate protector.
  3. I didn't take any and am away right now, but I can take/post some next week. Thanks.
  4. Ok, been thinking about having the ceramic coating on my '19 Denali. Let's hear your thoughts about it. Good investment? Not worth it? Any experiences? Just curious. I like cleaning my vehicles, polishing them, waxing them, but hey, if it protects it better, why not? Thoughts?
  5. My installer does the same thing - cuts his own with the plotter. Came out great! Looks good.
  6. Yes, I installed one on my '19 Denali. Love it. Great fit. I had one on my 14 and 16; i think this one is a bit nicer. Power gate works fine with it in place. Nice little light comes with it.
  7. I have a '19 Denali. Undercover just came out with a solid fold. I had one on my '16 and loved it. Put this one on 2 days ago. Very nice! Undercover flex. Also, just a comment on the liners. Got them for mine, cut the ridge out and put the divider back in. Works fine.
  8. I ordered a 2019 GMC Denali on June 8. It is scheduled to be built the week of August 27. The dealership called me last week to tell me they received 2 already. I stopped in to take a look. OH MY GOODNESS!! They are super. So many new features. I can't hardly wait until mine comes in. I seriously thought about purchasing that one right there and then. They are NICE!
  9. I am looking for a power source at the rear of my truck (2016 GMC Sierra SLT). I know there is a constant hot wire in the trailer plug, but was curious if there was something else back there that could be used. Where are the electrical connections for a fifth wheel connector located? I have the tow package if that makes any difference. Thanks for your input.
  10. I would like to get $500 plus shipping. I will check and see what shipping would be; what is your zip code? Also, I will be driving to Tampa the last weekend of this month, if you are anywhere close? I will take a couple of pics and get them posted. Thanks.
  11. AustinO1, where are you located? I have a Denali Grille out of a 2014. Just traded the truck for a 2016 and swamped the grille out, putting the original grille back in to trade it in. I have to sell it now. I am located in southern Illinois.
  12. Thanks for the tip. I will try this. I have not yet had a chance to remove the vinyl and install the chrome, but hopefully will soon. Thanks again.
  13. I will give this a try. Thank you for your help.
  14. Why are you selling them? Don't like them?
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