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  1. Per my msg, 3 dealers, no fix. Im now driving a '19 F-150.
  2. Pretty sure its the DFM. I can definitely hear/feel when cylinders shut down at cruising speeds. Goes away when I run in L7. A non-car person would never notice, but it is there.
  3. Do some searching. I have the same issue, 25-20 mph. One guy on here actually got a new truck out of it. I think the thread is in the driveline section.
  4. I'd be very interested in hearing further on your case that resulted in a replacement.
  5. Super annoying. About to take my truck back in again for the same thing. Nothing really seems to affect it, i.e.. temperature, speed, etc. It always does it the exact same place for me, decel 25-20, regular mode, sport mode, doesn't matter.
  6. I have the exact same issue, brought it up on here as well. 2019 with 8 spd and 5.3. Happens on decel between 25-20 mph like clockwork. Not an actual vibration you can feel per se, but more of a cabin reverberation. Weird, but bery noticeable, except for the tech that checked it out of course.
  7. Ive had the following: 1) Climate Control Off msg 2) Blower speed indicator gone, just the scale line, but not indicator where the fan speed is. 3) The temp readings on the screen read 0 and didn't change when temp was adjusted.
  8. I hate the a/c dripping on the pipe! My son gets out and says my truck is cooking bacon again because of the sizzling noise. Found out this morning, if youre an idiot and leave your turn signal on, it will start dinging at you and a msg will come up in the DIC to tell you to turn it off.
  9. I know where you're coming from. If I adjust my seat to comfortably use the gas pedal, I sometimes hit the side of the brake as well. Its not just a simple "heel pivot" over to the brake. I really have to lift back and over, if that makes sense.
  10. If you're close, I highly recommend Carter Chevrolet in Okarche, OK. They will beat any price, will deliver, no fancy showroom, just a bunch of good dudes in shorts. Don't do GMC though, only Chevy.
  11. So trying to see if I'm just being OCD here, or if anyone has heard/felt this. '19 Silverado LT Z71, no mods. When coming to a stop under normal to moderate braking, the truck has a light shudder as it decelerates through 25-20 mph. Its not a massive shake in the tires or the wheel, but almost like a resonance of some sort in the cab. I'm thinking it may be the transmission downshifting but not sure. Anyone else experienced?
  12. So I have the headreast rattle issue but I also have the B pillar rattle. I think the B pillar is the little plastic caps that cover the screws. I assume that's what they are; they are the 2" by 2" square pieces at the top and bottom. If you lightly tap them, they move around a lot. I think they may be the culprit.
  13. Yep, have the same issue. Initially thought it was the cable for the rear slider, but low and behold, pulled the headrests and it stopped.
  14. So I tried searching but couldn't seem to find anyone that straight up answered the following..... 1) I'm looking into the Corsa sport exhaust for my new '19 5.3. For anyone that has done exhaust, when the DFM kicks in, do you notice it in the sound as much as the old AFM? My old RAM was super noticeable. 2) My '19 is an LT Z71, 265/65 18 tires. Whats the biggest anyone has run WITHOUT leveling or lifting? I've heard a 32" is the largest you could go. Would be looking at aftermarket wheels, just not sure which ones.
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