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  1. I wonder if the dealer you order through would just swap parts with a standard SLT? They get an order and a free lift kit for another truck
  2. I think it’s comical that the guy sees the coolant temp keeps climbing so he keeps driving. Then is probably upset when it breaks
  3. That’s why I ordered with the standard tires. Didn’t spend 50k+ on a truck to hear roaring tires.
  4. If the financing doesn’t expire till 3/2, you’ll have nothing to worry about. They get the vin pretty quick but I certainly wouldn’t do anything until it’s for sure in transit. You don’t want to do paperwork on a truck that ends up sitting at the factory for a month for whatever reason.
  5. Im just curious what was wrong with the AT4 to make you get this one.
  6. I put in my order in on Dec 5 and got it accepted on Dec 19th. Build date is this week 1/6. 2020 AT4, 3.0l, Driver alert packages.
  7. When I was shopping in November, I had salesman tell me: -1500 diesel didn’t exist -it’s a duramax/Allison so it will last forever -It’s a 1500 but can pull like a 2500 with the diesel -1500 diesels don’t exist -these Allison transmissions are indestructible -they will get 40mpg -you can’t get leather without a sunroof. 98% of them don’t know about the cars they are selling because they are too busy BSing with each other and playing on their phone.
  8. You're not going to gain any noticeable performance for the money spent. The only reason to do exhaust on a stock truck is sound. The exhaust is still being pushed through stock manifolds and cats.
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