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  1. I just refilled my DEF first time since I bought the truck. 5300 miles exactly. Put 5gallons in and it over flowed a little at the end. About 750 miles of the 5300 was towing a 5,000 trailer.
  2. I track all my mileage via Fuelly. My last tank was 604 miles all at 75-80 mph commuting with no traffic this week. Averaged 25mpg. 2020 AT4, standard bed, 18s without the duratracs
  3. There’s a bunch of people running them without issue according to them. Mine was contacting at full droop. I checked with it full droop and it barely touches. I’d go with a top spacer if you want more than 1”.
  4. Had this same problem with the 1.5”. Got my money back and ordered up a 1”.
  5. I just installed some AMP steps. Expensive ($1322 shipped) but they look great and it’s a more natural step to use since they hang down further when they are lowered.
  6. Heat gun and some fishing line. Almost all of the adhesive came off with the badges. Just used some goo gone to clean it up afterwards.
  7. There’s a thread on here somewhere with a link to a guy that does it.
  8. I would definitely not have someone tune it. The dealer says no problem now but if you ever have to warranty something with your drivetrain, GM is going to tell you to pound sand. Been there done that and lawyers aren’t cheap. The dealers have all the say no matter what the law says until you shell out money for a lawyer.
  9. I’d be willing to bet it will be substantially easier to replace than most timing belts. No timing required for the belt. “Just” pull the tranny back a few inches and pull the flex plate and cover. New belt and reverse. Pretty hard to mess that up.
  10. Thought I would throw out my experience from picking up my truck this weekend. Ordered an AT4 with a standard bed. Drove it just over 600 miles from Idaho to California today. To start, this thing is super smooth. Like so smooth, my girl didn’t even know it was running when she got into it today. The 3.0 has tons of torque down low which makes it pull pretty good. No problems at any speed. The 10 speed is amazing as well. Never seemed like it was searching for a gear which I feel like the 6 and 8 did. Seems to always be in the right gear and ready to go. Ran it at 70-80mph the entire way and averaged 24.5mph(calculated). Was in the low 20s for the start(higher speed) and high 20s at the end(lower speed and down hill). This is with only 2 spirited runs. Tried to keep the throttle steady. Got the adaptive CC and it’s nice. My girls 2019 RAV4 hybrid has it and it is super smooth. The one on the truck slows more abruptly and accelerates like it’s in a race which is annoying. Still happy I got it. Over all, truck is awesome and I’m really pleased with it. I would definitely suggest this motor to anyone looking.
  11. I ordered my AT4 3.0. Got $6200 off MSRP right off the bat and then whatever rebates there were at delivery. Ended up being an additional $4,000 off for this months rebates. $3,250 rebate plus $750 loyalty rebate. So total of $10,200 off MSRP.
  12. No reason to spend money where I don’t need to. Just because it’s an expensive truck doesn’t mean you have to spend extra money on unnecessary parts. There are lots of happy AT4/TB owners with this setup. I have yet to see one post for the K1 trucks stating that this combo has any negative effects. And if it ends up not being what I want, I'm out less than $30.
  13. Man, you guys get all bent out of shape by some simple questions about a small level. I ordered the 1.5” motofab like many other owners on here.
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